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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players call for ranked mode like Apex Legends

Warzone players and streamers are calling on Raven Software to add a Ranked Mode like the ones found in Apex Legends and Fortnite.



Warzone player & Cold War ranked logos

Call of Duty: Warzone is arguably the most popular battle royale in the world, but players who regularly drop into Verdansk are calling on Raven Software to steal an idea from rival title Apex Legends.

Lots of multiplayer games will use ranked modes to let players see how they stack up against other players of similar quality. In battle royales though, ranked modes are a little rarer, with high player counts in matches making it difficult to judge player’s skills, and hard to create lobbies of competitors at similar levels.

One battle royale which has successfully achieved this though is Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. The game’s Ranked Leagues give players the opportunity to truly test their mettle, placing them in divisions from Bronze up to Apex Predators, based on final placements and in-game performance.

Now, Warzone players are asking Raven Software to implement something similar, with NRG’s AverageJoeWo leading the calls for a ranked mode in their battle royale.

Apex Legends Ranked divisions

In a tweet from AverageJoeWo, the content creator said: “A ranked mode in Warzone would actually be kind of lit and something to grind for. Looking at Apex Legends with Predators, and the badges you get would be fire if Warzone implemented that with calling cards, emblems, skins, etc.”

The responses to the tweet were extremely positive, with Warzone fans arguing that it wouldn’t be difficult to implement. With CoD games like Warzone using skill-based matchmaking to create lobbies in the background, they already have a system in place to group together players of similar abilities.

Black Ops Cold War and a number of other CoD titles have included League Play in multiplayer, so it’s also a system that they have introduced on a smaller scale, meaning they already have the foundations of Ranked Play, and in theory would only need to adjust them to work for Warzone.

There was some concern from players about how it would work in practice though. It’s no secret that Warzone has had issues with cheating in the past, and many who replied to the tweet argued that without effective anti-cheat, the mode would end up overrun by players using hacks to gain unfair advantages.

While Raven have banned over 500,000 accounts in an attempt to stamp out cheating, the game’s lack of anti-cheat combined with the fact it’s free-to-play means hacking remains a major issue for players, and is something the devs would have to work on if a true ranked mode was introduced.

Whether Raven would ever consider adding a ranked playlist to Warzone remains to be seen, but it’s clear that players would like a chance to earn ranks and cosmetic rewards based on their performances.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Treyarch / Respawn Entertainment

Call of Duty: Warzone

Best PC Settings for Warzone Pacific Season 4

Here are the best PC settings to boost performance and visual quality in Warzone Pacific, including how to use the DLSS technology.



Warzone Season 4 Storage Town PC Settings

Making sure you have the best FPS and PC settings in Warzone Pacific can give you an advantage over your opponents, so we’ve put together the ultimate guide to make the most of your hardware in Season 4.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 has brought fresh content for players, introducing several new weapons, brand-new Caldera POIs, and major weapon buffs and nerfs. With all the new content, some may think figuring out the best weapons to use is the key to victory. However, as always, having the best settings can improve your output massively, especially on PC.

When playing Warzone, you want to have the highest frames-per-second possible. Not only will your game feel smoother and more enjoyable, but your reaction time and ability to track moving targets will improve immensely.

To get you the best performance from your gaming rig, we’ve put together the best Warzone PC settings and filters you can use to have the game looking and performing at its best.

Call of Duty Warzone system requirements

Warzone system requirements

Before playing Call of Duty: Warzone, you need to make sure your system can run the game. Using a PC that doesn’t fulfill the basic requirements will have the game run so poorly that it’s unplayable.

By looking at these settings, you’ll have a strong indication of how well Warzone will run on your PC. However, they may not be completely accurate now that Warzone has shifted to Caldera.

Read on for the optimal settings for both frame rate and visuals, no matter your gaming rig.

How to update graphics drivers

To get the optimal performance from your system and make Warzone run as smoothly as possible, you need to make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date.

Here’s how to update your graphics drivers.

How to update NVIDIA graphics driver

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, the GeForce experience app will handle this for you.

