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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Top 5 tips to dominate Checkmate in Black Ops Cold War

A classically designed Call of Duty map with many ways to win, here are our top 5 tips to dominate Checkmate in Black Ops Cold War.



When you want a simple map that is easy to learn, easy to remember, but a bit difficult to master, then Checkmate might fall into that category. Improve your performance with these top 5 tips for Checkmate in Black Ops Cold War.

The beauty of this map is its simplicity. It’s basically a giant warehouse with its noteworthy feature being the plane situated in the middle of it. Other than that, plenty of cover and training facilities populate the rest of the map.

It’s expertly designed by Treyarch to make the most of tight corners and breed furious bouts of stand-offs and compelling gameplay. Plus it has channels capable of long-range styles too, meaning it’s fit for all purposes.

1. Avoid the plane unless it’s an objective

The temptation to board the plane and command it for your purpose is understandable, but not advisable. There is so little room to maneuver that the plane essentially becomes one massive choke point where you can be jumped from every angle.

Even being on the wing you’ve got to contend with a full channel the length of the map, so it’s better to leave any potential conflict until you have to fight for an objective. Although if you’re going inside of it, you can hop onto the seats near the middle section’s doors and even have a great line of sight to a side channel for easy points.

2. Opt for less aerial scorestreaks

In the same way a prisoner scribes the years they’ve spent in prison, we’ve reluctantly done the same thing with the number of cruise missiles that have made for nice roof fodder.

There are obviously holes in the warehouse’s roof to allow for such a thing, but perhaps sentry turrets, RC-XDs, and war machines might be better suited to Checkmate.

rc-xd in bocw

3. Two great spots

Down the long, spacious channel is a point of interest at each end. On one end you’ve got a small set of stairs that takes you onto the tail of a plane. This provides just enough room to operate and give you an awesome sneaky view of the entire channel – whilst remaining quite hidden.

On the flip side, the other end has an even better peeping spot as you can hop onto a box and peer over a wooden wall. Given that we’ve faced people behind both of these spots at range, we can assure you that these are gold mines for kills, more so in Hardcore when your presence is even more cloaked.

4. The containers

Down the opposite side of Checkmate, you have the more secluded part of the map shrouded in darkness, containers, and limited space. If you’re accurate and quick on the trigger, then this can be a popular spot for farming kills. Proximity mines and grenades are a great way to surround already trapped targets.

Try and be flexible about your position too as if you stay in the same spot too long, then it’ll be you being peppered with grenades and facing death instead.

5. Under the plane

Dominating the plane itself is very dependent on the game mode and caliber of player you’re locking horns with, but under the plane is your best bet to take control. I think the general consensus is that it is hard to dominate the primary area of the plane, but its base is easier. It’s a common spot and very accessible too.

You can easily switch channels using it and it provides plenty of cover. Due to it being darker as well underneath, visibility is decreased, meaning your chances of being spotted are shorter. This is a great play for modes like Team Deathmatch and can also benefit objective modes as you can capitalize on enemies trying to access the plane’s stairs.

Checkmate dispenses with complexities and thoroughly shines in its attempts to make an open map that is equally just as closed-off. It’s far from one dimensional, and hopefully, our top 5 tips should help you up your game with Checkmate in Black Ops Cold War.

Image credits: Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Warzone cheaters shamelessly flex highly requested Cold War Zombies camos

Warzone’s hacking troubles continue as cheaters have been able to unlock locked Cold War Zombies camos to use in Warzone Season 4.



cold war plague diamond camo

Verdansk is currently being overrun by hackers sporting unreleased Black Ops Cold War Zombies Dark Aether camos in Warzone Season 4.

It was said by the devs that eventually Cold War’s Zombies camos would come to Call of Duty: Warzone at some point. It’s been quite a long time since the game’s release and none of its skins have turned up in Verdansk yet.

Thanks to the growing power of hackers in Warzone though, they have now arrived in unceremonious fashion. One Twitch user, and even JGOD, have provided evidence of the new Zombies camos running riot in Warzone.

dm ultra camo in cold war

The Twitch streamer goes by the name of Repullze, and they were mid-game with several buddies when they spectated the unusual happenings.

An enemy hacker was running around the map blindly firing with their gun to let the cheat do its usual thing.

But the oddity that was picked up on quite quickly was the skin that the weapon was sporting a DM Ultra Zombie camo that you simply cannot find in Warzone Season 4.

The clip, and stream, caught the attention of popular Call of Duty personality JGOD. He Tweeted out a picture of Repullze’s stream showing further evidence of the hacks.

The camo was different from the Twitch clip as it was now encrusted with diamonds, as was now clearly coated in the “Plague Diamond” Zombies camo.

