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What is Ordnance in Apex Legends? Every Ordnance type & how to use them

Wondering what Ordnance are in Apex Legends? Or how many different types there is? Let’s get into the details of each one and how to use them.



apex legends ordnance

There are a few different types of Ordnance in Apex Legends, but if you’re new to the game or don’t know what they are, we thought it would be good to explain and show the best ways to use them.

Becoming a great Apex Legends player doesn’t just consist of mastering the mechanics and using the best Legends or weapons. Sometimes players are required to make the most out of all the items the game has to offer.

For example, if you have been watching the ALGS Championship recently, you will have noticed how important item management is, especially when it comes to keeping space Ordnaces, which are essential for understanding the game and getting better.

Apex Legends Ordnance grenade

All Apex Legends Ordnance

Apex Legends Ordnance are items that players can throw at enemies and deal damage to them. Ordnance is found in floor loot, Supply Bins, and Loot Ticks. There are 3 different Ordnance for players to use in-game:

  • Frag Grenande
  • Arc Star
  • Thermite Grenade

Frag Grenande

Apex Legends Ordnance frag grenade

Frag Grenades work just as they do in any other game. However, you can not cook them, so they explode shortly after throwing like in Call of Duty.

This Apex Legends Ordnance has a 4-second delay timer before detonation that is active as soon as it is thrown. Frag Grenades will do anything from 1-100 damage depending on how close the enemies are to the blast. They will also do 10 blunt damage if thrown directly onto an enemy.

If timed and thrown accurately, players can throw this Apex Legends Ordnance or high in the air, and they will land and explode on targets after the 4 seconds are up. Grenades are great for getting enemies off the high ground and even out of camping spots.

Arc Star

 arc star

Arc Stars are like little ninja stars that stick upon impact. Arc Stars will stack to any surface, even enemies, and will explode 3 seconds after impact.

If enemies are stuck with an Arc Star, although they will not be slowed, they will have an electric animation on screen and take 70 damage to health, as well as 15 pierce damage when the Ordnance connects. Arc Stars will break any rarity shield if the opponent is in the immediate blast, making them one of, if not the best Ordnance in the game.

Arc Stars are best to use when players are camping on doors, as they will completely blast the door off. They are also great to use when enemies are peeking cover as if you manage to stick someone. You can push them directly after.

Thermite Grenade


Thermite Grenades are lethal Ordnances that will leave a trail of burning fire on the floor upon impact. Thermite Grenades leave a 3-meter wall of fire on the floor that will do 25 damage over a period of 3 seconds that stacks, downing an enemy without a body shield in around 5 seconds.

Even when an enemy has a body shield, this Apex Legends Ordnance is lethal and can do serious damage to enemies the longer they stay in the fire. Further, the Thermite Grenade will burn enemies for 3 more seconds, even once they are out of the fire.

This Ordnance is the best at getting enemies out of camping spots, as it forces opponents to move out of its vicinity, or they will take serious damage and die if they stay in the wall of fire for too long. One of the best ways to use them is by throwing them at a door that an enemy is blocking.

If you found this useful and will be looking to use grenades more in the future, try out Season 8 Legend Fuse, who can carry more of these items and throw them further than other characters.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends devs respond to temporary tap strafing removal

Respawn Entertainment have responded to the temporary removal of the tap strafing mechanic from Apex Legends.



Vantage in the snow in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players noticed that the tap strafing mechanic was missing during Season 14 for a few hours, and the developers have now responded to this issue after its return.

When you hop into a game of Apex Legend, there are a variety of different movement techniques that can be useful during combat, and tap-strafing is one that has caused a ton of controversy.

On August 16, players discovered that the movement mechanic had been removed shortly after receiving an accidental nerf. However, it has now returned and the developers have addressed the issue.

Tap-strafing allows players to quickly change their direction without losing any speed, granting them the opportunity to pull off clever maneuvers and get themselves out of troublesome situations.

However, players reported that they were unable to rotate beyond 90 degrees and were wondering if the devs had nerfed the mechanic. Shortly after these complaints, the mechanic had been removed altogether from Season 14.

After players began speculating whether this was an intentional nerf, Respawn Entertainment responded by confirming that the issues with tap strafing were something they were looking into.

They then later confirmed that they’ve pushed a fix for the problem and that players would be able to use the tap strafe mechanic once again. It returned to the game just a few hours after its removal.

It’s reassuring to know that the developers responded to feedback about the tap strafing issues extremely quickly, and many fans had fun talking about the reaction from the community during its absence.

