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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Dec 18 Patch Notes: XP Tokens, weapons & more



Raven Software is releasing a new update for Call of Duty: Warzone on all platforms on December 18.

In a series of tweets, the studio has shared the patch notes. The biggest update is that XP tokens from Modern Warfare can now be used again in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Warzone Dec 18 Patch Notes

  • Enabled use of previously earned Modern Warfare / Warzone XP tokens (see thread for details)
    • Legacy tokens earned in MW before S1 will be usable in MW multi and WZ
    • All tokens earned in S1 and onwards are usable in BOCW and WZ (but not MW multi)
    • Total number of legacy + new tokens visible in MW/WZ (legacy consumed first)
    • Legacy tokens are not visible in BOCW
  • Selecting “Randomize All” option for emblems should work as intended
  • Seasonal Progression Challenges will now show correct preview images
  • Hid a base Weapon Challenge that should not have been available yet
  • Fixed some issues when redeeming Store bundles
  • Various weapon adjustments

It’s not clear yet what the “various weapon adjustments” are in the Warzone update. Raven has not provided any further information about the said changes. However, fans have noticed that the Damage Range of the Agency Suppressor has been increased for Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone.

The studio recently also disabled attack helicopters in Warzone, across both maps, due to an invisible player glitch that was occurring in the mode. There is no ETA yet for when the Attack Helicopters will return.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to unlock Ballistic Knife in Cold War & Warzone Season 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players have the opportunity to unlock the fan-favorite Ballistic Knife during Season 3.



Unlock Ballistic Knife Cold War Warzone Season 3

Players who want to score some highlight-worthy kills when playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone during Season 3 will want to unlock the Ballistic Knife.

The Ballistic Knife is a fan-favorite weapon that was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops and quickly became known for providing the opportunity for players to put together some impressive highlights.

Now, Cold War and Warzone players have the opportunity to unlock this new weapon during Season 3, and we have everything you need to know to do so covered for you.

Unlock Ballistic Knife Cold War Warzone Season 3

How to Unlock Ballistic Knife in Cold War & Warzone Season 3

You will find that two different challenges can be completed to add this weapon to your inventory. One of these challenges must be completed when you are either playing Cold War Multiplayer or Warzone.

This challenge tasks players with getting a One Shot, One Kill medal, and a melee kill in the same life in 15 different matches.

The start of Season 3 for Cold War saw this weapon become available for players to earn immediately. However, it will not be available for players to earn in Warzone until mid-season.

Unlock Ballistic Knife Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season 3

It is important to remember that you must complete the match you are playing for progress towards this unlock challenge to count. All progress will get lost if you do not finish the match.

Zombie players can acquire this weapon by killing a total of 300 enemies while using a Special or Melee weapon. However, the Special or Melee weapon must be Epic or Legendary quality.

The community also can get two other new weapons during this new period of content besides the Ballistic Knife when they unlock the PPSH submachine gun and the Swiss K31 sniper rifle. The best loadout for the PPSH and Swiss K31 will pair perfectly with the Ballistic Knife and allow for some impressive performances by players.

For more on Call of Duty, check out the fastest way to level up this season’s Battle Pass and stay tuned to Charlie Intel for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision/Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Original Verdansk map will not be playable again following Warzone nuke event

CoD: Warzone’s historic Season 2 nuke event means that the original version of Verdansk will never be playable ever again.



cod warzone verdansk stadium

The destruction of Verdansk to rid the map of the Zombie invasion in Season 2 has caused some serious knock-on effects. It’s been confirmed that the original version of Verdansk will never be playable again in Warzone.

The Season 2 storyline of zombies setting up camp all over Verdansk finally culminated in a spectacular finale that saw Verdansk be transformed into a 1980s version of itself.

For weeks it was rumored that Raven Software was going to make some big changes to Warzone’s classic battle royale map, and that’s proven to be the case. Verdansk has been nuked, and it might sadden players to know that they will not be able to enjoy the first incarnation of Verdansk again.

cod warzone verdansk nuke

After a year of players dropping into Verdansk, it did feel like the right time to shake things up and make some substantial changes to the map.

It wasn’t too long into the Zombie invasion that players and popular streamers such as NICKMERCS started to think that it would ultimately lead to the map’s demise – and it did.

If you missed “The Destruction of Verdansk Part I”, players that took part were thrown into a normal game of Warzone, only, every POI was infected. The likes of Superstore and Train Station would have their respective radiation zones grow at an exponential rate.

cod warzone zombie containment alert

If you died, you came back as a Zombie no matter what. Instead of the late-Season addition of temporarily turning into a Zombie, this version kept you infinitely spawning as one.

Whilst all this was going on, the “Level 4 containment protocol” warning was triggering, the containment levels were slowly rising, and the gas was closing in quicker than ever.

Even with the return of Juggernaut suits, the mode’s goal of exfiling was impossible as no one was meant to escape. It was the end of Verdansk as we knew it.

But it seems like this will be the end of Verdansk, this version anyway, forever as Raven Software has confirmed with us that the setup of Verdansk we’ve grown to love over the last year will never be playable in any form again.

cod warzone verdansk map

Players will now be playing on Verdansk ’84, which features updated POIs, new locales based on the Black Ops series, and more enhancements for the world.

Hopefully, you were able to get on and enjoy the old Verdansk one final time before the reset, and now we can enjoy Season 3, and even look forward to Warzone’s future.

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Is FOV slider coming to Warzone on consoles? Raven ‘aware’ of requests

Warzone devs have finally provided an update to players on the status of FOV sliders for PS5 and Xbox Series X.



Screenshot showing Warzone FOV

Raven Software has confirmed they are aware of requests from fans who are desperate for a field of view slider for Call of Duty: Warzone on consoles. 

Having an enhanced field of view on Warzone can be a huge advantage to players, allowing them to see more of their surroundings, and giving them the ability to customize their game exactly how they want to. 

Fans have been wanting a FOV slider support since the game’s original launch in March 2020, but the PC version of Warzone is the only one which has the feature so far. Unsurprisingly, these requests intensified when Black Ops Cold War launched with an FOV slider on console in November 2020. 

During a press briefing with Raven Software, the studios’ Associate Creative Director, Amos Hodge, revealed that the studio has heard all of the fan requests for a FOV slider in Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Hodge stated that they have heard fan’s calls for FOV sliders and are actively looking at its implementation for consoles in the future. However, he stopped short of providing any release time frame, stating they ‘cannot share’ any timeline at this point. 

What is a FOV slider? 

black ops cold war fov

An FOV slider allows players to change their field of view on the screen to see more surroundings. The default field of view on consoles is 80 in Call of Duty: Warzone, with your field enhancing as the number goes up, or shrinking as it goes down. 

FOV Slider would allow you to increase that to see more of your surroundings – up to 120, with how it’s set in Black Ops Cold War. As you see in the image above, you get to see more of the map in the same view.

Why is FOV not already available on consoles?  

Warzone FOV slider

One of the concerns behind bringing a field of view slider to Warzone is performance. Previously, Infinity Ward stated that performance and how it would run on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would cause a lot of issues. FOV is currently available on Warzone’s PC version.

With an increase in FOV, an adverse effect happens where you start to see a dip in frame rate in games. And, with Warzone supporting 150 players on a large map, the FPS drop could become so significant that it affects actual gameplay. This has been one of the key reasons why it has not been implemented yet. 

But Raven is investigating possible options and it’s implementation. It’s important to note that this feature could be limited just to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but the studio declined to elaborate any further on the details of it. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates on FOV sliders in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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