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What is JP in GTA Online? How to get Job Points

Every wondered what JP means in GTA Online? Here’s everything you need to know about Job Points, including how to earn them.



GTA Online race earning Job Points

GTA Online players will notice they accrue ‘JP’ or Job Points while completing missions, so here’s what they mean and how to earn them.

GTA Online has been out for eight years now, giving players a ton of content, including missions, races, Heists, and Deathmatches. With the next-gen version of GTA V releasing next year and the GTA Remastered Trilogy coming soon, there’s good reason to pick up GTA Online in 2021.

But as you’re completing jobs, you may notice that you’re building up JP.

These are Job Points, and we explain exactly what these do and how to earn them.

What are Job Points in GTA Online?

GTA Online players on a mission

JP, or Job Points, are the points awarded to players who complete jobs in GTA Online. These are especially important in playlists, where the player with the most JP at the end is crowned the winner.

Job Points are also used for tiebreakers in the job selection menu. When two jobs receive the same amount of votes, the outcome is decided by the side with the most combined Job Points.

When you back out of a session, your JP will reset to 0.

How to get Job Points in GTA Online

Cars racing in GTA Online

Job Points are straightforward to earn. You’ll get them for completing jobs in GTA Online, such as Races and Missions. The better you do in the job, the more JP you’ll earn.

Here’s a breakdown of the points earned for Races and Deathmatches:

  • 1st Place: 15 JP
  • 2nd Place: 12 JP
  • 3rd Place: 10 JP
  • 4th Place: 8 JP
  • 5th Place: 7 JP
  • 6th Place: 6 JP
  • 7th Place: 5 JP
  • Etc

Players can also earn an additional JP for being the MVP in Deathmatch modes. If you’re the MVP on the winning team, you’ll earn 16 JP.

Successful missions will grant players 15 Job Points, with an extra JP being awarded to the player who completes the main task, boosting it to 16.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games


The Division Resurgence: Alpha sign-up, gameplay details, more

The Division Resurgence is a new mobile title in Ubisoft’s looter shooter series, here are all the details including how to play the Alpha.



The Division Resurgence

The Division Resurgence is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s third-person shooter franchise developed for mobile platforms. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming game, from gameplay details to how to sign up for the Alpha.

Tom Clancy’s The Divison has quickly grown into one of Ubisoft’s most successful franchises. The 2016 original saw the biggest launch week for a new franchise in gaming history, and while The Divison 2 failed to match it in terms of sales, it grew into an immensely popular action RPG.

The publisher has made no secret of its plan to expand The Division universe beyond just console releases, and The Division Resurgence will see the series join the likes of Call of Duty and Apex Legends in the growing mobile market.

Here are all of the details released about The Divison Resurgence so far, including how you can access the Alpha.

The Division Resurgence release date window

At the time of writing, there is no official release date for The Division Resurgence, however, we do know that it will be coming in 2023.

It will be free-to-play on both iOS and Android devices when it arrives sometime next year, and we expect Ubisoft to share more details in the coming months.

The Division Resurgence Alpha sign-up

Although the release of The Division Resurgence is still way off, a Closed Alpha test is “just around the corner.”

In order to sign up for the Alpha, players must:

  1. Register on the official Ubisoft website here.
  2. Select their platform of choice.
  3. Fill out the form with their personal details
  4. Await an email to confirm they have been chosen

Entrants will be selected based on the platforms and locations the developers want to test first and will receive an invitation a few days before the Alpha begins.

It’s worth noting that participants will also have to sign NDA to agree they will not share details about the game outside of the private Discord channel.

The Division Resurgence gameplay

New York City in The Division Resurgence

As is standard in The Division series, players will have a huge open-world New York City to explore, chocked full of missions to shoot through and loot to collect.

It also appears that Resurgence will retain The Division’s RPG elements since players can choose a specialization and level up to improve their skills and abilities. There will also be special weapons and outfits to track down with huge stat boosts.

Both solo and co-operative play will be supported throughout the campaign, but it’s unclear if there will be a PvP element as there was in past games in the series.

Describing the game, Ubisoft said: “The fight for New York is not over! Rediscover the world-acclaimed franchise now on mobile with The Division Resurgence. Enjoy a AAA experience featuring a new storyline set in a massive urban open-world.”

The Division Resurgence story

The Division Resurgence characters

The Division Resurgence is set to take place near the events of the first two games, depicting New York City after a viral epidemic has left society in ruin.

Ubisoft have explained that the game will show events from the previous titles in a different light, as players control a member of the first batch of SHD agents sent to maintain order after the outbreak.

Little more is known about The Division Resurgence at this time, but we’ll be sure to update this page with all the latest information.

