In today’s Developer Update video, Treyarch went over new Grand Heist content and touched briefly on the upcoming Barebones playlist.

Tony Flame covered the new content which arrived with Operation Grand Heist today and mentioned the upcoming “Barebones playlist. According Tony Flame, the game mode is the result of community feedback and Treyarch wants you to know that they are listening.


The upcoming game mode will feature “No Specialists” as well as “classic gameplay rules.”

Specialists have been a controversial topic throughout Black Ops 4 due to their increased power from Black Ops 3 and imperfect balancing. The addition of a mode without these abilities will come as a welcome add-on.


No details were given as to the nature of “classic gameplay rules”. Previous Barebones game modes in past CoD games have included reduced sprint speeds, no perks, exclusion of certain weapons, and more. We’ll update you as Treyarch release more info on the mode.

No set date was given for the release, but the roadmap indicates that the mode will release within Operation Grand Heist.


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