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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded patch notes: Terminator crossover, Vargo-S, Desolation map, more

Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded has arrived, so here are the full patch notes, including a new Assault Rifle, map, and Terminator crossover.



Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded

We’re halfway through a Vanguard season, and the Season 4 Reloaded update is here. Vanguard’s mid-Season update brings the major Terminator crossover, the Vargo S Assault Rifle, and the Desolation multiplayer map. Here are the full patch notes.

Vanguard Season 4 arrived with a host of new weapons and even saw the return of the classic Shi No Numa map in Zombies, but there’s more to come with the mid-season update.

While there’s a ton of new content arriving in Warzone such as the Rebirth of the Dead mode and new Portable Redeploy Balloons, Vanguard players are treated to new content too. This update brings a new Assault Rifle, a new map, and various balance tweaks and bug fixes across multiplayer and Zombies.

Here’s everything we know about Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded, including the full patch notes.

Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded release date

Vanguard’s Season 4 Reloaded went live at 9 AM PT on Tuesday, July 26, with the new content arriving alongside Warzone Season 4 Reloaded at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST on July 27.

However, with the update live on all platforms, the bug changes and balance tweaks should all be live.

Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded Vargo-S Assault Rifle

While players were treated to both the Marco 5 and UGM-8 at the beginning of Season 4, the Vargo-S Assault Rifle arrives in Season 4 Reloaded, following the Push Dagger which has already dropped.

New guns can often completely change the meta, so Vanguard players will be eager to get their hands on the prototype Cold War Vargo 52.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Vargo-S feels, but the devs have already said it has a “high-fire rate, steady aim through sustained fire, and a quick reload.”

Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded Terminator crossover

After initially teasing the crossover before the beginning of the new season, the Season 4 Batlle Pass announcement on the Call of Duty blog confirmed that Terminator cosmetics are coming after the mid-season update.

Both the T-800 and T-1000 Terminators will arrive as Store Bundles for players to purchase, although they will only be available for a limited time.

The T-800 is the iconic machine first played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the classic 1984 movie. Meanwhile, the T-1000 is a shapeshifter made from Mimetic Polyalloy liquid metal, most commonly associated with Robert Patrick in T2.

New Multiplayer map: Desolation

Based on a Pacific listening post, Desolation is a medium-sized multiplayer map with winding alleyways.

With a “labyrinthine village cut directly into the mountainside,” and a “crashed plane in flames,” this is sure to be an exciting and visually impressive map. Sledgehammer Games claim players who “can combine fast reflexes with smart movement” are likely to dominate.

Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded update patch notes


  • Enemy nameplates can no longer be seen through various surfaces across multiple maps.
  • NEW: Desolation
    • In a listening post near the Pacific mountainside, Desolation is littered with destructible aspects to create intriguing gameplay scenarios.
    • Look for the Desolation 24/7 Featured Playlist at the launch of Season Four Reloaded.
  • Gondola
    • Addressed an exploit that allowed bullets to penetrate unintended surfaces near the East Bridge.
  • Paradise
    • Bullets will no longer penetrate the truck near the Flak Gun to prevent undesirable spawn conditions.
  • USS Texas 1945
    • In Search and Destroy, Bombs planted near the destructible floor of the Upper Deck will no longer fall to the Mid Deck.
    • Bullets will no longer penetrate the vents near the Lower Deck (Bow) to provide viable cover.
    • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to shoot through the floor of the Upper Deck from the Mid Deck.
    • Players can no longer become stuck while climbing crates near the Lower Deck (Stern).


  • Blueprint Gun Game
    • Added several new Blueprints to the pool of available Weapons.
  • Search and Destroy
    • Addressed an issue that caused inaccurate Deaths stat on the scoreboard.

Ranked Play

  • Restrictions
    • Weapons
      • The Vargo-S is now restricted in Ranked Play.
    • Perks
      • Serpentine is now restricted in Ranked Play.


  • NEW: Ikenna Olowe (Immortal)
    • Ikenna Olowe understood strategy from a young age. As a child in Nigeria, he excelled at chess, quickly surpassing his teachers. He grew strong studying Gidigbo, a martial battle of wits. Balanced in body and mind, Ikenna joined the war effort as a battlefield engineer. His work established critical supplies lines across the globe. Ikenna became a grand planner, knowing when to build and when to demolish.
    • Available to purchase via Bundle.


