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With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 approaching rapidly, fans have been attempting to gain as much knowledge about the title prior to playing.

Treyarch has revealed that they will be supporting a strong PC community with the addition of Black Ops 4 on Blizzard’s Battle.net platform, along with sustained dedicated resources after launch.

Now that the official BO4 release is just over a month away at the time of writing, the developer answered a collection of questions from community members on the official Black Ops 4 subreddit regarding the PC.

Questions included aspects such as how Treyarch will be handling cheaters, players using controllers while on the PC, optimization, and more.

A full dialogue of the questions and answers can be found below from the original Reddit thread.

Q. How will you handle controller players on PC?

A. “Aim assist will be Off in competitive MP.”

Q. How will you handle cheaters?

A. “Our security team is working closely with Blizzard’s team and their experience to ensure we have a robust system in place, and one that is nimble enough to respond quickly to any issues.”

Q. Will optimization patches be released?

A. “We will continue to optimize through launch, and after. Between the team here at Treyarch, at Beenox, and with access to the compatibility labs at Blizzard we’re able to test through a bunch of hardware configurations. We’ll have specifics on the launch minimum and recommended specs closer to release. But we will also continue to support wherever possible post-launch.”

Q. How will Snipers be handled?

“Right, they were nerfed during the beta, and we continue to test and balance. Hopefully, the speed with which we were able to hear the comments and address them during the beta is a good indication of the attention we’ll be giving the game through launch and beyond.”

We will continue to provide updates on Treyarch’s plans for Black Ops 4 on the PC as they are made available prior to the October 12 release date.

SOURCE: Reddit

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