We have just confirmed with Infinity Ward that Microsoft’s Xbox event on Tuesday will ONLY feature a “Trailer”. Previously there had been rumors that a live demo would be shown so we wanted to get some clarification. This shouldn’t be a surprise though because Call of Duty has always been revealed first via a 2-3 minute reveal trailer with a live demo shown a couple weeks later.

So as expected, we should be seeing a campaign trailer that’s shows off the next-gen Call of Duty engine in all of it’s glory. As far as a demo, it’s our guess that we might see a live demo of a singleplayer campaign mission at Microsoft’s E3 event on June 10th like previous years.

Make sure you come back here on Tuesday as we’ll have all the news, video footage, and screenshots from the event minutes after it airs. The Microsoft Xbox event will be starting at 1pm ET (6pm UK, 10am PT) and will be live streamed and televised via Spike TV in the US.


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