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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Season 6 Combat Pack available for PS Plus members



PlayStation Plus players can get another exclusive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone customization pack.

This pack is available only for PS4 PlayStation Plus members for Season 6 of the game.

Grab an Operator Skin, Weapon Blueprint, and other in-game accessories to show off your style.

Survive the Gulag in Warzone or fight to secure the victory in Multiplayer bundle that is free for all Playstation Plus subscribers. Download the Pack by going to the Franchise section of the Store and scroll down to the Miscellaneous section.

The new Combat Pack includes:

  • Epic Rodion ‘Red Death’ skin (This skin unlocks the Operator, if not already owned)
  • Epic ‘Shivvie’ Melee Weapon
  • Epic ‘Slipshod’ Handgun Weapon Blueprint
  • Epic ‘Ball and Chain’ Charm
  • Epic ‘Don’t Back Down’ Calling Card
  • Epic ‘Gulag’ Emblem
  • Epic ‘Inside Job’ Sticker
  • 60 Minute Double XP Token

The Combat Pack is a PlayStation Exclusive until December 1, 2020.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get the new Warzone Combat Pack on the PlayStation Store here or by visiting the in-game store then Franchise Store at the end of the list.

PS+ Membership required to get the Combat Pack.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Best FR 5.56 Loadout for CoD: Warzone Season 2

Warzone Season 2’s FR 5.56 is a great pick for medium-range combat, so here is the best loadout that you can use on it.



FR 5.56 in Warzone Season 2

The FR 5.56 can be used to annihilate your opponents during medium to long-range encounters. Here are the best attachments and perks for the weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2.

The FR 5.56 is an explosive weapon from Modern Warfare that comes with a 3-shot burst firing mode. This makes it unique other Warzone Assault Rifles,

Now that Warzone is in Season 2 territory, the developers have brought a plethora of changes to the game’s meta. As a result, players are now trying out different loadouts, so here is the best one for the FR 5.56.

Best Warzone FR5.56 attachments

FR 5.56 in Warzone Season 2
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FR 24.4″ Sniper
  • Optic: 4.0x Flip Hybrid
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Mag

Warzone YouTuber JGOD pointed out that the gun’s useless in burst fire, so you should switch the fire mode to single-shot. This will boost the accuracy with an easier-to-control recoil pattern, allowing you to eliminate your foe in a maximum of 7 shots.

We’ll start off with the Monolithic Suppressor which will keep you hidden on the minimap while shooting. This way you won’t have to worry about your gunfire drawing the attention of other enemies. You can opt for a Compensator Muzzle instead for more recoil control.

Next, we’ll focus on improving the Assault Rifle’s effective damage range with the help of the FR 24.4″ Sniper barrel. In addition to helping you dish out more damage, this will also control the weapon’s recoil and projectile speed.

Now that the effective damage range has been upgraded, you can improve your accuracy for long-range encounters with the 4.0x Flip Hybrid optic. You can use the increased zoom to pick off foes from a distance, or react quickly to nearby enemies with the second optic.

FR 5.56 in Warzone Season 2

The Commando Foregrip will further decrease the FR5.56’s recoil, while also providing a boost to your aiming stabilization. However, this will come at the cost of some movement speed.

Finally, we picked the 50 Round Magazine which will increase your overall ammo capacity. This will be particularly useful for eliminating armored opponents in the midst of combat. The reduced movement speed won’t matter much in medium to long-range engagements.

You can change the ammo type in solos and duos, as it won’t be needed much in those. The gun’s useless in burst fire so we built this entire loadout around the semi-auto mode.

Best perks for FR5.56 Warzone loadout

warzone battle hardened perk
  • Perk 1: Double Time
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Battle Hardened

First, the Double Time perk will double the duration of Tactical Sprint, that will allow you to get yourself out of dangerous combat situations, and will also reduce the time between each encounter.

Warzone matches will throw you into different combat situations, which will require you to react in different ways. You should try to carry weapons that are suitable for every scenario, and the Overkill perk grants you two primary weapons from any category.

Finally, Battle Hardened will make you more resistant against flash and stun grenades, so that’ll come in handy during close-range combat.

How to unlock the FR5.56 in Warzone Season 2

Unlocking the FR 5.56 isn’t too difficult to accomplish. All you need to do is hit Level 16 in Call of Duty: Warzone

Hop into a few games in Verdansk, and you’ll soon unlock an incredibly destructive weapon.