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Image credits: Ubisoft

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GTA Online Prize Ride July 7 vehicle: How to get Zion Classic for free

Thanks to the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update, players can earn a weekly Prize Ride vehicle, and here’s how to get one, and what it is.



gta online meet up

A new GTA Online weekly update has arrived, and players can get their hands on the Zion Classic for free as the GTA Online Prize Ride July 7 vehicle.

Rockstar brought a new GTA Online update on July 7, with the Sugoi becoming available as the Diamond Casino Podium Reward vehicle, along with major discounts and bonuses across Los Santos.

This week’s update also features the Zion Classic as the new Prize Ride Challenge vehicle that can be obtained for free after completing a challenge, and we’ll detail everything you need to know.

How to unlock GTA Online’s free Zion Classic Prize Ride

Zion Classic in GTA Online

In order to unlock the Zion Classic for free in GTA Online, you’ll need to finish in the top 5 in Car Meet Races, 3 days in a row. Once this Prize Ride Challenge is completed, the vehicle will become available to you.

This classic 2-door sports car costs typically up to $812,000, but if you can prove your racing skills are up to the task, you’ll get the vehicle absolutely free.

Here’s Rockstar’s official description of the Zion Classic:

There’s no denying it. Something magical happened in the ’80s. It’s not just that their hair was more buoyant, their choruses catchier, their spandex tighter and their glutes perkier. It’s that now they’re all in their sixties, and their hair is still buoyant, their choruses are still catchy, their spandex is still tight, and their glutes are still perky. And whatever they’ve been taking, the Zion Classic has been taking twice the dose.

GTA Online prize ride challenge

From July 7, players can get their hands on this awesome vehicle which will remain available only until July 18, 2022. So, you’ll want to hurry if you want to acquire the Zion Classic for completely free.

Each week, players can unlock a new vehicle at the LS Car Meet, and the GTA Online weekly update patches also feature a plethora of other fun content for you to get your hands on.

Also, check out our article on the GTA Online 2022 player count stats, and stay tuned for the July 18 Prize Ride vehicle when it releases!

Image Credit: Rockstar Games / GTA Wiki

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GTA Online July 7 patch notes: Sugoi Podium Vehicle, 3x GTA$ & RP

The July 7 GTA Online update patch adds the Sugoi to the Casino Podium, along with major discounts and bonuses.



Sugoi in GTA Online

A new GTA Online weekly update has arrived, with the July 7 patch adding the Sugoi as the Casino Podium reward, along with some significant bonuses and discounts.

Grand Theft Auto Online features a variety of fun activities for players to enjoy, and Rockstar Games also keep things fresh by implementing frequent changes in the game through weekly content updates.

A brand-new update patch arrived on Thursday, July 7, bringing discounts, bonuses, and a brand-new podium vehicle. We’ll go over all the new content included in this GTA Online weekly update.

GTA Online July 7 patch notes

Diamond Casino Podium Reward vehicle: Sugoi

The grand prize at the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel this week is the Sugoi, which is a 5-door hatchback that’s based on the real-life Honda Civic Type R FK8. This vehicle boasts an impressive top speed and acceleration.

The Sugoi normally costs up to $1,224,000 but you can acquire it for free if you land on the vehicle reward during one of your free spins this week, so simply head to the Diamond Casino and Resort, walk over to the wheel, and have a go.

3x GTA$ & RP

cash in gta online

Special promotions and extra earning opportunities are here once more as you can get yourself a nice helping of 3x GTA$ & RP Freemode Casino Work

You can also get 2x GTA$ & RP on Overtime Shootout, Open Wheel Races, and Gerald’s Last Play when you log in to GTA Online this week. So, be sure to take advantage of these bonuses.

GTA Online discounts

Executive office in GTA Online

GTA Online players will find a ton of discounts this week, with up to 50% off clothing and vehicles. These discounts will remain available until the end of the week, so you’ll want to hurry up before they expire.

Here are all the latest discounts in GTA Online:

  • 30% off
    • Emerus ($1,925,000)
    • Thrax ($1,627,500)
    • Caracara 4×4 ($612,500)
    • Hellion ($584,500)
    • Komoda ($1,190,000 – $892,500)
    • Nebula Turbo ($557,900)
    • Neo ($1,312,500)
    • Outlaw ($887,600 – $665,700)
    • Rebla GTS ($822,500)
    • Vagrant ($1,549,800 – $1,162,350)
  • 40% off
    • Arcades
    • Casino Penthouse Renovations
  • 50% off
    • The Casino Heist Update Utility Vests
    • The Casino Update Fitted Suit Jackets

That just about does it for this week’s update, which will last until July 18, 2022 – so check back then for all of the latest bonuses and discounts.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games / GTA Wiki

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