Warzone continues to be a game played by thousands of players every single day, but there’s no doubt that the morale of the community is at an all-time low.

Lately, the game has been subjected to a God Mode hack, weird glitches allowing players to see through walls, and hackers even using their own custom skins in-game.

Between hacks, cheating, and glitches, Warzone Season 4 is proven to be a decidedly mixed experience.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Warzone players slam “rip off” Ultra Operator skin

Warzone players have called out the new Magma Ultra Operator skin for being a “rip off” and advise other players not to buy it.



Warzone players slam magma operator skin

Warzone players have been unimpressed with the new ‘Magma’ Ultra-rarity Operator skin for Knight, with it being called a “rip off” as its fiery effect in-game doesn’t match its Cold War appearance or what’s advertised in the store.

Warzone and Cold War Season 4 added the first-ever Ultra Operator skin with Iridescent for Jackal. This brightly-colored skin changes color throughout matches, making it a unique sight on the battlefield.

Activision has now released another Ultra Operator skin with ‘Magma’ for Knight, in which the outfit glows like fiery lava. But Warzone players have been more than unimpressed with its minimal fiery effects in the battle royale mode.

Warzone and Cold War Magma Fury bundle

As Cold War and Warzone are on different engines, the Operators often look slightly different between the two games. This has been severely highlighted with the Magma Fury Bundle, where the skin’s effect is clear in Cold War, but barely recognizable in Warzone.

Many players assumed that the Magma skin would be reactive, where it changes color and design with each kill. This doesn’t appear to be the case, as the molten lava effect is there as soon as you spawn in.

Warzone players have been criticizing the skin as the lava effect is almost non-existent in the bright, hazy colors of Verdansk ’84. Reddit user kaif_chan123 made players aware of the problem by showing off the skin in Warzone.

In the comparison pictures, we can see the skin’s Magma effect is bright and obvious when in the Store but muddied and hard to see in-game. “They did rip me off,” they stated, explaining that they wouldn’t recommend that anyone buys it.

The image from kaif_chan123 is low-resolution, but a video from KRNG Hero (topic begins at 13:48) better shows how it looks in Warzone. After praising how cool the skin is in Cold War, Hero said that you can only see the fire effect in Warzone if you “look very carefully.”

This is one of Activision’s most expensive bundles in the store, so while plenty of Redditors criticized the OP for buying a skin, it’s still something players should be aware of before purchasing the bundle.

Also, Warzone players have called for a Store boycott over the lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard for its “frat boy” culture and sexual harassment incidents.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players call for major changes to Chopper Gunner Scorestreak

Cold War fans want Treyarch to address the Chopper Gunner Scorestreak as they believe it’s underpowered in its current state.



cold war helicopter

Once one of the most feared Scorestreaks in Call of Duty, players think the Chopper Gunner needs a big buff to be worth the points required to use in Black Ops Cold War.

People tend to reminisce about the Modern Warfare 2 days of CoD. Nearly every gamer had the Chopper Gunner killstreak equipped as it was unbelievably overpowered, would be a guarantee to rack up some serious kills, and was fun to use.

In Black Ops Cold War, the feeling is not quite the same. As one of the most expensive Scorestreaks in Season 4, players don’t believe it justifies the points necessary to acquire. As a result, they want it to receive a significant buff going forward.

chopper gunner scorestreak in cold war

One of the biggest issues with the Chopper Gunner is that it requires a whopping 8,000 points to pilot one.

As Reddit user factsvsfiction explains: “This streak COSTS 8,000 points. To put that into perspective, that is 1.6 Strafe Runs, 2 War Machines, 3 Hand Cannons, or 3.5 Death Machines worth of points.”

They then dissect the effectiveness and durability of the Chopper Gunner, in comparison to other Scorestreaks, by saying: “The streak can easily be taken down by down by someone’s Sam Turret that only takes 3 minutes to charge (which can be sooner if they are using a perk to speed it up) or an Air Patrol valued at 2500 points. That’s laughable.”

A common complaint that was echoed by many commenters on the post is that the VTOL Scorestreak is significantly better, and costs fewer points.

You can control the VTOL, but you can’t with the Chopper Gunner, you can manually trigger flares for the VTOL, and it has two modes of fire.

One top commenter said: “I don’t know why you would choose a Chopper Gunner over the Gunship lmao. The CG can get melted by a Calvary Lancer M60 (I have an “Anti-Air” class specifically for this) in 3 seconds.”

After weighing up all the evidence, it’s clear that there is a huge discrepancy between the Chopper Gunner and cheaper Scorestreaks of a similar nature. It definitely warrants some kind of upgrade, or its points requirement lowered.

Also, check out how to turn off crossplay in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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