Apex Legends content creator Thordan Smash tweeted: “Tap strafing went down for 2 hours in Apex Legends and is now back up and PC players went into full meltdown mode. Now I understand the daily aim assist crying.”

This is not the first time that this movement technique has gone missing from the game, as the Apex Legends developers also temporarily removed it back in Season 10 in response to player complaints.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Crazy Apex Legends trick sees Horizon’s Black Hole traveling across the map

A new Apex Legends trick has been discovered with Vantage that allows players to move Horizon’s Black Hole ability around the battlefield.



horizon in apex legends

Apex Legends players have found a brand-new trick with the Season 14 Legend Vantage which allows you to send Horizon’s Black Hole Ultimate flying.

Apex Legends Season 14 launched with a heap of new content and changes for players. An update as big as the seasonal patches in Apex Legends usually means new bugs and glitches, which players found during launch week as characters were given the wrong abilities.

While players get familiar with the new content, sometimes they find interesting exploits and ways to utilize certain in-game items to gain an advantage. This is exactly what players have done with Vantage, finding tricks and tips to best utilize her kit.

The latest trick with Vantage is actually also beneficial to Horizon, as it allows Vantage to move her Ulitmate Black Hole ability around at will.

Vantage is able to send Echo out at a 40-meter range to where she wishes. Of course, this is usually used to relocate, as Vantage can jump towards Echo. However, players have discovered that Echo can actually do more than this, including being able to carry Horizon’s Ultimate while flying around.

An Apex Legends player and content creator by the name of Deus Bass is the one responsible for this trick, finding a way to place Horizon’s Ultimate on top of Vantage’s bat companion, Echo.

Players will need to call the bat to Vantage’s feet and get their Horizon teammate to place the Ultimate on top of Echo.

If players coordinate this trick, it can do some serious work. Usually, it’s fairly easy to avoid Horizon’s Ultimate, as it only covers a small circular area. However, with this, Vantage can order Echo and subsequently the Black Hole wherever the enemies go.

For more on Apex Legends, check out everything we know about the Season 14 Collection Event.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event: Leaks, skins, LTMs, more

Apex Legends players will get a brand-new Collection Event in Season 14. Here are all the details we know so far including leaks.



apex legends season 14 wraith and caustic

Apex Legends Season 14 will see a new Collection Event added during the season, bringing new content such as skins, LTMs, and a new Heirloom.

Apex Legends players will be gifted a brand-new Collection Event in Season 14, following the season’s successful launch and rise in popularity.

The Season 14 update brought a variety of changes and new content but Respawn Entertainment never stop there when it comes to a new season, as they provide players with plenty of events as well.

Every season players are gifted a new Collection Event, which offers new cosmetics and often a limited-time mode (LTM). With that said, here’s everything we know about the Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event, including the leaks.

While players are yet to receive any official information regarding Apex Legends Season 14’s Collection Event, there have been leaks that suggest the theme and reveal the potential cosmetics players can expect for the event, including the Heirloom.

Apex Legends Season 14 leaked Collection Event theme

Apex Legends leaker Kralindo revealed some details on the Season 14 Collection Event, showing off datamined cosmetics as well as naming the event “Hunter Predator.”

This is not the official name and is just a leak so take this with a grain of salt, but the Season 14 Collection Event could be predator-themed, which would work nicely with the season’s title, Hunted.

Other renowned leakers such as Thordan Smash are claiming that the official Season 14 Collection Event name could be “Beast of Prey.”

Either way, both of these names fit with the season’s theme, so it’s possible this is what the Season 14 Collection Event could be called.

Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event possible Heirloom

Along with the standard 24 cosmetic items available during a Collection Event, a brand-new Heirloom will be available for those who complete the collection.

While there is no official information regarding what the Heirloom will be, one of the devs has hinted at it possibly being Loba’s turn to receive one.

For more information, check out our piece on the possible Loba Heirloom design.

Apex Legends Season 14 leaked Collection Event skins & cosmetics

So far, there have been leaks from Kralindo that show off a variety of Season 14’s “Hunter Predator” Collection Event cosmetics.

Kralindo has leaked Epic rarity skins for Gibraltar, the C.A.R SMG, Longbow, Hemlock, and Wingman. As well as this, the dataminer also revealed a variety of Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event Charms and Banner Frames for Lifeline, Horizon, Loba, Valkyrie, and Fuse.

That’s currently all that is known about the Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event. Remember to take this all with a pinch of salt as the information is leaked and subject to change if Respawn so wishes.

When there is official news regarding the Collection Event from Respawn we will be sure to update this piece so stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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