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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Top 5 tips to dominate Checkmate in Black Ops Cold War

A classically designed Call of Duty map with many ways to win, here are our top 5 tips to dominate Checkmate in Black Ops Cold War.



When you want a simple map that is easy to learn, easy to remember, but a bit difficult to master, then Checkmate might fall into that category. Improve your performance with these top 5 tips for Checkmate in Black Ops Cold War.

The beauty of this map is its simplicity. It’s basically a giant warehouse with its noteworthy feature being the plane situated in the middle of it. Other than that, plenty of cover and training facilities populate the rest of the map.

It’s expertly designed by Treyarch to make the most of tight corners and breed furious bouts of stand-offs and compelling gameplay. Plus it has channels capable of long-range styles too, meaning it’s fit for all purposes.

1. Avoid the plane unless it’s an objective

The temptation to board the plane and command it for your purpose is understandable, but not advisable. There is so little room to maneuver that the plane essentially becomes one massive choke point where you can be jumped from every angle.

Even being on the wing you’ve got to contend with a full channel the length of the map, so it’s better to leave any potential conflict until you have to fight for an objective. Although if you’re going inside of it, you can hop onto the seats near the middle section’s doors and even have a great line of sight to a side channel for easy points.

2. Opt for less aerial scorestreaks

In the same way a prisoner scribes the years they’ve spent in prison, we’ve reluctantly done the same thing with the number of cruise missiles that have made for nice roof fodder.

There are obviously holes in the warehouse’s roof to allow for such a thing, but perhaps sentry turrets, RC-XDs, and war machines might be better suited to Checkmate.

rc-xd in bocw

3. Two great spots

Down the long, spacious channel is a point of interest at each end. On one end you’ve got a small set of stairs that takes you onto the tail of a plane. This provides just enough room to operate and give you an awesome sneaky view of the entire channel – whilst remaining quite hidden.

On the flip side, the other end has an even better peeping spot as you can hop onto a box and peer over a wooden wall. Given that we’ve faced people behind both of these spots at range, we can assure you that these are gold mines for kills, more so in Hardcore when your presence is even more cloaked.

4. The containers

Down the opposite side of Checkmate, you have the more secluded part of the map shrouded in darkness, containers, and limited space. If you’re accurate and quick on the trigger, then this can be a popular spot for farming kills. Proximity mines and grenades are a great way to surround already trapped targets.

Try and be flexible about your position too as if you stay in the same spot too long, then it’ll be you being peppered with grenades and facing death instead.

5. Under the plane

Dominating the plane itself is very dependent on the game mode and caliber of player you’re locking horns with, but under the plane is your best bet to take control. I think the general consensus is that it is hard to dominate the primary area of the plane, but its base is easier. It’s a common spot and very accessible too.

You can easily switch channels using it and it provides plenty of cover. Due to it being darker as well underneath, visibility is decreased, meaning your chances of being spotted are shorter. This is a great play for modes like Team Deathmatch and can also benefit objective modes as you can capitalize on enemies trying to access the plane’s stairs.

Checkmate dispenses with complexities and thoroughly shines in its attempts to make an open map that is equally just as closed-off. It’s far from one dimensional, and hopefully, our top 5 tips should help you up your game with Checkmate in Black Ops Cold War.

Image credits: Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War & Warzone players claim Windows 11 & Overwolf cause permanent PC bans

Call of Duty players are reportedly getting permanently banned from Warzone and Cold War for using Windows 11 and Overwolf together.



Mason fighting zombies in black ops cold war

Call of Duty PC players have reported that using a combination of Windows 11 and Overwolf software is getting them permanently banned from Warzone and Cold War, with no sign of the ban being lifted.

Call of Duty devs have been waging an ongoing war with hackers and cheaters, with one dev saying that they are “ruining some of the best work” of his life. Over 800,000 accounts have now been banned, but perhaps not all bans are fair.

Cold War and Warzone PC players are claiming that upgrading to Windows 11 and using it alongside Overwolf is causing them to be permanently banned.

GRAV in Call of Duty Warzone Season 6

Overwolf is a platform used to create and install in-game apps, such as ‘Outplayed’ which allows players to record their footage. However, this Overwolf app is reportedly causing permabans when used alongside Windows 11.

Reddit user WraithGG claimed they were permanently banned from Warzone “a few weeks ago” after attempting to open Cold War on an Insider Build of Windows 11, with Outplayed from Overwolf open. They said that this is a “well known and apparently rather common issue,” and both Activision and Overwolf are “refusing” to lift the ban or help.

“I have finally received a response from Activision telling me that despite being innocent, they cannot unban my account,” said WraithGG. “They have acknowledged the error in the ban, but are refusing to lift the ban as all bans are final.”

They claim to have also gone to Overwolf regarding the ban, but “Overwolf are also refusing to help, stating that they are not responsible.”