  1. Download GeForce experience through
  2. Open GeForce experience
  3. Select the ‘Drivers’ tab
  4. Click ‘check for updates’ in the upper right corner
  5. If an update is available, follow the steps

How to update AMD graphics driver

If you have an AMD GPU, you can use the Radeon Settings to update your drivers.

  1. Right-click on your desktop
  2. Select AMD Radeon Settings
  3. Click on the Home icon
  4. Click ‘New Updates’ on the bottom left
  5. Select ‘check for update’
  6. If an update is available, follow the steps

How to use NVIDIA DLSS in Warzone Pacific

What is NVIDIA DLSS in Warzone?

NVIDIA’s DLSS (or Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology allows players with RTX graphics to see much higher FPS when playing Vanguard and Warzone at a high resolution.

DLSS sets your game to a lower resolution, increasing performance, but giving the appearance of high resolution. It’s the perfect combination of visuals and performance.

NVIDIA says you can see an FPS boost of up to 70% while playing Warzone at 4K.

How to turn on NVIDIA DLSS in Warzone

If you have an NVIDIA GPU, turning DLSS on is simple in Warzone. You can find it in the Post-Processing Effects tab of your graphics settings.

From there, you can set DLSS to be either Ultra Performance, Performance, Balanced, or Quality.

If you’re seeing FPS dips in Caldera, we’d recommend setting it at Ultra Performance or Performance. If you have a 30 Series graphics card, Balanced or Quality are excellent middle grounds.

Best Warzone graphics settings for low-end hardware

For a smooth experience, you want Warzone to remain above 60 FPS. However, you may notice that some pockets of Caldera will cause FPS drops. If you have an older graphics card such as the NVIDIA 1000 series, you’ll want to use the graphics settings below to make Warzone as smooth and pleasurable to play as possible.

Vanguard Warzone Season 4 Butcher


  • Display Mode: Full Screen
  • Display Monitor: The monitor you wish to play Warzone on
  • Display adapter: Your graphics card
  • Screen Refresh Rate: Match your monitors refresh rate
  • Render Resolution: 100% (Reducing will reduce your resolution below 1080p)
  • Aspect Ratio: Automatic
  • V-Sync: Disabled
  • Custom Framerate Limit: Custom
  • NVIDIA Highlights: Disabled
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled + Boost

When setting a custom framerate, you want to set the Gameplay Custom Framerate limit to match your monitor’s refresh rate, e.g 144 FPS on a 144hz monitor. If your frames exceed your monitor’s refresh rate, you could see screen tearing.

You should set the Menu Custom Framerate Limit to 60, and the frame rate to Minimized to 5, which is the lowest option.

Details & Textures

  • Streaming Quality: Low
  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Texture Filter Anisotropic: Low
  • Particle Quality: Low
  • Bullet impacts and sprays: Disabled
  • Tessellation: Disabled
  • On-demand Texture Streaming: Disabled

When playing Warzone on an older gaming rig, you’ll need to sacrifice visual quality for performance. We recommend having everything here on Low or Normal so your game isn’t choppy and frustrating to play.

Shadow & Lighting

  • Shadow Map Resolution: Low
  • Cache Spot Shadows: Enabled
  • Cache Sun Shadows: Enabled
  • Particle Lighting: Low
  • DirectX Raytracing: Disabled
  • Ambient Occlusion: Disabled
  • Screen Space Reflection (SSR): Disabled

If you have less than 16GB of RAM in your PC, we recommend disabling Cache Spot Shadows.

Post Processing Effects

  • NVIDIA DLSS (NVIDIA RTX cards only): Performance
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Depth of Field: Disabled
  • Filmic Strength: 0.00
  • World Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Weapon Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Film Grain: 0.00

No matter how powerful your system is, you should always disable Motion Blur and Filmic effects. These unnecessary effects give more visual noise to your game, making it look worse for no reason.

Best Warzone graphics settings for high-end hardware

When playing Warzone on a high-end gaming rig, you want to take full advantage of your expensive hardware. If you’re playing on a top-of-the-range NVIDIA 2000 or 3000 series card, you can crank up the visuals and still maintain a competitive FPS.