  • Added Inspect animations for the M1916 Marksman Rifle, Skål Crusher, Ice Pick, and Sawtooth Melee Weapons.
  • Increased grace period for slide kills challenges from 0.15s to 0.5s after sliding.
  • NEW: Vargo-S (Assault Rifle)
    • Trading firepower for improved accuracy and fire rate, this rifle excels in medium and long range engagements.
    • Complete an unlock challenge or purchase a Bundle to earn this Weapon.
      • Get 15 Close Range Kills.


  • Piercing Vision (Intel)
    • Corrected inconsistent highlight behavior in Free-for-All game modes.


  • Guard Dog (6 Kills)
    • Addressed an issue that caused erratic behavior when two Guard Dogs were called in simultaneously.

User Interface & Experience

  • Players will no longer receive a Notice prompt with unreadable text after game updates.
  • Rarity Sort Filter in the Armory will no longer reset after previewing a Bundle.
  • Battle Pass items that are Free for Clans will no longer incorrectly display as Unlocked for players who are in an inactive Clan.
  • Corrected the behavior of the Clear Weapons New button after switching tabs in the UI.

Bundles & Cosmetics

  • Improved image quality for Bundle logos in the Store.
  • Breath of Godzilla Blueprint will no longer cease to glow under certain conditions.
  • Flame VFX will no longer transfer from Roland’s War Operator Skin to other Operators.



  • “Shi No Numa”
    • Addressed an issue where Wonder Weapon parts were not appearing on the map in Offline mode.
    • Addressed issues related to zombies pathing on Shi No Numa.
    • Addressed various visual issues on Shi No Numa.


  • Wonder Weapon
    • Wunderwaffe DG-2 
      • Increased reload speed of the weapon.
      • Addressed an issue where zombies were sometimes not being killed after being hit with the weapon.
      • Addressed an issue where zombies were not being electrocuted with the weapon if they were previously under the effects of a stun grenade.
  • Unlock Challenges
    • NEW: Vargo-S (Assault Rifle)
      • Trading firepower for improved accuracy and fire rate, this rifle excels in medium and long range engagements.
      • Complete an unlock challenge or purchase a Bundle to earn this Weapon.
        • In Zombies, use Assault Rifles to kill 20 or more enemies without getting hit 50 times.


  • Round-Based Adjustments
    • Crafting Table
      • Reduced cost for crafting Armor in Round Based Zombies mode only.
        • Level 1 – 500
        • Level 2 – 1000
        • Level 3 – 2000


  • Zaballa the Deceiver
    • Increased the Zaballa round spawn cooldown in Shi No Numa.
    • Zaballa will no longer enter an immune state.


  • Addressed various stability issues.

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Source: Sledgehammer Games

Image credits: Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard August 11 update patch notes: Dev Error & attachment exploit fixes

Vanguard’s August 11 update patch notes delivered bug fixes for an attachment exploit and a Dev Error issue in Season 4 Reloaded.



Sledgehammer Games have provided a Vanguard update on August 11 that patched a weapon attachment exploit and fixed a Dev Error bug in Season 4 Reloaded.

Vanguard devs Sledgehammer Games continue to update the game and provide players with fresh content. In addition to a playlist update arriving on August 11, players were also treated to a new update that provided a fix to several of the game’s latest bugs.

The update covers both multiplayer and zombies game modes as certain bugs were hampering the fun. A particularly annoying Dev Error should no longer plague players following the August 11 Vanguard update.

Vanguard Dev Error & attachment exploit fixes

Vanguard Season 5 is fast approaching, but before we get a brand-new season of content with new weapons, maps, and Operators, Sledgehammer are dedicated to fixing current issues.

It seems an unintended exploit was allowing players to combine attachments from other weapons to achieve combinations that should not be possible. This would result in overpowered weapons running amok and the devs were quick to nerf the issue.

In addition, players will no longer have to deal with DEV ERROR 10308 that occurred on the USS Texas map.

Vanguard August 11 update patch notes



  • USS Texas 1945
    • Addressed an issue that caused DEV ERROR 10308 to occur.


  • Seasonal Challenges will no longer be marked as complete if the requirements are unmet.


  • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to achieve unintended Attachment combinations.



