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Watch the full Live Action Trailer for Call of Duty Online for China starring Chris Evans



Following the brief promo for the Call of Duty Online for China released last week, the full length live action video has now been posted. The video features Captain America’s Chris Evans. The video shows off the different modes featured in Call of Duty Online.

Call of Duty Online is a free to play title exclusive to China, developed by Raven Software and published by Tencent and Activision; the game enters a limited beta testing starting on January 11th.

Watch the full trailer here:

SOURCE: Pyonic

Call of Duty: Warzone

How to compete in $250k Warzone Twitch Rivals event

$250,000 is up for grabs in December’s Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament, and we have everything you need to help you secure your place.



The Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl tournament is almost here, giving players a chance to earn a chunk of the massive $250,000 prize pool. Here’s everything that’s confirmed for this Warzone event and how you can enter it.

When looking for Warzone content to watch, the first call for many fans is Twitch. From Warzone masters to professional CoD players, and even amateurs looking to make a name for themselves, competition comes thick and fast, and now Twitch is hosting their own tournament with a huge reward up for grabs.

The Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl tournament will once again pit Warzone players against each other, and this time it will be for a grand prize of $250,000. Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including how to register to compete, when it will take place, and what it entails.

When is the Twitch Rivals Warzone event?

The event’s Open Qualifiers will start at 2PM PT / 5PM ET on December 3. This is when the teams that move forward will be determined and while the Qualifiers are open, you can only join them if you’re a Twitch Partner or Twitch Affiliate.

Two days will then be spent trying to pick the absolute best players from the established teams. On both December 8 and December 16, the teams will compete against each other in the tournament starting 2PM PT | 5 PM ET onwards.

How to participate in the Twitch Rivals Warzone event

If you’re a Twitch streamer then just head over to the Twitch Rivals website to register yourself. The site will check if you’re a captain or a teammate and will confirm that you’re over 18. Then just put in your email address and select the right options to finish your registration.

If it’s successful then you’ll be notified of your progress. Unfortunately, not every Affiliate and Partner will be able to compete, so keep that in mind when applying.

Twitch Rivals Warzone format

Usually Warzone tournaments would have you compete in straightforward kill-races against other players, but they’re changing things up for this event. If you make it to the first Show Day, you will witness 49 trios competing against each other in five private lobbies.

Teams will get points for kills, and the 24 teams that have the highest amount of accumulated points will advance through to Round Two. Five other lobbies will be filled with teams competing against each other on the second Show Day.

If you want a more thorough understanding of the point structure and prizes available then we’ve outlined them below:


5th – 7th7
8th – 10th4
11th – 15th2
16th – 20th1
Per Elimination+1

Day 1 Prizes

1st – 24thAdvance to Day 2
25th – 20th$900
31st – 40th$750
41st – 50th$600

Day 2 Prizes

10th – 12th$3,300
13th – 15th$3,000
16th – 20th$2,700
21st – 25th$2,400
26th – 30th$2,100
31st – 40th$1,500
41st – 49th$1,200

So if you’re one of the lucky streamers who is able to make it through the registration process, you’ll be able to compete for some generous prizes. Put your Warzone skills to the test as you work your way towards that $250,000 reward.

Even if you don’t make it all the way, the glory of progressing that far will still feel amazing. We’ll provide updates about the Twitch Rivals Warzone event and its results as soon as we get them.

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Black Ops Cold War player uses Rock Band guitar to kill enemies

As if online gaming wasn’t hard enough, some brave Black Ops Cold War gamer has managed to kill players with a Rock Band instrument.



While the debate between controller or keyboard & mouse rages on, one Black Ops Cold War player has decided to forge his own path, finding a kill using a Rock Band guitar controller.

Death, taxes, and someone using an outlandish gaming peripheral to achieve an unlikely feat is about standard for gaming in 2020. It wasn’t too long ago that someone was beating Dark Souls using only a dance mat of all things.

But in the heat of quick-fire, online multiplayer conflict, one gamer has managed to channel their skill in Treyarch‘s Black Ops Cold War and kill a player using a Rock Band instrument.

rock band 3 gameplay

How is that even possible?

Thanks to the adaptability of a PC, almost anything can be hooked up to one and converted into a controller. Meaning you can pretty much take anything that’s been a gaming controller in the past and configure it so that it functions as a viable controller for the game you’re playing.

Read More: Black Ops Cold War’s poor visibility gets player killed by user camouflaged as a wall

So when Reddit user TheSteviePee hooked up an old Rock Band guitar to his PC, his main thought was obviously to humiliate someone online using the device.

Playing what appears to be Team Deathmatch on Miami, TheSteviePee was situated at the top of the piano building that overlooks the main street. Using a Hauer 77 with attachments, he eagerly awaited his moment of glory.

The unlucky recipient tried to sneak upstairs, but after a brief skirmish, TheSteviePee eventually dropped him with one well-placed headshot from the Hauer 77.

Now, this video is sure to rile some members of the Call of Duty community up as it’s a prime example of why people get frustrated with the game. Too often the complaint with online multiplayer is the purported imbalance of teams. There’s no evidence, but you can imagine unless TheSteviePee quit the game immediately, that he would suffer many deaths and impede his team.

But sometimes, gaming is supposed to be fun. We can imagine it’s probably a great effort to try and do this and it has made for a light-hearted moment that MrSteviePee clearly enjoyed.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Players report hit detection issues in Black Ops Cold War

Some Black Ops Cold War players are reporting issues with hit detection in the game’s Fireteam mode.



A number of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players are reporting issues with hit detection in the game, claiming their bullets aren’t connecting with enemies correctly.

Hit detection in any video game is a crucial part of the core player experience. In Call of Duty, often a single shot is what decides the difference between life and death, resulting in tense combat scenarios throughout the multiplayer experience.

When everything goes perfectly with player connection, server stability, and hitboxes, Call of Duty feels like a steady flowing, responsive first-person-shooter. Unfortunately, in the latest installment, Black Ops Cold War, players have been reporting issues with hit registration in multiplayer, most commonly in the large 40 player Fireteam mode.

You can see such examples below, starting with a post by user ProBoocester on Reddit.

As you can see from the clip, the player is shooting at his prone target and missing shots. This is in the Fireteam game mode, so it very well could be de-sync, where the server thinks he is firing somewhere else, or the enemy player model is positioned differently to the server.

It appears instances of the issue are specific to the Fireteam game mode, which runs at a lower tick rate than normal multiplayer matches.

Tick rate is not necessarily equal to frame rate, however, it is a good rule of thumb that servers refresh at 60Hz. Bigger modes can get away with 30Hz.

In the video below you can see another instance where Reddit user wyld3knfr runs into a similar experience on an AFK player.

Similar to the first clip, this player engages the AFK enemy and no shots connect, giving the other player an opportunity to react to him. The clip cuts short before the end of the engagement, but considering his lack of ammo, it may be safe to say he died afterwards.

While Fireteam seems to be the worst mode for hit detection issues, multiplayer is not entirely exempt. Here’s some examples from Reddit user moon403.

With multiplayer specifically, sometimes players clearly miss shots and there are other factors to include like bullet velocity, however for some of these clips moon is shooting players without any feedback.

Hopefully these issues will be remedied soon. Peak player counts for video games are always within the first month of launch, so the most connectivity issues will naturally arise during the initial peak.

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