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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players call for vehicle exit animation to be added

Playing are now calling for an Warzone vehicle exit animation to be added to the Call of Duty battle royale game in the same way when you enter a vehicle.



Warzone Vehicle Exit Animation

The lack of an exit animation when exiting vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone has recently led community members to call for a Warzone vehicle exit animation to be added to the battle royale game.

Vehicles are a major component of Call of Duty: Warzone, as they allow players to quickly traverse Verdansk ’84 and be used as offensive and defensive tools in battles.

Players will notice a small animation that occurs when your character enters a vehicle that consists of them climbing into the vehicle. However, this animation does not occur when you exit a vehicle, as your character appears instantly on the ground out of the vehicle.

Warzone Vehicle Exit Animation

This lack of a Warzone vehicle exit animation has caused frustrations among players, as it is often abused by players who drive straight at enemies and then jump out of the vehicle at full speed and immediately start shooting, which has led to members of the community to call for a Warzone vehicle exit animation to be added.

The discussion of there being a lack of animation when you exit a vehicle has risen on the official Warzone subreddit, where one user posted an image stating that if there is an animation for gas masks when you put it on and take it off, there should be one for when you exit a vehicle.

This thought was met with plenty of support, as players wondered why there is an animation for when you enter a vehicle that can lead to your demise but not one for when you exit where most players take advantage of this non-existing animation to charge full speed at enemies and jump out at the last second with no fear of taking damage.

Other players suggested that if an animation is not added for exiting vehicles, players who exit vehicles when they are moving should take various amounts of damage depending on how fast their vehicle was moving when they got out of it.

Whether or not a Warzone vehicle exit animation will ever be added to the Call of Duty battle royale remains to be seen. Still, it is sure to continue to be a hot topic of discussion in the community in the future.

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Image Credits: Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone

NICKMERCS explains why he doesn’t want old POIs to return in Warzone Season 4

After the Warzone Season 4 reveal trailer appeared to show an old POI, NICKMERCS has said why he doesn’t want it to return.




After seeing Dam in the Season 4 trailer, Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff has explained why it, and any other older POIs, returning is a bad idea.

Points of interest represent the heart and soul of a map. Without them, the land that Warzone is contested on is literally just that – meaningless land. This is why Verdansk is full of lots of different areas such as Array, Nakatomi Plaza, and a lot more.

After Verdansk was nuked and went back to 1984, we obviously got to see an earlier version of the map. This meant new areas and remixed versions of modern POIs. Dam was one of the locations that were removed in Season 3, but the Season 4 trailer has hinted that it might be about to return.

Nick has explained to his viewers why this isn’t the best idea in the world for Call of Duty: Warzone.

dam warzone verdansk

“Just recently Call of Duty released a cinematic trailer for Season 4, a bunch of new stuff shown briefly in this trailer. One big thing that a lot of people noticed is that the Dam was back in the game,” Nick said.

He quickly clarifies that Dam was “not my favorite place to fight” and doesn’t feel it compares favorably to other POIs in the game.

Not only, but Nick makes a great point concerning the nature of fresh locations, a criticism Warzone Season 2 faced for being too safe and not changing things up.

“I’m kinda looking forward to more new things, things we haven’t seen yet. I loved, loved, loved the Plaza they put down there with the Vault, the money, and I’ve been real vocal about that. I want to see some more type of that stuff, not going back to building what we were already playing.”

If Dam is going to be added as its own area and not replace anything, then it might not be the end of the world. But it would make sense in terms of the game’s timeline for it to slowly restore the old version of the map until it resembled its old self.

However, Activision has already confirmed that Verdansk’s map will never go back to its original design, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software / NICKMERCS

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players call for change to major Rebirth Island spawn feature

Call of Duty Warzone players are calling for the devs to make a significant change to Rebirth Island’s spawn feature.




Warzone players are asking the developers to change a feature of Rebirth Island’s spawning to ensure a more balanced experience.