Fortune's Keep map in Warzone Pacific Season 4

Here are the best graphics settings for playing Warzone on the best hardware.


  • Display Mode: Full Screen
  • Display Monitor: The monitor you wish to play Warzone on
  • Display adapter: Your graphics card
  • Screen Refresh Rate: Match your monitors refresh rate
  • Render Resolution: 100% (Reducing will reduce your resolution below 1080p)
  • Aspect Ratio: Automatic
  • V-Sync: Disabled
  • Custom Framerate Limit: Custom
  • NVIDIA Highlights: Disabled
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled + Boost

When setting a custom framerate, you want to set the Gameplay Custom Framerate limit to match your monitor’s refresh rate, e.g 165 FPS on a 165hz monitor.

You should set the Menu Custom Framerate Limit to 60, and the frame rate to Minimized to 5, which is the lowest option.

Details & Textures

  • Streaming Quality: High
  • Texture Resolution: High
  • Texture Filter Anisotropic: Low
  • Particle Quality: High
  • Bullet impacts and sprays: Enabled
  • Tessellation: Disabled
  • On-demand Texture Streaming: Disabled

Shadow & Lighting

  • Shadow Map Resolution: High
  • Cache Spot Shadows: Enabled
  • Cache Sun Shadows: Enabled
  • Particle Lighting: High
  • DirectX Raytracing: Disabled
  • Ambient Occlusion: Disabled
  • Screen Space Reflection (SSR): Disabled

Raytracing will be an unnecessary hit to your system, even on top of the range GPUs and CPUs. To get the best balance between visuals and performance, you’re better off leaving Raytracing disabled.

Post Processing Effects

  • NVIDIA DLSS: Balanced
  • Anti-Aliasing: SMAA T2X
  • Depth of Field: Disabled
  • Filmic Strength: 0.00
  • World Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Weapon Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Film Grain: 0.00

Even with a powerful system, you should always disable Motion Blur and Filmic effects when trying to use the best Warzone PC settings. These unnecessary filters will create visual noise and make your game look worse without any advantages.

How to use NVIDIA filters in Warzone Pacific

If you’ve ever wondered why streamers’ and content creators’ versions of Warzone are so bright and colorful, the answer is NVIDIA filters.

Topic begins at 7:20

These filters applied over your game can increase brightness and color saturation, making Warzone a much more visually appealing game. Even though the pesky Roze skin was nerfed a few seasons ago, dark-colored Operator skins can blend into the environment. We’d only recommend using these on a high-end system, as it will give a slight hit to your FPS.

YouTuber JGOD has created an in-depth guide on how to use these filters to make Caldera look great.

Here’s a summary of how to apply NVIDIA filters to Warzone.

  1. Open GeForce Experience
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Enable in-game overlay
  4. Launch Warzone
  5. Open GeForce Experience’s in-game overlay with Alt+Z
  6. Go to ‘Game Filter’
  7. Use these settings:


  • Sharpen: 33%
  • Clarity: 57%
  • HDR Toning: 25%
  • Bloom: 0%


  • Tint Color: 0%
  • Tint Intensity: 0%
  • Temperature: 0
  • Vibrance: 56.8

Brightness / Contrast

  • Exposure: 0%
  • Contrast: 9%
  • Highlights: 0%
  • Shadows: -40%
  • Gamma: 0%

Your game will now look even more bright and vibrant, making Warzone a pleasure to look at and play.

No matter your gaming rig, you can use these settings when playing Call of Duty: Warzone on PC, to get the optimal performance and visuals.

If you’re still experiencing low frames, it could be something wrong with your system or settings, so here’s how to fix low FPS issues in Warzone Pacific.

Image Credits: Activision / NVIDIA

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone expert reveals buffed Sniper Rifle will take over Season 4 meta

A Warzone expert has predicted that a buffed Vanguard weapon will rise to the top of the Sniper Rifle meta in Season 4.



