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Top Call of Duty Influencers release mixed reactions to new Operation ‘Grand Heist’



On Tuesday, February 19th, Treyarch released patch 1.13 and Operation Grand Heist for Black Ops 4. The new Operation brought with it a slew of new content for all three gamemodes with League Play arriving on Thursday after several months of delays.

Top influencers of the Call of Duty community weighed in with their opinions on the quality of the new patch. The reactions were a mixed bag of excitement and criticism, but the general vibe remained positive as the game has been lacking in content drops.

Kicking things off with eColiEspresso, he pointed out a potential shortcoming of the new Prestige system in Blackout. The new system re-locks the Echelon skins earned as you make your way to Echelon 80. While the system is similar to normal Prestige in Multiplayer (losing items earned for “prestige”), but the act of locking out customization content seems to be unpopular (check replies for more fan reactions).

PrestigeIsKey, along with other players, pointed out the immense time it takes to earn Reserve Cases in Black Ops 4’s new revamped Black Market. The progression seems to be similarly setup at Contraband Tiers ie. only time-played is taken into account. This means players will have to grind 2.5 hours per Case. Playing well or earning more experience than other player does not speed up the process.

In contrast, Black Ops 3’s Cryptokeys took into account experience earned as well as time played. This meant that performance mattered and better players were rewarded for their efforts. This is not the case in Black Ops 4.

Veering away from the negative feedback, Parasite gave some insight in the gun balance meta changes. The game revolved heavily around the Maddox pre-patch due to its power at nearly all ranges. The new meta, according to Parasite, will force teams (applies to public matches as well as competitive) to find better SMG players as the meta shifts towards more concentrated roles.

As a further explanation, the Maddox created a very dominate in-between weapon for all situations. The patch has settled the ARs and SMGs back into more traditional roles with less in-between. This gives players more options in both gun classes to choose from and differentiates the roles, more like traditional Call of Duty games.

Pro player Clayster made an interesting point on the rotation of Call of Duty’s meta and patch cycles. He criticized the changing of the meta every 90 days. The point makes sense in relation to regular sports, but when compared to other eSports, it falls short of the mark.

90 days is a long time for most games to patch major balance issues (Maddox) out of the game. League of Legends, Siege, and others provide patches every 10 to 30 days for major balancing updates to items, champs, and weapons.

However, Clayster makes an interesting case for a single, dedicated Call of Duty experience similar to CS:GO. Counter-Strike does not require many balance patches due to its long connected history over the years. Longer patch intervals could be acceptable in a Call of Duty that was maintained over a decade or more.

The patch got mixed reviews, but overall, it is a good step in continued development for Black Ops 4. Treyarch has promised to provide continuous content over the course of the season and League Play arrives on Thursday. We’ll see on the battlefield.

Call of Duty

CouRage explains what “killed” his love for CoD Multiplayer

Popular Call of Duty content creator CouRage revealed the main reason his love for CoD Multiplayer was “killed.”



courage cod vanguard

CouRage has given fans the reason why he has lost his love for the standard Call of Duty Multiplayer mode.

Call of Duty has always been praised for its Multiplayer mode, which became its most popular aspect ever since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released in 2007.

The Multiplayer mode spawned a massive community of players, some of which made a living through becoming professional players and content creators.

With the game developing so fast, many of these players have ultimately fallen out of love with the standard Multiplayer mode, with things like Warzone and other battle royale games becoming more appealing. With that being said, CouRage revealed why he no longer has the passion to play CoD Multiplayer.

vanguard operator season 1

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest installment in the franchise, which of course comes along with the classic Multiplayer mode that a lot of players look forward to every year.

Over the years, this mode has changed a lot, from Exo suits to the return of boots on the ground gameplay. As well as this, players began to realize that the game possessed a skill-based matchmaking system, which has since become a very controversial topic of conversation in recent years.

For those wondering why popular Call of Duty content creator CouRage isn’t grinding Vanguard’s Multiplayer mode, he revealed back in 2020 that “Skill based matchmaking” killed his love for Call of Duty’s Multiplayer mode, which is a system that pits similarly skilled players against each other.

In the tweet, CouRage explains that SBMM causes players to “sweat 100% of the time,” with no “pop off” games and “ability to use fun weapons,” asking Warzone to “save” him. This is very telling considering Warzone became his go-to game for quite some time.

