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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Intel Guide: The War Room & New Cutscene

The last mission in the Modern Warfare Warzone storyline has arrived. Here’s all the intel locations to unlock the last cutscene.



Here’s how to complete the final Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Call of Duty: Warzone Intel. There’s a special surprise at the end..

This week’s Warzone intel brings us to the finale of the hunt for Victor Zakahev in Verdansk. Once the final piece of intel is found, we are treated with a long cinematic. Here’s a full guide on all of the intel.

Before we hop in, just a reminder that you may only collect 1 piece of intel per game. We recommend you play in the Plunder game mode for this.

How to finish The War Room Intel

Intel #1

Starting things off, we’ll be looking for a message from Ghost. This will be located on the brick wall across from Tavorsk Park & Bunker #10.

Intel #2

This piece of intel will give you multiple spots for beacon towers. In our playthrough, we activated the tower closest to Port and the next piece of intel triggered, so it appears you don’t actually have to visit all 3 towers.

Intel #3

To locate this piece, you’ll need to land to the west of Prison. In the large field there will be a hidden campsite on top of a small hill.

Intel #4

For #4, we will once again be traveling to the field west of Prison. You’ll want to locate the lone shack that’s locked via a keycode. Input the code 72948531 to get in. The intel prompt will be by the computers when you first walk in.

Intel #5

The final piece of intel will be located on top of the BCH4 building in downtown on the roof. Find the prompt on the radio tower. When you complete this piece of intel, head to the main menu and hit the missions tab to access the last Modern Warfare cutscene…

Finale Cutscene

In what appears to be the conclusion of the Modern Warfare Warzone storyline, we see all the main Modern Warfare operators launching a final assault on Victor Zakahev in an attempt to stop him from launching a nuclear missile from Bunker #10.

Captain Price comes head to head with Victor and incapacitates him with a well placed shot. He then throws him over the nearly scaffolding, killing him.

With just mere seconds left, Captain Price calls off the nuclear attack with codes supplied by Nikolai. The scene ends with the Modern Warfare operators overlooking Verdansk from the top of Dam while Captain Price talks to a familiar friend… Soap Mactavish.

Special credit to Geeky Pastimes on YouTube for being the first in the world to do the intel mission. You can watch his video guide here.

Call of Duty: Warzone

How many players have been banned from Warzone?

Mass amounts of CoD: Warzone accounts are being banned to clamp down on cheating, but just how many have been banned so far?



cod warzone ban cheating

The mission to end cheating in Warzone is well underway as thousands of Warzone accounts are being hit with constant ban waves. But how many CoD accounts have Raven Software been able to permanently ban from the battle royale?

Despite all of Warzone’s success with its staggering numbers and projected longevity, it’s hard to ignore the huge eyesore that has plagued Call of Duty’s elite battle royale experience – hacking and cheating.

From deliberate aimbotting to blatant knowledge of where other players are, thousands of Warzone accounts are effectively ruining the game for others. Exploiting the Stim Glitch for the sixth time is taking advantage of a dev error, but blatantly breaking the game yourself to secure an easy win is a whole different kettle of fish.

Raven Software is continually rolling out large-scale bans to accounts that are found to be guilty of cheating, but just how many have been banned so far?

cod warzone gameplay

Raven Software & Activision banning cheaters

Call of Duty received an Official Statement regarding cheating and hackers on February 2, 2021, and it addressed the state of Warzone going forward. It basically reinforced the devs zero tolerance for cheating, showed how they were going to step up their efforts, and threatened more bans for any wrongdoing.

The problem was addressed more publically via the game’s Twitter page and essentially issued a warning to all players.

At the time of this statement, they had confirmed: “more than 300,000 permabans worldwide since launch.” However, the ban waves seem to be becoming more frequent as the urgency to eradicate these unsportsmanlike practices continues to escalate.

Since the resounding blog post, we’ve had the following confirmed ban waves:

Each wave is usually 15,000-30,000 accounts, and Activision recently issues a statement declaring that so far they have banned a staggering 475,000 accounts since Warzone launched.

We can expect this number to keep growing throughout the year, and we will continue to update that figure as the fight continues.

Does CoD: Warzone have an anti-cheat system?

The Call of Duty team has confirmed that Warzone does indeed have some kind of anti-cheat system in place citing recent: “Enhancements to our internal anti-cheat software.”

There are no details to understand the full extent of how the system works, but it’s obvious that it’s not foolproof given that Raven Software is manually delivering ban waves.

However, Warzone is becoming an absolute force, and to become fully competitive, you’d imagine that greater restrictions and improvements will happen in the future.

