Treyarch’s Studio Director Vahn was active on Twitter last night providing fans with some updates on what’s coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale mode, Blackout.

Thus far, we’ve seen the Blightfather event, alongside meta changes to the mode, but beyond that there has not been a lot of new features for the mode since the game’s launch.


Vahn has provided some additional context on what they’re working on in a series of tweets:

  • Still adjusting and re-working through the audio aspect of Blackout to ensure that the audio matches
  • They are actively working on bringing weapon camos to Blackout
  • They will be adding more echelon levels to Blackout; they are waiting assets and design behind those before its ready to go
  • In response to a question about where the map updates are, Vahn says “it *is” happening. I’ve played it.” He said he cannot say yet when those will be live in game
  • In regards to the topic of Armor, one of the armor updates described prior to launch was to allow players to pick up pieces of destroyed armor to then repair their own Armor. Vahn has stated that this is ‘finally in production along with other changes to Armor.’ There’s no release date for it yet as they want more QA testing on it.

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar


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