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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Top 5 tips to dominate Satellite in Black Ops Cold War

To become an absolute master in the sands and deserts of Angola, here’s our top 5 tips to dominate Satellite in Black Ops Cold War.



Satellite is a unique map as its three channels are completely different from one another. This level requires an element of skill and strategy to excel, and these 5 top tips should help you master Satellite in BOCW.

Control of the Satellite map is heavily dictated by the middle part of the map and its crashed plane. If a team can get a firm grip on it, it can be tough to pull the game back.

This makes Treyarch’s Satellite map both desirable and undesirable at the same time. If you’re good enough, then it’s entirely possible to use the channels to advance and turn the tide in your team’s favor. Here’s how you can do this.

1. Use Satellite’s caves channel less

Of the three channels, this is the one we use the least. It doesn’t offer much in the way of visibility; it obscures most of the map, and while it can sometimes be a good spot to advance, there’s usually someone waiting for you.

Its best use is to pick off enemies whilst you control the middle. By having the advantage, you can easily take some cover and pick off enemies as they keep spawning in their attempt to overthrow you.

satellite channel in bocw

2. Watch out for spawn killing

For some reason, the issue of spawn killing is more noticeable on Satellite and sometimes completely unavoidable. There’s so much space at the back of the spawns, especially the side that features the C flag in Domination.

Long story short, move as soon as you spawn. Don’t hang around. If you know there’s someone spawn killing, then dash to a rock and hunt them out.

If you hide and multiple people can respawn in quick succession, then you’ll easily put that issue to bed. On the other hand, it would be very easy for you to be the one doing the killing if you want to take that dark road.

3. The key to the middle is speed

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The natural instinct isn’t to dash in; it’s to cautiously approach and peek out to see what’s waiting for you on the other side. The element of surprise will work here more than you think. Once you’ve gained the edge, you can easily hold it for a while, maybe guard the area with a Sentry Turret too.

Also, the destroyed cockpit is probably not a great place to camp out either, as it’s just one of those spots that everyone instinctively goes for and checks. It’s not a spot that will merit your time or reward you sufficiently. Hiding behind, not in, the middle section is a good play.

middle of satellite in bocw

4. Make full use of the mini-channels

In some respects, Satellite actually does have about five channels or more. In between the desert and the middle section, you’ve got some protected routes that can still take you to the other side of the map.

These actually work out really well as a lot of the time, the central focus is on the main points of interest. If you’re someone who benefits from being quicker and stealthier, then these might benefit you more.

5. Satellite’s desert isn’t THAT dangerous

A common complaint aimed at Satellite is the exposed desert area that seeks to be a hunting ground for snipers. It’s actually a lot more than that if you choose the right approach. The channel provides a wealth of cover from well-positioned sand dunes to boxes to hide behind.

As long as you’re cautious, maybe have the Paranoia perk equipped, and a solid Assault Rifle with good range, then you can easily sneak up on the enemy here or pick them off.

So there you go, plenty of tips to dominate the desert and survive longer. Keep on the move, be accurate, and make the middle your best friend.

Head to our Black Ops Cold War map guides hub for tips on every map!

Image credits: Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to freeze the timer in Black Ops Cold War’s Cranked Zombies mode

Cranked is BOCW’s speedy Zombies mode and requires the player to beat a timer. Here’s how you can freeze the timer in the Cranked game mode.



cod bocw cranked timer glitch

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 saw Cranked make its first appearance as a Zombies mode, and players have found a new glitch that freeze’s the timer mid-game.

The fresh Zombies mode is all about speed and fast-thinking. This is more apparent as a big timer is plastered on the screen, counting down, and constantly reminding you of this. To prevent the “Game Over” screen, you need to keep replenishing your time by scoring kills from the undead.

Though that sense of urgency can be forgotten about if you can enforce the timer glitch that’s been discovered. If performed correctly, the clock will permanently stop and give you all the time in the world to survive.

cod bocw zombies cranked mode

BOCW Cranked Zombies glitch

Content creator Caspahz has been able to find a way to make the timer one less enemy for yourself. It’s a simple and easy set of instructions that need to be followed and reap huge benefits.

Here are the steps you need to follow to pull this glitch off.

