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Tips on how to best use Prophet in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer



Prophet is among the best Specialists in Black Ops 4 due to his versatile crowd control kit.

The electricity wielding Specialist, Prophet, appears in nearly every Black Ops 4 multiplayer match. The combined strength of the Tempest and the crowd-control of the Seeker Drone make him a force of nature.

In this short guide, we’ll look at both abilities and how best to use them. Both abilities can be easily wasted if used at the wrong times, so planning ahead is important.

Specialist Ability: Tempest

The Tempest packs both direct and area-of-effect damage due to its unique ability to bounce electricity from target to target. The combo is deadly, but can used ineffectively.

When pulling out the Tempest, look at your surroundings. If enemies are located directly next to you, wait until you are at safe distance before using the Tempest. The weapon takes a little while to pull out fully and close proximity to enemies can make the short delay mean death.

Another thing to figure in is the location you are currently fighting in. If you enemy can easily crawl behind cover after you down them with the Tempest, maybe wait until a more open area. The Tempest performs best when you chain targets and then finish them off with another shot.

Special Issue Equipment: Seeker Drone

The Seeker Drone is a controversial piece of equipment, that’s for sure. People’s opinions range from “mediocre annoyance” to “the most OP equipment in the game.”

Due to its cross-map automatic enemy tracking, long stun times, and lack of a true counter, the Seeker Drone can be hard to misuse.

Our suggestion when using the device is to simply cautiously follow the drone at a short distance, wait for it to catch your prey, and kill away. The stun time is long and even Tac Mask cannot fully counter it. The only way to truly mess up with the Seeker Drone is to sprint directly behind it as the enemy will have time to pop you before it take effect.

Zero’s EMPs do disable the drone, so watch out for her and avoid giving her an easy throw at your drone.

We hope these tips help with dominating opponents in Black Ops 4 multiplayer. You can find more guides, news, and tips at @CharlieIntel.