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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone’s DMR 14, Dual Pistols, MAC-10 & more finally nerfed

Controversial Black Ops Cold War weapons such as the DMR 14, MAC-10, and akimbo Diamattis have finally been nerfed in Warzone Season 1.



Raven Software confirmed on January 6 that the controversial BOCW DMR 14, Type 63, akimbo Diamattis, and MAC-10 have finally received a nerf in Warzone Season 1.

Since the integration between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone on December 16, a few weapons have clearly shone above the rest.

The semi-automatic Tactical Rifles, MAC-10 SMG, and dual Diamatti pistols have been game-breakingly powerful. Although dozens of new weapons were added to the game, the loot pool only became smaller.

Not only were these weapons the most viable choices, they actually changed how the pace of the game. The time-to-kill on these weapons was so high that firefights were over in an instant and every small mistake would be punished.

Now, fans can rejoice in the fact that Raven Software have nerfed the over-powered weapons.

DMR and more finally nerfed in Warzone

“The time has come,” they announced on January 6, confirming a Warzone update is going live.

The following changes have been applied to the over-powered weapons.

  • DMR 14 – Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Type 63 – Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • MAC-10 – Decreased headshot multiplier
  • Akimbo Diamattis – Increased hip-fire spread, decreased damage range

Previously, if you landed a headshot with the DMR 14 or Type 63, the enemies would only require another shot anywhere on the body to drop them. Body shots were still insanely powerful so fans are unconvinced this change will be enough.

The MAC-10 was extremely overpowered but not outright broken, so a decreased headshot multiplier should make other SMGs viable again.

The Diamattis, however, were arguably broken. It only took one burst from these pistols to down an enemy and because they were fired from the hip, there was very little skill involved in aiming them. With an increased hip-fire spread and decreased damage, you might just have a chance if you meet them in Warzone.

We are yet to see how much of an impact these changes will have on the game, but fans will be delighted to see that devs have been listening to their requests.

Image Credits: Activision