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Treyarch’s update schedule has received criticism from fans as other developers have begun to employ quick patches and content drops.

Pamaj & other community influencers want to see Treyarch shift their update schedule to a quicker content output system. The reactions come in the wake of the release of Apex Legends and the continued success of Fortnite’s weekly and bi-weekly updates. The other titles also put out constant gameplay patches to ensure gameplay quality is maintained.

Treyarch’s lackluster update schedule and numerous delays have caused a backlash and it seems these players are fed up with the current state of affairs.

While the majority of Black Ops 4 players enjoy the core gameplay in Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout, the snail-paced content drops and delays in fixes are causing big influencers to look to other games for examples of alternative development paths.

PrestigeIsKey, a long time Call of Duty community member, states that he’s frustration does not stem from the core gameplay. Rather, it’s a bi-product of seeing other games with constant updates and patch fixes while Blackout simply exists. Treyarch should heed the words of such members of the community as they develop a lot of the hype around upcoming releases and events.

Driftor weighs in on how the monetization features in games like Apex Legends and Fortnite work as opposed to Black Ops 4. The games are completely free to play with optional cosmetic content. Apex’s loot boxes even display the odds of getting items in-game and the “Legend” balance is maintained well (a swipe against the Specialist balancing problems in Multiplayer).

Driftor’s tweet once again raises the question: Is Call of Duty’s yearly release a smart plan for Activision’s future? Cosmetic purchases are much more tempting to players when they know the game will stick around for a long time to come.

On the competitive side of things, Apex Legends has already held a $50K tournament and players have begun preparing. eU Burns pointed out Twitter that each game has a limited window in which to create an eSports scene and believes that Blackout may missed a big chance. Treyarch has stated in the past that they do not plan to pursue competitive features for Blackout.

You can also check out our other article on the subject for a possible solution to Blackout’s dilemma here (Make Blackout Free-to-Play).

So, with all this in mind, what would you like to see change in Call of Duty patching and content update schedules? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter at @CharlieIntel.

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