Rebirth Island’s introduction into Warzone brought a fresh, fast-paced way to play the battle royale, which many actually enjoy more than the gameplay on Verdansk.

As players can respawn teammates by staying alive and getting eliminations, weaponry is essential, as is landing in a good spot. With that being said, some players have called for the devs to change the spawn loot to make the experience more balanced.

In Rebirth Island, players drop in on a small reconstruction of Alcatraz Island, which means the action is at all corners, so players must be prepared. Upon landing, players will receive a random starting pistol, which could be the 1911, Diamatti, or even a Renetti.

Rebirth Island spawn pistol

Some players have been expressing their discomfort with this feature on Reddit, explaining how unbalanced it is for players to fight against others off spawn who may have a much better starting pistol.

As most experienced Warzone players know, the starting pistols aren’t the best weapons in the game.

However, some of them, like the Renetti and the Diamatti, can actually be very powerful, especially when compared to the other pistols in the game.

This is an issue players have currently have and have had since Rebirth Island was introduced. Reddit user PillowcaseDestroyer made a post on the issue, which has since caught some attention, with many agreeing with the complaints.

The player says, “I made a post about this before, but it is seriously illogical for some teams to have the renetti at spawn, others 1911. The Renetti is superior to any other spawn pistol. Spawn pistols should always always be the same across all players in the lobby.”

This was met by comments of agreement, with another user also stating, “I have been rambling about this to my team endlessly since day 1 of Rebirth. I don’t mind there being different starter pistols, but it shouldn’t be different pistols in the same games. It’s alright if one game, everyone starts with X16s, next game is Renettis then M19s and so on.”

This would undoubtedly make Rebirth Island’s spawn fights much more balanced, as no one is put at an advantage if everyone in the lobby has the same starting pistol, even if it rotates for different lobbies.

Although it may seem like a fairly minor issue, hopefully, the devs can catch onto this and make the Rebirth Island experience more enjoyable. For more, check out our recent article on when Call of Duty: Vanguard will be revealed.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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Warzone players beg Raven to steal idea from Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite’s gameplay reveals included a Grappling Hook, something some Warzone players now want to see added.



Warzone and Battlefield 2042 characters

Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 were shown off to the world at E3 2021, and Warzone players who watched the reveal spotted something in both games that they want added to Call of Duty’s battle royale mode.

With so many tall buildings spread across Verdansk, players are always looking for ways to gain a height advantage. While there are ziplines attached to some of the constructions, more often than not players need to take flight after flight of stairs to reach the summit of buildings.

While watching both the Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite gameplay reveals, Warzone fans spotted Grappling Hooks, and immediately started to discuss how useful they would be around Verdansk to fight back against pesky roof campers.

NRG Esports’ IceManIsaac led the calls, tweeting: “I see grapple guns in the new Halo AND the new Battlefield, but still no grapples in Warzone,” ending with a crying emoji to show his sadness at the situation.

While Isaac thinks it would be a great addition, other Warzone players weren’t quite as excited. Some mentioned that Warzone, especially in its current form with Verdansk ’84, isn’t made for futuristic combat weapons, while others suggested that Grappling Hooks wouldn’t help with campers, but rather give those who like to sit on roofs and snipe down an easier way to get up.

Of course, Grappling Hooks would make it easier for others to get onto the roofs and battle with them there. Anyone who managed to get up there would likely engage in close-quarters combat against these campers, which should give them an advantage, and may balance out the fact that it would be easier for the snipers to get on roofs.

Blackout player with a Grappling Hook

Call of Duty fans will know that this wouldn’t be the first time that a Grappling Hook has been used in the franchise. Black Ops 4’s battle royale Blackout included the tool to improve mobility around its map, but it has yet to make the transition to Warzone.

Whether it will ever be added to the ultra-popular battle royale remains to be seen, but it would certainly shake things up in Warzone if it was.

Image Credits: Treyarch / Raven Software / EA / DICE

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