Fortune's Keep Warzone 3-Line Rifle

Isaac Hamilton a.k.a. IceManIsaac is a deadly Warzone expert with a Sniper Rifle in hand. Following the Season 4 update, the content creator has revealed which Sniper will take over the Warzone meta.

Certain Warzone Snipers were completely overhauled in Season 3 as the devs removed the ability to one-shot kill players with a shot to the head. These adjustments have not gone down well with players, and many are now hoping that the changes will be reverted in Season 4.

Luckily, IceManIsaac is around to prove that there’s still a way to find success with a Sniper in Warzone. With several popular Snipers falling to the wayside, the expert showcases which Sniper you need to be using in Season 4.

3-Line Rifle in Warzone Pacific

Since the Warzone Season 3 update, the HDR and AX-50 have been the two most popular Sniper Rifles in the game due to the fact that they maintained their ability to one-shot kill players at any range.

However, these two weren’t the only weapons to maintain this ability and IceManIsaac proves that most players have been overlooking Vanguard’s 3-Line Rifle as a top Sniper option. Not only did the weapon maintain its ability to one-shot players, but it also received a significant buff to its ADS speed in Season 4.

IceManIsaac 3-Line Rifle Warzone loadout

  • Muzzle: Mercury Silencer
  • Barrel: Empress 514mm F01
  • Optic: ZF4 3.5x Rifle Scope
  • Stock: ZAC Custom MZ
  • Underbarrel: Mark IV Skeletal
  • Magazine: .30-06 20 Round Mags
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Taped Grip
  • Perk 1: On-Hand
  • Perk 2: Silent Focus

IceManIsaac points out that with a mediocre ADS speed no longer holding the 3-Line Rifle back, it’s primed to take over Warzone Season 4: “You have one-shot headshot kill at all ranges, it has a great ADS, it doesn’t have a terrible flinch that Snipers are notorious for, and on top of that it doesn’t have that horrible weapon sway.”

The Empress 514mm F01 barrel was one of the buffed attachments that now offers added ADS speed. Meanwhile, IceManIsaac highly suggests using the ZF4 3.5x Rifle Scope as it eliminates glint from the weapon and still provides ample magnification for long-range kills.

The Silent Focus Perk 2 is the key to eliminating that annoying bounce and sway that comes with using a Sniper Rifle. Most of the remaining attachments focus on boosting the weapon’s movement and ADS speed.

Although there aren’t many viable Snipers to use in Warzone, IceManIsaac proclaims that “Snipers are back.” He explains that this 3-Line Rifle loadout will dominate on Rebirth Island, Fortune’s Keep, and Caldera, which makes it hard to ignore.

For more Warzone Season 4 news, check out how to get a free Vanguard & Warzone Season 4 Combat Pack.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

10 most popular weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 4

The most popular weapon loadouts in Warzone Pacific have been revealed, so here are the top 10 most used guns in Season 4.



Most popular guns in CoD Warzone Pacific

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific features over 170 weapons, and the most popular have been revealed, so we’re counting down Season 4’s top ten guns as of June 29, 2022.

As is standard for Warzone, the meta is constantly changing. The Warzone Pacific update brought in over 40 new weapons from Call of Duty: Vanguard. The Season 4 update brought the new Marco 5 SMG and UGM-8 LMG and included a ton of weapon buffs and nerfs, changing up the meta once again.

With this major meta change, thanks to, we can see Warzone Pacific Season 4’s most popular weapons. So, we’re counting down the top ten guns that players are using in Season 4.

10. Kar98k (MW) – 2.20%

modern warfare kar98k in warzone

Modern Warfare’s Kar98k was consistently the most popular weapon in the game for months, but the Sniper Rifle nerfs in Season 3 killed its popularity. 

This high mobility Marksman Rifle lost its ability to one-shot headshot at long-range, which has made it useless in many players’ eyes. However, when sticking to either Fortune’s Keep or Rebirth Island, you’ll find it much more reliable and perfectly suited to an aggressive playstyle.

