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The newly added camo progression feature for Blackout has gotten wide-scale criticism over the past 24 hours. Vahn seeks to clarify his logic and decision-making.

The new camo system that was added to Blackout on January 31st has received both love and hate from the community. While the feature does add a new feature to the game, the implementation has been criticized by many community members as “distracting from the core gameplay” and “punishing players who go for kills/wins.”

David Vonderhaar took to Twitter on February 1st to clarify his team’s decision making.

Vonderhaar argues that the game mode is not meant to be played competitively and rewards should be given out more or less equally to all players. Treyarch wants to provide paths to content for players of all skill levels. He stresses that he does not want all things Blackout to rely upon “gun skill.”

Again, Vonderhaar pushed the notion that Blackout does not equate to competitive multiplayer. He places Blackout somewhere between Zombies (considered the most casual gamemode) and multiplayer (considered the most competitive gamemode according to Vonderhaar).

While Vonderhaar’s statement do clear up his team’s views of Blackout, many players of the game mode seem to disagree. The new system distracts from the core gameplay of getting kills and winning the match. It does a good job of rewarding players that generally don’t perform well in Blackout, but the “elite” players are completely left out of the equation.

CWL commentator and caster Joe “MerK” DeLuca expressed these views via Twitter in reply to Vonderhaar’s comments.

We’ll keep providing you with updates as the new Blackout camo system discussion continues to unfold. Tell us what you think about the new system and Vonderhaar’s latest comments on the issue in the comment or on Twitter at @CharlieIntel.

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