  • Vargo-S
    • Addressed an issue that prevented the Survivalist camouflage challenge from tracking when using specific magazine attachments.
  • Push Dagger
    • Addressed an issue that prevented the Plague Diamond and Dark Aether camouflage and challenge requirements from being visible in the loadout menu.


  • Addressed a rare issue where players could become stuck in spectator mode when joining a match in progress as the joined player leaves.

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Source: Sledgehammer Games

Image Credit: Activision

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Activision apologize for using artist’s design in now canceled Vanguard & Warzone skin

Activision have scrapped an unreleased Warzone and Vanguard skin after using an artist’s work without permission.



Activision admitted to the major misstep of using an artist’s work without permission. The original art was to feature in an upcoming Vanguard and Warzone skin that has since been axed.

Major content drops like new seasons or midseason updates deliver weapons, maps, and changes to Call of Duty games, but they also tend to bring brand-new skins to enjoy. Vanguard and Warzone have seen some noteworthy skins that certainly got players talking.

After all, who could forget the Armored Titan, or Godzilla and King Kong skins? At the start of Season 4 Reloaded, players also received a new Terminator crossover. However, teasers for Season 4 Reloaded also hinted at a mysterious wolf-like skin.

After the wolf skin was teased in an official Call of Duty blog post, it was later inexplicably removed and replaced from the very same post. It turns out, Activision used content that did not belong to them in order to create the aforementioned skin.

When the wolf skin was first teased, it certainly generated a ton of buzz, or rather raised a ton of eyebrows. The anthropomorphic Operator definitely sticks out in a WWII-era Call of Duty game. Nonetheless, fans were excited at the prospect of running around as a wolf in Warzone.

Unfortunately, that idea won’t come to fruition as Activision have confirmed that they completely removed the skin from their planned content drop for Season 4 Reloaded.

It seems Activision overstepping bounds is the reason behind the skin’s cancelation.

An artist claimed that the wolf skin, also known as Samoyed skin, was stolen without their permission. In a strange turn of events, Activision has issued an apology, seemingly confirming the artist’s claims.

In a statement, Activision admitted that they “regrettably erred in our process and have removed this imagery from the game,” apologizing for the misstep.

While fans may be disappointed to lose their chance at slaying in a furry wolf skin, most would agree that if the artist’s claims are legitimate, the greater injustice was corrected as nobody should have their work stolen without credit.

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Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Vanguard

When is the next Vanguard & Warzone Pacific Double XP event?

We have the dates and times for the next CoD: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Double XP event to help you rank up weapons and the Battle Pass.



We’re past the Season 4 halfway point of Call of Duty action, and there’s still plenty of time to level up, prestige, and unlock weapons before Modern Warfare 2. Here are the full dates for the next Warzone and Vanguard Double XP weekends.

XP has been a vital component of Call of Duty’s multiplayer for many years. It’s the quintessential upgrade mechanic that allows you to increase your in-game level and provide you access to better gear and attachments.

Vanguard and Warzone Pacific carried on from where Cold War and Warzone left off by giving players limited-time windows of opportunity to increase the XP they can earn.

Vanguard & Warzone Double XP dates

Call of Duty players can get Double XP by taking advantage of the Double XP promotional events that Activision put on.

Thanks to the Raven Software Trello board, we know when the next Warzone & Vanguard Double XP events are:

  • Double XP event – All platforms: Thursday, August 4 – Thursday, August 11
    • Double Weapon XP and Double Battle Pass XP

These special Double XP events are coming as part of Vanguard & Warzone’s Season 4 Reloaded. With major weapon buffs and nerfs, changes to the Fortune’s Keep map, and the new Vargo-S AR there is plenty of new content for players to sink their teeth into.

What time does CoD: Vanguard & Warzone Pacific Double XP start?

Here’s a full list of the usual Double XP event’s start time & dates in some of the key timezones:

  • PT – 10:00 AM
  • CT – 12:00 PM
  • ET – 1:00 PM
  • BST – 6:00 PM

These special Double XP events usually occur during a weekend, as it naturally gives players the most time as it’s away from school hours and generally when people are off work.

If you’re worried about slow progression for Vanguard and Warzone’s Battle Pass, the active Double XP event will no doubt give you a great boost to unlock all the Season 4 Reloaded rewards.

For more Call of Duty, find out everything you need to know about the next release in the legendary franchise, Modern Warfare 2.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games / Raven Software

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