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In a response to a Reddit post, a Treyarch developer has shed some new information on Armor, and its effect in game. Many fans have been complaining about Armor being over-powered, and Treyarch has acknowledged they are monitoring all of the data.

Now, on Reddit, Treyarch states that they have Armor-specific updates planned for Weekend 2 of the beta. Treyarch has also clarified that Armor only requires, in majority of cases in-action, 1 extra bullet to kill versus no Armor. In addition, Armor does not change the headshot damage values. And, if the armor is depleted, and player regenerates health, the armor does not regenerate for that life.

We definitely hear the feedback and are monitoring this issue closely. We’re also working on some Armor-specific updates that you can expect for the update on weekend 2. I just wanted to clarify a point of information that you stated about Armor requiring “3-5” bullets extra. Currently Armor only increases hits to kill by a single bullet. The only exception to this is farthest-range SMG damage, which at the longest ranges may take up to 2 extra bullets to kill. But those are somewhat rare. In the vast majority of cases it only soaks up 1 hits-to-kill worth, and it does not protect against headshots at all. Also, that 1 bullet worth of protection does not regenerate once depleted, which is a major differentiator from past mechanics such as Juggernaut.

This information is just to be transparent about how Armor is currently functioning. It doesn’t mean we don’t take this issue seriously – it’s one of our top combat gameplay concerns and you will see some action soon. Thanks and please enjoy the Beta and keep the feedback coming! BTW some of those other Gears are pretty good too!

SOURCE: Reddit

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