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Over the past few days, David Vonderhaar has teased two quality of life features coming to Blackout.

In the wake of criticism on lack of content and a slow update schedule, Treyarch have begun to reveal more about the next Operation “Grand Heist.” Vonderhaar has also taken to Twitter to explain and reveal some new details on upcoming updates.

Vonderhaar sent out tweets regarding Blackout updates on February 14th.

The tweets are vague on details, but we speculate a bit on the content and timing of these updates.

As for release dates, we suspect the updates to becoming with the release of the Operation on February 19th. However, as Vahn did not give dates, the updates may come at a later date as part of a separate patch.

In terms of content, the Merit system as of current is the leveling up system with Blackout. The more Merits you earn, the faster you level through the 80 Blackout Echelons. A “Merit system refactor” may be a reference to rearranging the amount of merits given for kills, survival, and winning the game.

As for the “Inventory QOL updates”, the changes may be subtle, but necessary tweaks to the current looting and inventory management systems. This may include rearranged menu setups, streamlined actions, and other such quality of life upgrades.

We will update you on any more tweets by Vonderhaar and other dev-team members as they arrive. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @CharlieIntel to get the latest as soon as it pops up.

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