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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players find real-life location of Fortune’s Keep Town

Warzone Pacific players have discovered the real-life location that may have inspired the design of the Town POI on Fortune’s Keep.



Town POI in Warzone

Fortune’s Keep has become extremely popular since its arrival in Warzone Pacific Season 4, and players have now found the real-life location of the Town POI.

The Fortune’s Keep map was the most notable addition in Warzone Pacific Season 4, and this location features a plethora of well-designed POIs to explore as well as hidden easter eggs to discover.

This map is slightly bigger than Rebirth Island and has become a fan favorite since its arrival. Now, a few Warzone Pacific players have discovered the real-life location of one of the Fortune’s Keep POIs.

Reddit user ‘808DiNiro’ shared an image of a small coast-side town in the Warzone Pacific subreddit. They stated that this location was the NVIDIA SHIELD background and they noticed its resemblance to the Town POI.

On Fortune’s Keep, this POI consists of various houses and buildings that players can enter during the match. This is one of the richest locations in terms of loot, and the image shared by the Redditor matches its design closely.

One commenter pointed out that the location in the image is actually Vernazza, which is one of five centuries-old towns that make up the Cinque Terre located in Northern Italy and is considered a world heritage site.

Many users in this Reddit thread agreed that the design for Town was most likely taken from Vernazza and admired the beauty of this real-life location. A few even shared their own experiences visiting this fishing village.

One of the commenters wrote: “I was in Cinque Terre in June. When I first played Fortune’s Keep, I immediately thought about Cinque Terre. Fortunes Keep is 100% based on small Italian towns.”

This isn’t the first time that the Warzone developers have based the design of their map on real-life locations, as Caldera was inspired by different parts of Hawaii. Players will probably discover more locations that helped inspire Fortune’s Keep.

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Image credits: Raven Software