“We need to bring it back!” and by it, we mean the original theater mode from Black Ops.


We’re sure Infinity Ward had a perfectly good technical reason for removing all these features in order to improve MW3 performance but it came at a great cost. Treyarch nearly perfected it when they introduced it in Black Ops.. Here’s hoping that it returns unchanged.

What was removed in MW3:
-Dolly Cam
-Remove names option
-View other players in 1st Person
-Ability to see the scoreboard while watching a Theater clip
-Ability to change Theater Mode’s control scheme
-Theater lobby (Ability to invite friends to watch the same theater clip with you)


The one positive enhancement that came out of MW3 was the ability to have 24 save slots (with an ELiTE subscriptions that is)

What do you want to see return/not return/change in Black Ops 2? Let us know in the comments below.


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