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This short guide covers some essential points to help secure wins in Domination.

Domination consists of three stationary capture flags/zones spread out over the map. Two of these flags (A & C) appear near each of the initial spawn points and the B flag generally appears in between them in mid-map. You already knew all this, but might not be consistently winning in Domination. We seek solve that problem by giving you some quick tips to get you on track.

For ease of reading, we’ll be splitting the tips into three sections: map control, triple capture, and purposeful spawn flipping.

Map Control

In Black Ops 4 Domination, map control is a difficult balancing act due to spawn logic. In order to maintain control of a 2-flag hold, you will need to be careful of team positions. Spawns flip easily in BO4 Domination, so be sure to never push past more than 70% of the map.

Another way to ensure spawns remain steady is to never aim directly into the enemy spawns. Wait for angled approaches inside or around the corner from the enemy spawn. The game will detect if you are looking at enemy spawns and flip them automatically.

In terms of other map controls tips, don’t spread out too far from your teammates. While it may be a first thought to hold all three lanes of a map, rethink that. It is far better to stay as a fluid pack towards the middle of the map with players ready to cover flanks whenever needed. Use UAVs and sound to detect enemies on flanking routes and respond.

Triple Capture

Sometimes, you will go down by so many points in Domination that you cannot win even if you hold two flags all the way to the end of the match. This is bound to happen even to the best among us from time to time. However, in Domination, comebacks are always possible due to triple capping.

Trip-capping in Black Ops 4 is quite an ordeal due to the spawn mechanics explained above. When forced to go for a triple cap, keep these things in mind.

Spawns will constantly flip on most maps when you are attempting to hold a triple capture. The game will attempt to find openings in your team’s sightlines for enemies to spawn. This means that your team must spread out over the the A & C flags.

Vice-versa, if you are getting triple capped, use the split-spawning to your advantage. The continuous spawn reversals will throw most players off and allow you to catch players off-guard. When trip-capped, don’t be afraid to push out hard & fast to recapture the nearest base flag as the enemy team will spread over a lot of ground.

Purposeful Spawn Flipping

Sometimes, you will want to purposefully flip the spawns. This may be due to simple boredom with a weaker enemy or the want to play on the stronger side of the map. Either way, there is a proper way to do so.

Timing is key. Aim to spawn flip when your team has just killed a few members of the enemy team. This make the remaining enemies easy targets on your spawn push. If you flip fast enough, the first enemies dead may already spawn out.

After you have successfully killed the enemies and flipped the spawns, capture the base flag. Only one person should stay to capture this flag. Send everyone else back to the B flag to cover the counter-attack. If done right, you will secure yourself a successful spawn flip, a better map side, and probably a few streaks as well.

We hope these tips will help you decimate the competition in Domination. You can find more tips, guides, and news on Twitter at @Charlieintel.

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