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Treyarch’s Studio Design Director has taken to Twitter tonight to share a first look at the new stash UI the team is working on for console players in Blackout in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The new stash UI that is currently in the developer builds of the game:

Vahn says on Twitter that this is currently going through QA testing and bug fixes and did not provide a release date for this new feature. Vahn tweeted, “new Stash UX is in dev builds, being playtested, actually tested by QA,, and we are bug fixing. Current design debate: 2 rows of 5 or 3 rows of 5. 3 rows means less tabbing in a death stash, but less uses more screen.”

He followed up by provided more context on what’s new and why this decision is being made:

Vahn also stated on Twitter that he wants to do more to be more active on social channels, but is happy right now that the social team is already providing him with reports of fan feedback for Black Ops 4. He stated that “I get a report EVERY DAY from the social team, this leaves me free to work on the game. It also means I am not on Twitter or Reddit as a routine part of my existence like previous games. That does not absolve me of my commitment to you, however. Will work on it.”

Treyarch mentioned prior to launch of Black Ops 4 in October that they were working better inventory management for Blackout for consoles, as many fans have asked for a better system after the beta back in September. PC players have an easier management system as they can use mouse and keyboard to quickly navigate through the inventory, but console players are limited in that way.

No release date for this new feature has been announced, so stay tuned.

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