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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone devs tease return of nerfed Specialist Bonus

Warzone devs have teased that the Specialist Bonus will return soon in Season 4, but it will be nerfed after its dominance in Season 3.



Warzone devs tease nerfed specialist bonus

The Specialist Bonus was Warzone’s most sought-after item during the 80s Action Heroes event, and Warzone devs have teased that it will return soon in Season 4, although less powerful.

The Specialist Bonus was available in Warzone’s bunkers ahead of Season 3 and Verdansk ’84, and while powerful, it was a rare and difficult object to get a hold of. That all changed when Nakatomi Plaza arrived with the 80s Action Heroes event.

By completing a Scavenger contract, players could open the vault and get access to over $100K and the Specialist Token. This gave players every perk in the game, practically turning them into super-soldiers.

The vault closed after the event concluded, and the Specialist Bonus was taken away. However, in the Warzone Season 4 patch notes, Raven Software explained why they want to add it back and how they may balance it in the future.

Warzone specialist bonus

Alongside buffing Cold War Assault Rifles’ barrels and adding the powerful new MG 82, Raven Software explained their position on the Specialist Bonus in Warzone. While the Specialist Token does appear in Plunder in Season 4, devs appear wary of adding it to regular BR in its current state.

“We want exciting items like the Specialist Token in Warzone,” explained Raven. “However, the ease and consistency of its acquisition was problematic.”

They went on to explain that players’ drop locations should be based on a variety of factors such as “circle location, infil route, and Player preference.” But, when an incredibly powerful item can be found in one specific location, this “warped” and “diminished” the early game strategy.

Warzone Nakatomi Plaza

To improve the experience of finding rare and powerful items, Raven wants to ensure that all areas of the map are exciting and rare items don’t have “targeted methods of acquisition.”

“We may see the Specialist Token again,” Raven Software teased. “Perhaps sooner than you might think.”

They concluded by revealing that the Specialist Bonus “will be rebalanced in such a way that it offers neither Weapon perks nor drops on death.”

So you won’t be able to get Sleight of Hand or FMJ through the bonus. Instead, you’ll need to equip those in your loadout ahead of the round. And, once the Specialist Bonus user has died, the bonus will be gone for the remainder of the game.

While the developers stated we might see this item return to the game, players have been reporting since the start of Season 4 that they have been finding the Specialist Bonus from legendary loot crates.

It remains to be seen if the introduction of the Specialist Bonus in loot crates was the tease Raven Software had provided in the Season 4 patch notes of if the item has been added back to the game earlier than the developers were planning unintentionally.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

Call of Duty: Warzone

Best Cooper Carbine loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 4

Here are the best attachments, Perks, and equipment for the Cooper Carbine Assault Rifle in Warzone Pacific Season 4.



Best Warzone Pacific cooper carbine loadout

Warzone Pacific’s Cooper Carbine is an extremely effective Assault Rifle, so here are the attachments, Perks, and equipment that make up the best loadout for Season 4.

Warzone Pacific features a wide variety of powerful Assault Rifles to choose from, and while the Cooper Carbine is an ideal option for medium-range engagements of its impressive fire rate.

This weapon is incredibly forgiving and continues to remain a viable choice in Warzone Pacific Season 4. You can make it even better by equipping the right attachments, Perks, and equipment.

Here’s the best Cooper Carbine loadout in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

Best Warzone Pacific Cooper Carbine loadout

Cooper Carbine Warzone

Best Warzone Pacific Cooper Carbine attachments

  • Muzzle: MX Silencer
  • Barrel: 22” Cooper Custom
  • Optic: G16 2.5x
  • Stock: Cooper 45RS
  • Underbarrel: m1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine: 9mm 60 Round Drums
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Perk 1: Tight Grip
  • Perk 2: Fully Loaded

We’ll start off this Warzone loadout by equipping the MX Silencer muzzle and 22″ Cooper Custom barrel to boost the damage range and recoil control of the weapon. The muzzle’s sound suppression also comes in handy when you need to take keep your shots hidden.

Next, we’ll focus on buffing the Cooper Carbine’s accuracy and aiming stability with the help of the m1941 Hand Stop, Cooper 45RS, and Polymer Grip. This will ensure that you’re able to hit distant targets accurately.

The 9mm 60 Round Drums ensure that you have plenty of ammo and also provide boosts to your fire rate and ADS speed. We picked the Lengthened ammo to boost the bullet velocity, ensuring that your rounds shred through enemies extremely fast.

Finally, for our choice of perks, we equipped Tight Grip to boost the gun’s accuracy when continuously firing, and Fully Loaded ensures that you start off with the maximum amount of ammo.

Best Perks & Equipment to use with Warzone Pacific Cooper Carbine

E.O.D Perk in Call of Duty Warzone
  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Amped
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Stim

For your first Perk, we recommend equipping the E.O.D as it will protect you from Grenades and Thermites thrown by enemies. Using Overkill will let you pair the Cooper Carbine with a close-range weapon like the MP40 or Welgun.

Finally, Amped will help you swap between the two weapons quickly. The Semtex Lethal Equipment lets you deal explosive damage to opponents, and the Stim grants you a health boost.