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

When is Warzone’s nuke event? Date, time, details, and how to watch

Warzone’s rumored nuke event is almost upon us, so here’s how to watch it, as well as the location and time.



Warzone nuke event

The nuclear destruction of Verdansk is almost here, so here’s everything we know about Warzone’s nuclear event, including the time, location, and what may happen next.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 has been gearing towards an explosive finale for some time. Zombies have slowly been taking over Verdansk, and missile silos have appeared, seemingly, with the goal to destroy the undead.

Due to leaks and rumors, many believe that Verdansk will be nuked at the end of the season, and a recent teaser has given us a time and date for this devastating event.

Here’s everything we know about the imminent destruction of Verdansk.

What is the Warzone Season 2 nuke event?

It’s been long leaked and theorized that a nuke will destroy Verdansk. After a nuclear bomb was discovered inside one of Verdansk’s bunkers, it’s long been expected that Verdansk will end in complete devastation.

Warzone Season 2 nuke event

Then, at the beginning of Season 2, missile silos appeared beneath memorials around Verdansk and Zombies landed on the shore. Warzone streamer NICKMERCS believed this would be the beginning of the nuke event, and that now appears to be correct.

Audio files were then leaked for a ‘Plague’ game mode that is believed to be the season-ending nuke event. From the audio, we can tell that Zombies have overrun Verdansk and it’s the players’ job to clear them out. The mode is set to end with the announcer stating: “Extraction canceled, nuke inbound for Verdansk.”

How to watch Warzone’s nuke event

Similar to Black Ops Cold War’s reveal in-game, players will likely witness the nuke event in-game. As Cold War’s reveal was the only live event we’ve had in Warzone to date, the nuke event will most likely follow this format. Rather than the standard ‘Battle Royale solos,’ ‘Plunder’ etc, you’ll only have the option to queue into the nuke event.

CoD Warzone Zombies

From the leaked ‘Plague’ game mode, we can assume that players will play an active part in the event. You’ll likely be fighting the undead until the nuke arrives.

If you’re not able to play the nuke event yourself, Warzone’s top streamers such as NICKMERCS, Aydan, and Dr Disrespect will likely be streaming the event.

When is Warzone’s nuke event?

In a teaser trailer released to their Twitter page, Call of Duty gave us a time and date for the nuke event. They revealed that the event will occur on April 21 at 12 PM PST.

For the rest of the world, here are the times:

  • 12 PM PST
  • 3 PM EST
  • 8 PM BST
  • 6 AM AEDT (April 22)

Make sure you log in to Call of Duty: Warzone ahead of time just in case there are server issues.

Where in Verdansk is Warzone’s nuke event?

Teasers from Activision have confirmed that the Zombies’ invasion of Verdansk will culminate at Dam. They have been sending influencers teasers ahead of each Zombie location shift, and the latest revealed Dam was the next Zombie location.

The note accompanying a hard hat labeled with Dam said, “Once the hostiles reach here, we levee a guess that Verdansk is all but gone to the damned. April 21st 12PM.”

With Verdansk being “all but gone to the damned,” it’s safe to assume this is the beginning of the nuke event. From this, it’s likely that the nuke event will begin at Verdansk’s Dam.

What happens after Warzone’s nuke event?

The nuke’s devastation remains to be seen. Players may have to take shelter in one of the various bunkers around Verdansk and we’ll emerge to nuclear fallout. Or, Verdansk will be wiped off the face of the earth, forcing the game to head to a different area or time period, perhaps the leaked 1980s Verdansk.

Warzone Prison Bunker

Warzone could also do something similar to Fortnite’s season-ending live events. After the event has concluded, there is often a downtime before the next season begins. With the Warzone map expected to have such a big overhaul, it’s possible that the game will be offline for a while before the next season begins.

Will Warzone move to a new map?

As other battle royale games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG have several maps that evolve over time, it’s long been predicted that Warzone will be receiving another main map.

Cold War's Ural Mountains Alpine map

It was first predicted that Modern Warfare’s fictional setting, Urzikstan, would arrive in Warzone and bring with it classic Middle-East maps such as Crash, Afgan, and Invasion – but it never arrived.

Then, with the release of Black Ops Cold War, it was expected that the Ural Mountains would be the next location for Call of Duty’s Battle Royale. This theory was recently made less likely after a leak revealed the Ural Mountains map was designed for a scrapped “Blackout 2.0.”

Now, we understand that Warzone is set to give Verdansk a 1980s overhaul for Season 3. A celebrity commercial was leaked that showcased Verdansk in the 1980s. Stadium was still under construction and Dam was replaced by a viaduct. A poster for Moscow’s 1980 Olympics was found inside Superstore which has given more authenticity to this leak.

