David Vonderhaar revealed to NowGamer that new, fun game modes called ‘Party Games’ are coming to Black Ops II. These are similar to wager matches, but since there are no CODPoints in BO2, they cannot put wager based games.


Vahn said to NowGamer: “In Black Ops they were called Wager Matches, and there was the ‘gambling’ component. But those somewhat oddball, out-of-context, just kind of fun game modes are actually going to make a fairly significant return in Black Ops 2, as what we call Party Games.”

“Party games is how we think about that – we think about them as you and I just goofing off, having some fun in this arguably slightly silly game mode. We love making those game modes, and they’ll be a part of this game too. They just don’t have the mechanic of gambling in them in that way, because there are no CoD points.”


Vahn went on to say that they couldn’t reveal everything at Gamescom, and Party Games isn’t/wasn’t part of the reveal there.

More details on Black Ops II are coming in the coming weeks, and we should expect more on this game type then.


SOURCE: NowGamer

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