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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone King Slayer mode giving players insane out of map circles

Warzone’s King Slayer mode may be broken in Season 5, as players experience some pretty outrageous end circles that leaves no hope for victory.



Warzone King Slayer Out of Map Circles

In Warzone Season 5, players are reporting some pretty insane out-of-the-map circles in the team-based King Slayer mode, which leaves all players on the map doomed.

With players slightly dissatisfied about the Battle of Verdansk event, Warzone Season 5 has brought back a fan-favorite LTM called King Slayer, which brings a more fast-paced mode to the battle royale.

Unfortunately, however, besides fixing the mid-game loadout changes in Plunder, the developers have more work at hand regarding the extra mode in Warzone, as players report some pretty ridiculous circles in King Slayer.

warzone king slayer out of map circles

While playing, Reddit users Consistent-Stress-22 and EXTIINCT_tK encountered the issue, reporting it by capturing the circle and showing the community.

In both images that the players posted, it’s clear that the circles are completely outside the map where players cannot get to.

This is obviously not meant to happen and is a bug the developers will have to fix as soon as possible, especially as King Slayer is a mode that players enjoy.

As two players have now reported the issue on Reddit, it seems these out-of-map circles are more frequent than they should be, negatively affecting players.

The image shows that these circles leave everyone in the lobby doomed, with “no safe place” for people to play in.

It’s a shame that this is happening in Season 5 of Warzone, especially as this isn’t the first time players have dropped into the Kings Slayer mode, with this issue popping up in 2020 when the game mode was introduced into the Call of Duty battle royale.

Hopefully, the developers can sort this problem soon and get King Slayer back to the circle placements players are used to, ultimately inside the map.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision