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Back in March of this year, Activision revealed to Polygon that alongside Mark Rubin’s departure, Todd Alderman joined Infinity Ward as Multiplayer Project Director. Alderman was part of the original Infinity Ward Zampella-era team that departed during the law suit back in 2010. Alderman departed along with Zampella and worked for Respawn. He then left Respawn as well and joined Riot Games.

However in February of this year, Alderman came back to Infinity Ward as Multiplayer Project Director, even stating that he never expected to be able to come back. But, according to his Linkedln page, he only worked at Infinity Ward for 4 months. He left in May 2015, and as of June 2015, he’s back at Respawn as the Lead Multiplayer Designer. It’s unclear as to why he decided to depart Infinity Ward so quickly.

Infinity Ward’s next title is expected to launch in Fall 2016, as Activision transitioned Call of Duty studio development into a three year cycle. Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch’s first title on the three year cycle have been released, but we have yet to see what Infinity Ward can do.

As of now, it’s not clear what they’re working on. Recently, Infinity Ward hired a new Director of Communcations, a former Naughty Dog employee, Eric Monacelli. In August of last year, Infinity Ward hired two other Naughty Dog developers as well.


UPDATE: Respawn and Infinity Ward have sent over a statement in regards to Todd Aldermans departure:

“I appreciated the opportunity & it was great working there but the
chance to work with my friends again was just too good.” –Todd Alderman

“Todd is a very talented guy and we wish him all the best in his new venture. ¬† The team at Infinity Ward remains as excited as ever about what lies next.” –Infinity Ward


SOURCE: Linkedln 

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