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Top five weapons that should be brought back for Black Ops 4 multiplayer



These fan favorite guns from Treyarch’s past Call of Duty’s would feel right at home in Black Ops 4’s multiplayer.

With every iteration of Call of Duty, we have become accustomed to leaving old guns behind and learning how to use new ones. While that’s great for keeping the games feeling fresh, here are some guns that players would still love to use.


Stoner63 image via

Black Ops 4 has its own set of unique Light Machine Guns, but nothing quite as bombastic as the Stoner63. Hailing from Black Op 1, this gun does what most LMG’s don’t.

Blends high rate of fire with tons of ammo, while still retaining low recoil. The Stoner63 is the missing LMG/AR hybrid gun that Black Ops 4 is sorely missing.


The HAMR is a standout LMG due to its unique characteristics. For the first seven rounds, this gun has the fastest firing rate of any LMG in Black Ops 2. Shooting the HAMR in short bursts make this gun ideal for mid-range encounters.

Historically, the LMG class has always had the fewest guns in Call of Duty multiplayer, so adding the Stoner63 and HAMR would greatly beef up this category.

R870 MCS

While Black Ops 4 has chosen to relegate shotguns to secondaries, I’d love to see them bring back this weapon category to its former glory. Adding the R870 MCS, also known as the Remington, would be a great step in that direction.

Zipping around smaller maps with this gun in Black Ops 2 felt so good. One shot kills were possible even at mid-range, and the reload time wasn’t half bad for a pump-action gun.

Beef up the SG12, MOG 12, and add the R870 back would give Black Ops 4 shotguns some much-needed love.

MP40 & Galil

Galil and MP40 images via

These guns are in a weird state. Both have been brought back several times, have had their names changed, then changed again, and are actually present in Blackout, yet are missing from Multiplayer. They most likely will be brought over sometime in the future, but having them currently in one portion of the game just makes me miss their omission in MP even more.

Whether they choose to call it the HG40, like in Black Ops 3, or the Grav, as seen in Blackout, any incarnation of these guns would be a treat. 

Ballistic Knife

Ballistic Knife image via

Ever since making its debut in the first Black Ops multiplayer trailer way back in 2010, this weapon has caught the attention of every Call of Duty player. A knife that shoots knives. Pretty cool, eh?

When it comes to distinct secondary weapons, Black Ops 4 is lacking. No crossbow, no shield, no weird disc shooters, just shotguns, pistols, and launchers. Bringing back the Ballistic Knife would help keep Black Ops tied to its wacky roots. Playing Gun Game just doesn’t feel right without it.

These are just the guns I would like to see added to Black Ops 4 multiplayer. What other guns, whether from zombies, Modern Warfare, or even other franchises, would you like to see online? Let us know in the comments down below!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Crazy Black Ops Cold War Zombies glitch gives players ‘God Mode’

Someone has managed to uncover a crazy Black Ops Cold War Zombies glitch that gives players ‘God Mode’ every time.



A sure-fire method has been found that renders zombies defenseless against you. One YouTuber has managed to uncover a crazy Black Ops Cold War zombies glitch that gives players God Mode in the game.

New bugs are always being found that can either break your game or give you a drastically unfair advantage. The newest glitch to become public knowledge is definitely the latter of the two.

Black Ops Cold War’s Die Maschine is an exciting zombies map filled with lots of variety, great shortcuts, and is generally a great time to be had. But if you want to manipulate the system to work in your favor, then read on for this mad glitch.

God Mode

turret firing in bocw zombies

If you’re unaware of what this entails, it basically means that the player becomes invincible and is immune to any form of attack that would normally result in damage. So it becomes obvious as to why this would be a sought-after gameplay modifier for some.

Thanks to YouTuber Caspahz, this is now possible in BOCW’s zombies mode. Caspahz had initially posted a video with instructions on how to carry out this glitch. But the information presented wasn’t 100% accurate. However, this has been rectified and he has now released a full tutorial video citing the things you need to do to essentially enable God Mode.

Step-by-step instructions

Here is what Caspahz suggests:

  1. Turn on the power
  2. Build the Pack-A-Punch machine
  3. Locate the parts for the Aetherscope
  4. With all the parts, head to the crafting table behind the Pack-A-Punch machine and assemble the Aetherscope, and pick it up
  5. Now shoot 4 of the 5 blue orbs that are required to spawn the coffin dance Easter Egg – it needs to be in the exact order that Caspahz shoots them, and make sure they disappear when you shoot them
  6. For the glitch, make sure the round is an Exfil round, kill the last zombie, and then interact with the Dark Anomaly
  7. Whilst still teleporting, you now need to shoot the final blue orb and make sure it disappears
  8. Now head over and pick up Doctor Vogel’s diary
  9. Give the Doctor Vogel ghosts his diary and make sure you are still teleporting out of the Coffin Dance easter egg
  10. Take your time and make sure the final ghost is still talking whilst the actual teleport animation occurs
  11. You should now teleport and the zombies will be running away from you and will pile up in certain locations

If you would like visual directions on how to properly trigger this glitch, then check out the Caspahz video below.

