Its a normal tradition for Call of Duty fans every year to destroy the Christmas noobs. The veteran fans that line up and buy the newest game on day one become better at the game each day they play. Then comes Christmas. All the “Xmas Noobs” get online, and get destroyed by the veteran players. This year Treyarch has put a nice message of the day in Black Ops 2 asking fans to “go easy on the Christmas noobs, but we know you won’t.”

The last part, “we know you won’t” is absouletly true. Playing against Xmas noobs is the best thing Call of Duty offers to gain lots of kills, and win most games.


If you are a Xmas Noob: remember to play Combat training before entering the crazy world of online. Combat Training will actually help you understand Black Ops 2 and even gain you up to 10 levels for MP.




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