9. M4A1 – 2.23%

M4A1 in Warzone Pacific

The M4A1 is a fan-favorite Assault Rifle thanks to the early Verdansk nostalgia, modern aesthetics, and smooth animations

Although far from the most powerful weapon in the game, it will still serve you pretty well in both Caldera and Fortune’s Keep. If you’re looking to use a Modern Warfare Assault Rifle, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic M4A1.

8. Kilo 141 – 2.70%

best warzone kilo loadout

The Kilo 141 hasn’t been popular since Verdansk, but it’s made its way back into the top 10 most popular during Warzone Pacific Season 4. 

Although extremely accurate, the Kilo 141 has always been let down by its significant damage drop-off. Players always love Modern Warfare weapons and Fortune’s Keep’s close-range fights could make the Kilo more viable.

7. HDR – 2.76%

HDR Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty Warzone

Thanks to the major Sniper Rifle nerfs in Season 3, the Kar98k and Swiss K31 are no longer the most popular and the HDR has taken their spot. 

Always a powerful choice at long-range, the HDR has kept its ability to one-shot headshot at any range, and combine that with its incredibly fast bullet velocity, you have one of the best Sniper Rifles in the game. 

6. Cooper Carbine – 4.07%

Cooper Carbine in Call of Duty Warzone

Plenty of low-recoil builds have made their way onto this list, and the Cooper Carbine’s fire-rate and mobility have made it a popular choice for Fortune’s Keep.

Again, it’s not the most powerful weapon in the game but its almost non-existent recoil and decent damage have kept it in the top 10 most popular.

5. H4 Blixen – 4.83%

Best Warzone H4 Blixen loadout

The H4 Blixen is one of the best SMGs in the game, but its popularity is probably held back by its unlock requirement, where players need to unlock it through a challenge rather than naturally in the Battle Pass

But, the Blixen is still a fantastic choice in Season 4. It received both buffs and nerfs in the update, and even though it isn’t the powerhouse it once was, it will still serve you well no matter your playstyle.

4. MP-40 – 6.12%

MP40 Warzone Pacific loadout

If you’re looking for a Vanguard SMG to use on Rebirth Island or Caldera, the MP40 has remained an excellent choice.

Although it might not be the best on paper, the MP40 has long been one of the most popular SMGs in the game. Its minimal recoil and solid damage make it a standout choice for close-range fights, so you won’t ever feel at a disadvantage while using it.

It’s no wonder that the MP40 has consistently remained in the top 10 most popular weapons in the game as it complements any possible loadout.

3. STG44 – 6.47%

stg44 in warzone pacific

The STG-44 was by far the most popular weapon before the NZ-41 received its major buffs. Another low recoil weapon, it’s still clinging on as the second most popular Assault Rifle in the game. 

With a solid TTK, fast bullet velocity, and minimum recoil, it’s an effective choice for players of all skill levels. There’s every chance that it’ll become the most popular Assault Rifle again if the NZ gets nerfed.

2. Marco 5 – 8.31%

Marco 5 SMG in CoD Warzone

The Marco 5 is Season 4’s brand-new SMG, boasting a fast time to kill and the ability to be dual-wielded. 

Although its Akimbo Perk gives it the fastest TTK in the game, players prefer to use it as a traditional SMG. With the classic build, it has great mobility and is the perfect SMG to use alongside your favorite Assault Rifle on either Caldera or Fortune’s Keep.

1. NZ-41 – 17.46%

NZ-41 Assault Rifle in Warzone

The NZ-41 shot its way into Warzone’s meta with the Season 3 Reloaded update, firmly cementing itself as the most popular gun. It actually got buffed in the Season 4 update, only making it better. 

Low recoil weapons always make up the top ten most popular in Warzone, and the NZ-41 has the lowest in the game. With a respectable time to kill and almost non-existent recoil, it’s by far the easiest weapon to use in the game. 

The developers have admitted that they made it too powerful, so it’s likely to be nerfed in the next few updates.

If you’re yet to use any of these weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 4, they’re excellent choices no matter which map you prefer.

Although the UGM-8 doesn’t appear on this list, that could all change as more players discover its incredibly powerful burst-fire mode.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games / Raven Software 

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