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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players propose major change to Spotter Scope

One Warzone player has come up with a major change to the in-game Spotter Scope that would make it more useful compared to its current form.



Spotter Scope in Warzone

The Spotter Scope can help you find and mark your enemies in a Warzone match, and now one player has come up with a potential change that could make it even better.

Warzone players often perform scouting with the help of a Sniper Rifle or a recon drone, but these methods have their flaws. A Sniper scope’s glint can give away your position, and so can the noise from a recon drone.

By using the Spotter Scope, you are able to zoom in without worrying about a glint. This can be useful in marking your foes for your entire squad. Now, one player is suggesting a major change to the item.

Warzone Spotter Scope Tactical Equipment

Reddit user Donkey_Thrasher came up with a suggestion for the Spotter Scope in the Warzone subreddit. It was that the developers let players use it as Tactical equipment in their loadouts.

Currently, players can not have this item equipped in a loadout and must find it as a piece of loot to have the opportunity to equip it.

“Imagine this, the gas is closing in and you’ll have to cross a large field to escape it,” wrote the user. “Having the spotter scope you can be sure nobody is waiting for you to ambush, the thermal will reveal anyone hiding in bushes really far away.”

Since Spotter Scopes have zero optical glint, you’ll get to see the enemies from far away, and they won’t know what hit them.

This would be particularly useful for console players since their lower graphics make it harder to spot foes from a distance. Many of the users in the comments section agreed with this suggestion.’

“Personally, I’d like this change,” wrote one user. “I don’t need it but it would be better than any of the other equipment I could have on my long range Sniper.”

Since Warzone Season 5 is well underway, we probably won’t see a change like this implemented until the future. For more Warzone, check out our article on players calling for a long-awaited movement change.

Image credits: Activision