With the correct implementation of this advice, you should now be able to basically have free reign over what happens in your game of zombies. From Pack-A-Punching your weapons to finding secrets etc. Make the most of this crazy Black Ops Cold War Zombies glitch and become a literal God.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Black Ops Cold War: Best Gallo SA12 Loadout

The Gallo SA12 semi auto shotgun is a powerful weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. Here’s the best loadout for it.



Best Gallo SA12 Loadout

Black Ops Cold War has a wide assortment of shotguns to choose from, and the Gallo SA12 is one of the most popular picks. Here is a loadout that makes it even more powerful.

Most Call Of Duty games restrict you to handguns and launchers for your secondary weapon slot. Black Ops Cold War has changed things up and by letting you equip shotguns in that slot as well.

There are several great picks in the game but the The Gallo SA12 (SPAS-12) semi-auto shotgun is particularly noteworthy. This weapon has been a popular choice for players since its debut in Modern Warfare 2. While it may not have the range of the game’s SMGs or assault rifles, it does have fantastic kill potential in close-quarter firefights.

Its high rate of fire and damage make it an ideal choice for close combat. You can use certain attachments to create a loadout that makes it even better.

Best Gallo SA12 Loadout

Best Gallo SA12 loadout

These are the best attachments for the Gallo SA12:

  • Barrel: 21.4” Reinforced Heavy
  • Muzzle: Duckbill Choke
  • Body: SWAT 5MW Laser Sight
  • Magazine: STANAG 12 Round Tube 
  • Stock: Wire Stock 

The shotgun’s main strengths are its hip-fire accuracy and high rate of fire, so this loadout will complement those elements. The 21.4” Reinforced Heavy barrel will increase the fire rate even more while strengthening the damage it puts out. This way, you’ll be able to hold your own against anyone who runs up to you with an SMG.

You can widen the shotgun’s pellet spread by 50% with the Duckbill Choke muzzle so that you don’t have to ADS to hit your target. This comes with the bonus of hitting other targets within the spread radius as well. The hip-fire accuracy is boosted with the SWAT 5MW Laser Sight, which goes well with the muzzle. Now you won’t have to worry about having to stop and aim.

The only thing holding back the high fire rate is the small amount of ammo in your magazine. Adding the STANAG 12 Round Tube will make up for this by increasing the amount the Gallo SA12 can carry, and the Wire Stock slightly boosts the sprint to fire speed so that you can close in on your foes quicker.

This build will make you a killing machine with the Gallo SA12 equipped. Keep it ready for close combat, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Weird visual bug causing screen to flash in Black Ops Cold War

A strange visual bug has caused one gamer’s screen to flash uncontrollably on the Nuketown map of Black Ops Cold War.



Call of Duty is no stranger to weird and wonderful anomalies that interfere with matches and become instant memes and GIFs. ONe strange new bug has caused a player’s screen to flash and glitch in Black Ops Cold War.

Treyarch’s newest effort at Call of Duty has received a mixed reception amongst the CoD community citing issues with the game’s lack of content and technical issues. But Treyarch is constantly trying to fix the game and have already begun adding new content.

Nuketown has made a triumphant return to the game’s multiplayer to help bolster the selection of playgrounds. Aside from players checking out the new map and seeing if anything has changed with this beloved fan-favorite, an odd hiccup has been recorded and documented.

nuketown aerial shot in bocw

Bizarre, bright bug

What appears to be a regular game of CoD on Nuketown turns out to be a very peculiar one for Reddit user FosheeVFX. At first, their in-game screen becomes warped with artistic-looking super-sized pixels that brighten up the backyard. It’s quite harmless and looks decorative and snazzy, if anything.

But then, FosheeVFX tabs out and returns to the game soon after. Only, this colorful assortment of broken textures has now evolved into an abstract Jackson Pollock of stretched and distorted backgrounds.

The sky, the houses, and all objects in sight have now taken on an identity of their own. Select textures are ricocheting around the full extent of the map at insane speeds. It’s dizzying.

To see the video then click below, be warned if you suffer from epilepsy as it might not be suitable.

Is this a regular occurrence? Or a Nuketown bug?

To be 100% clear, we’re not sure. Nothing like this has been reported yet. At the moment, it just seems like an amusing one-off glitch that hopefully won’t plague the games of others.

Either way, this weird, visual big causing our gamer’s screen to flash in Black Ops Cold War looks more devastating than the actual nuke that goes off after a game in Nuketown.

Image credits: Treyarch

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