United Kingdom courier ‘Royal Mail’ workers will go on strike on November 4th, according to BBC. The workers will go on strike for 24 hours, and this could have a major affect on Call of Duty: Ghosts delivers for Nov. 5th.

The vote, which the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said was four-to-one in favour, would be the first national strike at Royal Mail in almost four years.

Royal Mail is one of the leading couriers that are partnered with major retailers like Amazon, GAME UK, Tesco, and more. If you preordered Ghosts from online to have it delivered, there is a possibility that your game may not be delivered on time. As of now, there’s no official comment from any of the retailers or Activision on how this strike could affect your delivery.

At this point, contacting your retailer on updates on your delivery status would be the best. It does not seem like the retailers and Royal Mail can work anything out to resolve this issue, unless the retailers decided to use a different courier.

If you want to get your game on Nov. 5th for sure, then it would probably be the best if you preorder for in store pick.

We’ll update as we get more information on this.

SOURCE: BBC News via @FlannaganTW