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Treyarch has plans to fix grappling hook exploit on Nuketown.

Reddit user ‘BeefJyrkii‘ has reported a new glitch that allows players to grapple out of Nuketown without dying.

As seen in the video clip below, a player using Ruin’s Grapple Gun grapples above where the B capture point would be in Domination, is told to Return to Combat Zone, keeps running, and is in the clear.

From this vantage point, the player is not penalized for being outside of map boundaries and can freely attack unsuspecting victims.

Out of map glitch on nuketown. Can this please be patched? from r/Blackops4

While this exploit can easily ruin (pun not intended) an otherwise fair game on Nuketown, Treyarch has already stated that they are working on a fix.

A Treyarch developer, by the name of ‘MaTtKs‘, commented on BeefJrkii’s Reddit post stating “Already on it” when asked to bring this to the appropriate team.

While there is not exact time table as to when this will get fixed, Nuketown will remain in map rotation and players should keep an eye out for any pesky Ruin users out there.

Nuketown has recently been added to Black Ops 4 as part of a free update for PlayStation 4 users on November 13 and on November 20 for Xbox One and PC players. This is the fourth time the map has been available in a Call of Duty title, with each Black Ops entry having their own unique take on the tried and true layout.

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