Best FR5.56 Season 2 alternatives

If you want to use a weapon other than the FR5.56, then there are some great choices for you to take advantage of. Despite its recent recoil nerf, the AUG is still one of the best guns in the game. If you prefer automatic weapons, then you can’t go wrong with the Stoner 63.

If you’re looking to overhaul your Call of Duty: Warzone loadouts, you can check out our guides on some of the weapons dominating the meta right now.

Kilo 141 | MAC-10 | Grau | CR-56 AMAX | Kar98k | MP5 | Krig 6 | XM4 | DMR | FFAR

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision issuing “hardware bans” to thwart Warzone cheaters

Activision have confirmed that they are handing out “hardware bans” to banned cheaters who keep making fresh accounts.



Call of Duty Warzone gameplay

Cheaters and hackers have plagued Call of Duty: Warzone since its launch, but on top of account bans, Activision has confirmed that they are issuing hardware bans to thwart repeat offenders.

Cheaters have been a thorn in both players’ and developers’ sides since Warzone launched in 2020. It has been common to run into players blatantly wall-hacking and aim-botting, ruining the game for casual players and pros alike.

Raven Software has been providing regular updates on how many cheaters have been banned, and Activision recently confirmed that 475,000 permabans have been issued since Warzone’s launch. The likely reason why this number is so high is that Warzone is free-to-play. It’s widely believed that even if a cheater’s account gets banned, they can simply create a new one and carry on as if nothing happened.

Activision is aware of this issue and player’s concerns and released an in-depth update on their anti-cheat progress on April 12.

Because so many players have been concerned that account bans are ineffective, Call of Duty staff responded to this, saying that “Removing cheaters and taking away their ability to move to alternate accounts is a key focus for the security teams.”

They confirmed that if you’re cheating, not only could you be unknowingly downloading malware to your system, you could also receive a hardware ban.

To make sure players don’t keep creating fresh accounts to cheat with, Activision said, “We do issue hardware bans against repeat, or serial, cheaters. This is an important part of our effort to combat repeat offenders.”

This means that players who receive a hardware ban will be permanently locked out and won’t be able to simply create a new, free account and go back to their cheating ways.

Helicopters flying to Warzone's Verdansk Stadium

Activision also confirmed that not only are they targeting individual accounts with cheats installed, but also “the commercial market of cheat providers and resellers.” They revealed that they have recently banned “45,000 fraudulent, black market accounts used by repeat offenders.”

Cheaters will likely still make their way into your Warzone sessions, but Activision is making sure it’s continuously more risky and difficult to do.

In the meantime, you can check out our guide on how to spot cheaters in Warzone so you can assist Activision by reporting these players.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

When is the next Cold War & Warzone Double XP event?

We have the dates and times for the next CoD: Cold War and Warzone Double XP event to help rank, weapon, and Battle Pass progression.



cod bocw warzone double xp

With so many Prestige levels, different weapon levels, and Battle Pass levels in Cold War and Warzone, it’s only natural to want more XP. Here’s when the next CoD Double XP event is going to be.

XP has been a vital component of Call of Duty’s multiplayer for many years. It’s the quintessential upgrade mechanic that allows you to increase your in-game level and provide you access to better gear and attachments.

Every now and again CoD will throw out some awesome Double XP events that allow players to increase their earnings and level everything up faster. Season 2 of Cold War and Warzone has already provided lots of new content to help the race for XP, and now another ample opportunity is being offered.

This will be the final one for Season 2 as Season 3 is set to begin shortly.

cod black ops cold war warzone season 2

How to get Double XP in CoD: Cold War & Warzone Season 2

It’s been announced that Call of Duty’s next Double XP promotional event will officially start on April 16 and will expire on April 19.

PlayStation players will actually get a head start on Xbox and PC players by a full 24 hours. Meaning that PlayStation users can start earning Double XP from April 15.

What time does CoD: Cold War & Warzone Double XP start?

Here’s a full list of the event’s start time & dates in some of the key timezones:

  • EST – 1pm
  • CST – 12pm
  • PST – 10am
  • GMT – 5pm

Double XP will be available on Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer and Zombies, and all currently available playlists in Warzone.

As well as your player level, the boost will also apply to the Season 2 Battle Pass too.

These special Double XP Events usually occur during a weekend, and this one is no different. It naturally gives players the most free time as it’s away from school hours and generally when people are off work.

If you’ve got those last few items to clean up on the Battle Pass, or you’re a touch shy of Prestige Level 200, then this is a great opportunity to try and do just that.

Don’t miss out on leveling up and getting the new Season 2 additions, the FARA 83 and LC10, added to your best loadouts!

Image credits: Treyarch / Activision

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