Although new Warzone maps will likely arrive down the line, it’s unlikely that the nuke event will usher in a brand new map. It’s more likely that Verdansk will receive its 1980s overhaul going into Season 3.

When is Warzone Season 3?

It’s expected that Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 3 will take place directly after the nuke event. From the Battle Pass’ end date, Season 2 is set to end on April 22. New seasons usually arrive right after the Battle Pass concludes, so we understand that Warzone Season 3 will begin on April 22, the day after the nuke event.

Aside from whatever happens with Warzone next, Black Ops should also be receiving new content such as weapons, maps, and Operators, although nothing has been revealed by Activision or Treyarch.

That’s everything we know about Verdansk’s nuke event! As more information is teased and released closer to the time, we’ll continue to update this article.

What do you hope happens after the nuke event? Be sure to let us know on our CharlieINTEL Facebook Page and CharlieINTEL Twitter Page!

Image Credit: Activision / Rojal via

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Best FR 5.56 Loadout for CoD: Warzone Season 2

Warzone Season 2’s FR 5.56 is a great pick for medium-range combat, so here is the best loadout that you can use on it.



FR 5.56 in Warzone Season 2

The FR 5.56 can be used to annihilate your opponents during medium to long-range encounters. Here are the best attachments and perks for the weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2.

The FR 5.56 is an explosive weapon from Modern Warfare that comes with a 3-shot burst firing mode. This makes it unique other Warzone Assault Rifles,

Now that Warzone is in Season 2 territory, the developers have brought a plethora of changes to the game’s meta. As a result, players are now trying out different loadouts, so here is the best one for the FR 5.56.

Best Warzone FR5.56 attachments

FR 5.56 in Warzone Season 2
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FR 24.4″ Sniper
  • Optic: 4.0x Flip Hybrid
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Mag

Warzone YouTuber JGOD pointed out that the gun’s useless in burst fire, so you should switch the fire mode to single-shot. This will boost the accuracy with an easier-to-control recoil pattern, allowing you to eliminate your foe in a maximum of 7 shots.

We’ll start off with the Monolithic Suppressor which will keep you hidden on the minimap while shooting. This way you won’t have to worry about your gunfire drawing the attention of other enemies. You can opt for a Compensator Muzzle instead for more recoil control.

Next, we’ll focus on improving the Assault Rifle’s effective damage range with the help of the FR 24.4″ Sniper barrel. In addition to helping you dish out more damage, this will also control the weapon’s recoil and projectile speed.

Now that the effective damage range has been upgraded, you can improve your accuracy for long-range encounters with the 4.0x Flip Hybrid optic. You can use the increased zoom to pick off foes from a distance, or react quickly to nearby enemies with the second optic.

FR 5.56 in Warzone Season 2

The Commando Foregrip will further decrease the FR5.56’s recoil, while also providing a boost to your aiming stabilization. However, this will come at the cost of some movement speed.

Finally, we picked the 50 Round Magazine which will increase your overall ammo capacity. This will be particularly useful for eliminating armored opponents in the midst of combat. The reduced movement speed won’t matter much in medium to long-range engagements.

You can change the ammo type in solos and duos, as it won’t be needed much in those. The gun’s useless in burst fire so we built this entire loadout around the semi-auto mode.

Best perks for FR5.56 Warzone loadout

warzone battle hardened perk
  • Perk 1: Double Time
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Battle Hardened

First, the Double Time perk will double the duration of Tactical Sprint, that will allow you to get yourself out of dangerous combat situations, and will also reduce the time between each encounter.

Warzone matches will throw you into different combat situations, which will require you to react in different ways. You should try to carry weapons that are suitable for every scenario, and the Overkill perk grants you two primary weapons from any category.

Finally, Battle Hardened will make you more resistant against flash and stun grenades, so that’ll come in handy during close-range combat.

How to unlock the FR5.56 in Warzone Season 2

Unlocking the FR 5.56 isn’t too difficult to accomplish. All you need to do is hit Level 16 in Call of Duty: Warzone

Hop into a few games in Verdansk, and you’ll soon unlock an incredibly destructive weapon.

Best FR5.56 Season 2 alternatives

If you want to use a weapon other than the FR5.56, then there are some great choices for you to take advantage of. Despite its recent recoil nerf, the AUG is still one of the best guns in the game. If you prefer automatic weapons, then you can’t go wrong with the Stoner 63.

If you’re looking to overhaul your Call of Duty: Warzone loadouts, you can check out our guides on some of the weapons dominating the meta right now.

Kilo 141 | MAC-10 | Grau | CR-56 AMAX | Kar98k | MP5 | Krig 6 | XM4 | DMR | FFAR

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch

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