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Black Ops 4’s multiplayer contains a lot of weapon choices for players to choose from, but not choices are equal.

Naturally, with any game, perfect weapon balance can never truly be acheived. No matter how much fine-tuning the developer does, some weapons will appear above or below the rest. Treyarch has done a decent job so far of applying balance updates, but some clear favorites currently rule the top of the pack.

So, let’s a look through every single weapon in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer and rank them from the best to the absolute worst. The ranking list below is based on gun performance overall as well as on the current usage of each gun by the player base.

Multiplayer Weapon Rankings

  1. Titan
  2. Saug 9mm
  3. Maddox RFB
  4. Spitfire
  5. VKM
  6. Hades
  7. Auger DMR
  8. ICR-7
  9. ABR 223
  10. Cordite
  11. Hellion Salvo
  12. Daemon 3XB
  13. VAPR-XKG
  14. KN-57
  15. Mozu
  16. Rampart 17
  17. SG12
  18. Swordfish
  19. Paladin HHB50
  20. Swat RFT
  21. Strife
  22. MOG 12
  23. GKS
  24. MX9
  25. Koshka
  26. Outlaw
  27. RK 7 Garrison
  28. SDM

Well, there you have it. The official, undisputable list of weapon rankings.

Obviously, we’re only kidding around. Each player’s own rankings may differ as we all encounter different weapons at different times and ranges. The power of other weapons compared to your favorites is generally based upon your own playstyle as well as the opponent’s.

With that said, let’s explain just a few choice rankings you may have questions about.

The reason behind the VKM & Hades placing so highly on our list is due to their stopping power and ability to equip Rapid Fire. This puts their maximum range damage into a league of their own, only rivaled by snipers.

The Paladin is a one-hit kill often times, but the weapon can be unwieldy and so is placed below the middle of the pack.

A plethora of SMGs appears high on the list due to the natural speed of Black Ops 4 and their high fire rates. The exception being the GKS due to its “worst of all worlds” stats which place it in a hard position to fight most other weapons.

Shotguns are placed lower in the ranking due to the limited usage and situational nature. Outside of close range, shotgun users can become a detriment to their teams.

So, what are you rankings of weapons in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer? You can tell us here in the comments or on Twitter at @CharlieIntel.

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