It appears that WraithGG isn’t alone, with Reddit user rks0707 saying that “I switched to 11 and bam! Got permabanned.” They also said that “Activision offer no solution for it.”

If this problem becomes more widespread, Activision may change their stance and unban players flagged for using Windows 11. This could be a similar story to Cold War Zombies players who were unfairly banned by the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug, and later had their accounts restored.

These reports have made some users worried about Vanguard’s upcoming kernel-level RICOCHET anti-cheat, which launches with its Warzone integration.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players are not happy with new LAPA SMG

The LAPA is a new SMG for Black Ops Cold War in Season 6, but fans have complained that it may not be as useful in-game as they hoped.



LAPA in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is the last hurrah for the latest CoD entry before Vanguard takes center stage. Unfortunately, the new LAPA SMG has players talking for the wrong reasons since its addition in the last major update.

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is the last chapter before the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5.

Developers added a whole host of new content for Season 6, from a new Battle Pass to a host of Halloween-themed challenges.

Unfortunately, not all of the new additions have gone down well among the community, with the new LAPA SMG in particular user under fire from fans.

LAPA in Black Ops Cold War

Reddit user PartyImpOP posted expressing their confusion on what the purpose of the LAPA is when its characteristics are compared with other weapons in the same class.

“…the only thing this thing has is relatively good handling, which is hardly even significant considering all SMGs carry that trait anyways,” said the user.

“It’s the slowest killing SMG, and depends on headshots to simply equal the body shot TTK of other SMGs, and has a very slow muzzle velocity to the point where it becomes almost unusable.”

They go on to say that the LAPA is a less effective version of the Milano 821 or AK-74u, meaning that there is little reason to choose it in multiplayer modes.

PartyImpOP also slammed the rest of the Season 6 content, such as “the worst weapon in the Call of Duty history” in the Battle Axe.

Other players were quick to respond to the post, calling the new additions in Season 6 “filler” content at the end of the game’s life in the spotlight.

“Honestly, they were probably just afraid to release more broken weapons right before they abandon ship on this game,” added another Reddit user.

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War The Haunting event challenges rewards

While The Haunting event has been a hit for the most part for Call of Duty fans, it’s clear that some of the new content is living up to expectations.

With so little time before Vanguard drops, it remains to be seen if Raven will take steps to make the LAPA more useful.

For more on Black Ops Cold War, check out the 10 best guns in the game, as well as how to open Scare Packages in Season 6.

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to get Donnie Darko Frank skin in Warzone & Cold War: Release date, price & contents

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players will be able to get the Frank The Rabbit skin from Donnie Darko during The Haunting event.



Frank The Rabbit skin in Warzone and Cold War

The Haunting event will be delivering plenty of scary moments for Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players, and they will be able to experience them as the Frank The Rabbit skin from Donnie Darko.

It is the Halloween season, and Call of Duty is celebrating the spooky time with the second iteration of The Haunting event, which became a fan-favorite in 2020, especially in Warzone.

The Haunting event for the Black Ops Cold War cycle will feature some significant differences compared to the Modern Warfare version, but it will still feature two horror movie icons that players will be able to purchase skins for and terrify their enemies.

Joining Scream’s Ghostface, Frank The Rabbit from Donnie Darko will also be appearing in The Haunting event, so here is how to unlock the Donnie Darko Frank skin in Warzone and Black Ops Cold war.

Frank The Rabbit Donnie Darko skin in warzone and Black Ops Cold War

How to get Frank The Rabbit Donnie Darko skin in Warzone and Cold War

Players can now unlock the Frank The Rabbit Donnie Darko skin in Warzone and Cold War, as October 24 is when the Donnie Darko Tracer Pack was added to the Call of Duty store for both games.

All you need to do is go to the Call of Duty store in either Warzone or Black Ops Cold war and purchase the Donnie Darko Tracer Pack to acquire the Frank The Rabbit Donnie Darko skin in Warzone and Cold War.

How much does the Donnie Darko Tracer Pack cost?

The Donnie Darko Tracer Pack will set you back 2,400 COD Points, understandable given the top-tier nature of the costume and license, and this translates to roughly $19.99 / £16.79.

Frank The Rabbit Donnie Darko skin in Black Ops Cold War

What’s in the Donnie Darko Tracer Pack?

You can find everything that will be in the Donnie Darko Tracer Pack below:

  • Frank The Rabbit Operator skin
  • “Sky is Falling” finishing move
  • Epic-Rarity Weapon Charm
  • Epic-Rarity Calling Card
  • Epic-Rarity Emblem
  • Epic-Rarity Watch
  • Legendary Sniper Rifle blueprint
  • Legendary SMG blueprint
  • Legendary Assault Rifle blueprint

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be excited to get the Frank The Rabbit Donnie Darko skin in Warzone and Cold War and dominate their opponents in a truly terrifying fashion.

For more Call of Duty: Warzone, check out the most popular loadouts for the Call of Duty battle royale in Season 6, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision

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