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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update brings back game breaking Stim glitch

The stim glitch is back thanks to the 1.34 Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update, leaving players helpless to fight it.



cod warzone stim glitch

The new 1.34 Reloaded update for Warzone Season 2 has done the unthinkable and brought back the Stim Glitch once again, with its appearance being confirmed by JGOD and other sources.

In a genuine case of Groundhog Day, the infamous Stim Glitch has resurfaced in Warzone to wreak havoc again. CoD: Warzone players are sadly in the hands of the item’s powers of invulnerability, making games of the battle royale shooter almost impossible to win.

For anyone not keeping track of the Infinite Tactical bug, this will be the seventh time that the Stim Shot glitch has occurred. Even though it keeps being patched out, its pesky nature finds a way to return time and time again.

cod warzone season 2 gas

Not long after the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded patch dropped, there were positive reports that the FFAR had been nerfed, but worrying reports that players had found another way to exploit the Stim Shot.

These thoughts were corroborated by ModernWarzone and top CoD personality JGOD as they tweeted out that it was indeed back. JGOD also points to video evidence of it happening to several Twitch streamers – including Stodeh, JackFrags, MrProWestie, and TheTacticalBrit.

In the video of the four streamers, it was evident that the team were comfortably the last remaining players in the game, besides one other missing survivor.

However, whereas the team was in the quickly-closing circle, the mystery player was conspicuously absent. It’s obvious that they were camped out in the storm, yet not being killed by it – meaning only one thing.

Eventually, all four players succumbed to the storm’s damage, and the remaining player claimed their controversial victory, much to the chagrin of the streamers.

The Stim Glitch is arguably Warzone’s most notorious glitch, and it’s a foregone conclusion that Activision is doing everything in their power to ensure it’s removed from the game as soon as possible.

We will not be disclosing details on how players can use the glitch themselves as we wish to protect the integrity of the game and not taint any lobbies that are otherwise unaffected.

Image credits: Activision / Stodeh