In a new post on Reddit, Condrey has stated that SHG is planning to release a new weapon tuning update for Call of Duty: WWII on Thursday of this week.

On deck this week are some weapon tuning changes to improve balance across all weapon classes. Small change can have big impacts, so we’re being very careful to test and measure internally before pushing live. We suspect an update by Thursday, and will share the specific changes then.


The team at SHG is also looking into score streak tuning this week, but there is no information on a possible release date for score streak updates.

We’re also looking into score streak tuning this week. There’s great dialog and healthy debate in the studio about strength vs cost of our streaks. Do we buff the strengths? Do we lower the costs? Both? Similar to weapon balance above, small changes can have big impacts, so we want to be careful. Everyone loves earning streaks, but no one loves being in a match that’s getting streak spammed by the enemy team.


Condrey says that a new full-featured game update for Call of Duty: WWII, which will include new content, game features, bug fixes, and more improvements, is awaiting first party approvals and is set to release later this month. A confirmed date is not announced as of now.

SOURCE: Reddit


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