How to unlock Cooper Carbine in Warzone Pacific

Cooper Carbine Vanguard AR

To unlock the Cooper Carbine in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, you need to complete a challenge that requires you to get five headshots with an Assault Rifle in 15 different completed matches.

This may take some time, but you can rack up more headshots by improving your aim and then jumping into multiplayer. Once you’ve completed the challenge, the weapon will be added to your inventory.

Best alternatives to Warzone Pacific Cooper Carbine

If you’re looking for a great alternative to this Cooper Carbine loadout, then we recommend trying out the NZ-41 which has recently replaced the STG44 as the best gun in Warzone Pacific.

The Armaguerra 43 is another great choice after the Season 4 buffs it received to its maximum damage and effective damage range.

For more Warzone content, you can check out the best UGM-8 loadout for Warzone Season 4 along with our list of the best landing spots on Fortune’s Keep.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games

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Call of Duty: Warzone

How to use game-breaking Warzone attachment combo to get insane sprint speed

Warzone Pacific Season 4’s update has brought a game-breaking attachment combo that you can use to sprint insanely fast.



Warzone Pacific operator aiming Marco 5

A few specific Vanguard attachments have now become broken after the Warzone Pacific Season 4 update, and you can now equip them to get insane sprint and movement speed.

The Warzone Season 4 update brought plenty of changes that may have a major impact on the popular Call of Duty title’s meta, including new guns like the Marco 5 as well as weapon buffs and nerfs.

A few Vanguard weapons have become significantly faster after the arrival of this update, and one game-breaking attachment combo is granting players extremely fast sprint speed.

Sten in Warzone

Warzone expert JGOD showcased this in a video where he explained how equipping the Taped Grip and Mark VI Skeletal on any Vanguard SMG and several different rifles will allow you to max out your movement and sprint speeds.

He stated that using these attachments will allow you to zoom across your opponents’ screens. In his weapon loadout, he also equipped the Perfetto Lesto 35mm barrel, Imerito FR stock 8mm Kurz 36 Round Mags, Momentum, and Quick for additional movement boosts.

JGOD used a MAC-10 movement build and the person next to him used a movement build for a Vanguard weapon. Even though the Warzone expert got a headstart, the other player was able to catch up to him extremely fast.

After this, JGOD and the other player swapped weapon builds, and the Warzone expert was able to pass him by almost instantly. This showed that using that weapon combo greatly boosts your sprint speed.

When showing the difference between the movement builds for the MAC-10 and Marco 5, it was evident that the forward movement speed for the Vanguard weapon was almost as much as the sprinting speed of the MAC-10.

Warzone Operators on Cadlera

JGOD described these attachments as “bugged” and singled out the Taped Grip as being “inherently broken.” It’s likely that the developers will nerf this build soon, so you only have a limited time to try it out.

For more Warzone content, check out our guide on the new Fortune’s Keep map as well as everything we know about the next Vanguard & Warzone Pacific Double XP event.

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone director responds to backlash over “incredibly bad” Loadout Drop change

Warzone’s Season 4 update introduced a change to the Loadout UI which players are extremely frustrated with, prompting a dev to respond.



warzone loadout drop caldera

Warzone players took immediate issue with Season 4’s Loadout Drop drop change, but Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins has assured players that they’ll soon get used to it.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 has given players a fresh update, mixing up the meta with buffs and nerfs, as well as introducing the Marco 5 SMG and UMG-8 LMG.

Ahead of Warzone Season 4, the Loadout Drop selection would always hover over the previously selected choice. So, players could pick their ideal loadout in the pre-game lobby and immediately select it in-game.

However, Raven explained they found that players would accidentally select the wrong loadout too often, so the Season 4 update made it so that the curser will always start at the top of the list. Players were immediately against the change, but senior Warzone dev Ted Timmins has responded to the backlash.

Warzone players fighting beside loadout drop

Whenever the devs have made any sort of change to Loadouts, players don’t tend to react very well. This happened again in Season 4, where players believe the change has caused more issues than it’s solved.

The discussion kicked off when Reddit user ‘commandersummer’ asked the Warzone subreddit: “Am I the only one who thinks this is an incredibly bad change?

They clearly weren’t the only one, with users flooding to the post to complain that their muscle memory is completely off, and they’ve been selecting the wrong loadout much more often than they did ahead of Season 4.

While Raven feels this change will “better respect Player muscle memory in the heat of the moment,” players explained that they’ve “picked the wrong loadout almost every game since the change.”

Raven’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins has heard these complaints and took to Twitter to reassure players that they’ll soon get used to it.

“I promise that this change is just like the removal of the confirmation UI pop up from the buy station,” he explained. “Remember how everyone jumped at buy stations for a week but then it was better? This will be the same, just needs the muscle memory to shift.”

Players might need to rearrange their loadouts in a specific order because of the change, but Timmins is confident that it won’t be an issue once they’ve got used to it.

We’ll have to wait and see if the discontent continues and if Raven Software decided to revert the tweak. For now, check out the major issue players have found with Caldera’s Storage Town.

Image Credits: Activision

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