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Welcome to 2.0!




Welcome to the new 2.0!

Please keep in mind that this new format is a WORK IN PROGESS and was a little rushed in order to get it up and running for Call of Duty: XP on September 2nd ( 8 Days as of this post).

Here are some of the benefits of the change:

-Live Updates for breaking news.
(Update news straight from our mobile, no longer will we have to wait for wifi access)
-New Commenting system
(Integrated log-in with forums, more options and tracking)
-Partnership with Forums and @UpToDateMW3

We will be transitioning over from our old site over the next week or so, so please be patient while the change is happening. Still lots to do (weapon list, video pages, custom CoD Guns, etc.) We will post again once the site is fully operational and out of the “beta” phase. Thanks again and we look forward to bringing you all the news for Call of Duty: XP this coming week!