A recent Reddit post brought this tweet back up for players to share their opinions on SBMM in Call of Duty. Some of the users are clearly in agreement with the streamer, with one comment saying:

“Matchmaking should not be skill based.. that why there is ranked mode to play on your own skills. Sadly they dont make competitive modes that rewards any way.”

Having said that, the community is definitely torn, as others feel as if SBMM is justified: “I feel like a lot of proficient COD players do not seem to understand that their “relaxed” games were built upon the backs of all of us who are mediocre to average players.”

Ultimately, SBMM was most likely introduced to make the game more accessible for new players, which may be a massive part of Call of Duty’s continued success. However, that clearly is alienating the more advanced and experienced players.

With CoD 2022 in the works, perhaps Activision will decide to switch it up, or players will be getting the same experience that may not be as appealing to the individuals who have been playing Call of Duty for years.

Image Credits: Activision

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Call of Duty

Clever CoD Zombies trick gives Chronicles players unlimited max ammo

CoD Zombies players have discovered a useful Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles trick that grants you unlimited max ammo drops.



Zombies in CoD

Black Ops 3’s Zombies mode is popular among Call of Duty players, and now few of them have discovered a trick that grants you infinite max ammo drops in Zombies Chronicles.

Call of Duty players have been disappointed with Vanguard Zombies, and many of them have gone back to Black Ops 3. The game offers players 13 different maps after the release of Zombies Chronicles.

If you play enough times, you’re bound to pick up some useful tricks. Now one has been discovered that grants you infinite max ammo drops in the Zombies Chronicles Shangri-La map.

CoD Zombies trick for unlimited max ammo 

Zombie Monkeys in Black Ops 3

Reddit user ‘I_Play_Zetsubou’ showcased this trick in the CoD Zombies subreddit. It requires you to drop into Shangri-La and acquire the Widow’s Wine Perk, which is located in the mines.

Zombie Monkeys will randomly appear whenever there’s a drop on the map. They attempt to steal the drop you need to kill them before you can collect it yourself. However, they can be helpful for this trick.

Here’s how you can get infinite ammo in CoD Zombies:

  1. Collect Widow’s Wine on Shangri-La
  2. Take out zombies until the Widow’s Wine grenade refill drop appears
  3. Let a Zombie Monkey steal the Widow’s Wine grenade drop
  4. Kill the Zombies Monkey after it cycles over the max ammo

This trick will keep filling up your max ammo, and you can repeat these steps to ensure that you never run out of rounds. While players have been able to visit this version of the map for a while, many of them were unaware of this tactic.

“I never would have noticed till you posted this,” commented one surprised user. So, if you find yourself running low on bullets when playing on the Shangri-La map, then this can save your life.

For more Call of Duty, check out this Bizarre Warzone glitch that breaks players’ audio after getting kills and how to fix Warzone Pacific & Modern Warfare’s Status Goldflake error.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty

Call of Duty remains best-selling franchise in the US for 14th year in a row

After being released back in November, it has now been confirmed that Vanguard has continued Call of Duty’s long line of success.



vanguard campaign operators

Call of Duty continues to achieve success in the gaming industry year after year, as Vanguard continues its run of the best-selling game.

Official data and information regarding the United States Video Games Consumer Spread has revealed that Call of Duty has managed to continue its streak for the best-selling game within its release month for 14 years running.

Along with Warzone dominating the battle royale genre in gaming, Vanguard has also achieved success, keeping the franchise as prominent as ever.

operator holding mp-40 in cod vanguard

The month of November 2021 saw various big-name games released, but one inevitably came out on top. In competition with Battlefield 2042 and even GTA the Definitive Edition, Call of Duty Vanguard managed to absolutely smash it once again by becoming the best-selling game of its release month.

Executive Director & Video Game Industry Advisor Mat Piscatella released the information via Twitter.

They Tweeted out the United States Video Games Consumer Spread for the month of November 2021, which showed Call of Duty top the charts yet again for the 14th year in a row.

They also revealed that Call of Duty: Vanguard is the “2nd best-selling game of 2021 to date [December 13, 2021].”

Behind Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 took the spot as the second best-selling game of November 2021, which isn’t much of a surprise as the two franchises stand as the most popular FPS games in the industry.

This is great news for the developer of Call of Duty Vanguard, as it wouldn’t be ideal if Vanguard became the installment that broke the franchise’s winning streak.

Players are continuing to enjoy the game’s Multiplayer, and the Campaign received strong reviews so hats off to Activision and Sledgehammer Games.

For more on Call of Duty news, stay tuned on CharlieINTEL.

Image Credits: Activision

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