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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players beg for major changes to “horrible” Season 5 ground loot

Warzone Season 5 has landed, and players aren’t happy with some of the changes Raven Software have made to the ground loot



Warzone ground loot

Warzone Season 5 is well underway, and players are discovering all the new changes that have been made to the game. However, this season’s ground loot has sparked a backlash from fans, who feel it is less useful than in previous updates.

Raven Software has made a number of major additions to Warzone in the latest update, with new POI’s to discover in the form of Mobile Broadcast Stations, and the tweaks to contracts and ziplines to help the game run smoothly. But ultimately, it’s the guns that will make or break each season.

Players spend hours experimenting and tailoring their loadouts to match the meta of the game. When you first land in Verdansk though, you’re totally reliant on the ground loot that you can find. However, with the start of Warzone Season 5, fans are unhappy with the state of the loot that is available to pick up, with some slamming it as “the worst it’s ever been”.

The Season 5 patch notes mentioned that the TEC-9 (BOCW) and EM2 (BOCW) would be added to the pool of loot spawning around the map. But players seem to be noticing that useful weapons are hard to come by early in the game, with “horrible” guns reportedly being the most common.

DMRs especially have been popping up around the map in Warzone Season 5, along with other slow-firing weapons like the Type 63. Automatic weapons, in general, have been scarce, and the ones that are there tend to have slow ADS.

Reddit users have posted expressing their frustration with the season’s ground loot. One claimed it was like the developers are “intentionally trying to make the game fail”, while another said they were “mocking” players.

Of course, an important part of a game of Warzone is earning enough money to purchase a custom loadout, but the current state of the loot on offer in the early stages appears to be making this difficult for players. The build of the weapons has also been under fire, particularly the thermal M60 that has been spawning frequently.

This comes after the ground loot in Season 4 was relatively well-received. Another Reddit user hailed last season’s offering as “phenomenal”, but said the new changes are “ruining” the early flow of games.

We’ll update you if and when Raven Software addresses the issues players are raising with ground loot in Warzone. In the meantime, check the latest news on the Call of Duty: Vanguard reveal event and all the new content available in the Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass.

Image credits: Activision