  1. Start a game of Cranked
  2. Keep playing until you earn enough resources to buy either a Cruise Missile or Chopper Gunner
  3. Wait for the timer to tick down until it gets to 3 seconds
  4. Then call in the streak
  5. Don’t eliminate any Zombies with it
  6. When the streak appears, the timer should now have disappeared
  7. You should now how an infinite amount of time to play how you want

You will now have free reign to take your time and take in the different parameters that Crank offers compared to traditional Zombies.

It’s good to see that Treyarch is continuing to support Zombies with a variety of content and the trend shows no signs of stopping. Forthcoming Zombies updates will see a new Fireteam map, new perks, and much more.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Easily finish Diamond camo for the M79 in Black Ops Cold War

A TikToker has discovered a way to easily achieve the Diamond camo on the M79 in Black Ops Cold War through a secret spot on Nuketown.



A TikTok video by North Texas shows players how to easily achieve gold camo on the M79 special launcher in Black Ops Cold War.

Launcher challenges in Black Ops Cold War are brutal and time-consuming. Often, they require perfect circumstances to achieve, and it can take several games to get the right conditions. In the previous Call of Duty titles, launchers would be time-consuming and difficult as well, but Black Ops Cold War is especially difficult.

Due to the low damage values and effectiveness of Flak Jacket, some launchers can take up to 3 shots to kill enemies in hardcore modes, which is problematic for obvious reasons. Players need to achieve longshots, double-kills, and even killstreaks to master each respective launcher.

One of the most difficult launchers in Black Ops Cold War is the M79. Luckily, a player has discovered a spot to get easy longshots and feeds with the weapon to expedite the tedious process.

It appears that TikToker North_Texas has found a spot on the A-Side spawn in Nuketown that makes longshots a breeze with the M79. If you position yourself precisely in the garden area, aim all the way up, and fire, you’ll send shots perfectly aimed at the B flag.

All kills will register as longshots due to the range from this area. You may even score some easy double-kills off spawn from players attempting to capture B. If enemies are using Flak Jacket, you still may get a kill with the next shot.

We recommend lobby-surfing for hardcore games with players who aren’t running Flak Jacket, as this will make the process much faster. After a few kills, players may enable the perk, so you can feel free to leave the game and try again in another lobby.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War player achieves insane feat of prestiging without killing anyone

One player has demonstrated incredible patience to prestige in Black Ops Cold War without killing even a single person in the game.



bocw prestige no kills

One dedicated Call of Duty player opted to prestige in Black Ops Cold War in a very unconventional way. They managed to achieve the maximum levels necessary without scoring even a single kill.

Call of Duty actively encourages its players to score as many kills as possible and offers all kinds of incentives for doing so. Playing the objective and cooperating with your team is encouraged also.

But the glory, and XP, is all in the kills.

So it seems remarkable that someone has been able to persevere for 37 hours of in-game time to achieve this, steering clear of any assist-giving damage and taking great care to avoid any accidental kills.

prestige system in cod bocw

Prestiging without killing anyone in BOCW

People might wonder what the point of doing this is. At the end of the day, the person has paid for the game and can approach it however they want to. Plus, it’s a bit different, isn’t it?

We can imagine it was liberating for Reddit user Pilgore1 as they knew they could play each game without having to worry about maintaining their K/D. Plus, in certain modes, it was great news for their teammates as Pilgore1 primarily focused on taking down enemy scorestreaks and completing the objective.

One of the most eye-opening statistics was their Win/Loss record which was surprisingly high. It took 37 hours and 200 matches to prestige, but their final record was a positive 1.27 Win ratio.

Objectives and “Clearing the sky” were the keys to victory and you’d have to imagine they didn’t focus too much on Team Deathmatch and kill-heavy modes. Instead, opting for Hardpoint and other similar environments where hard work and grafting really pays off.

This probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea in terms of enjoying Call of Duty, but you can’t argue how unique it is. They clearly weren’t too much of a burden to their teammates either with such a high W/L record too.

We’re not saying that everyone needs to stop camping in a corner for a Sentry Turret (you’ve all done it), but it just goes to show that people can find new ways to enjoy Black Ops Cold War.

Image credits: Treyarch

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