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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Where to find all Mauer Der Toten Perk Machines in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Perks are vital to surving hordes of the undead in Cold War Zombies’ Mauer Der Toten, so here’s where to find all of the Perk machines.



All Mauer Der Toten perk machine locations

Black Ops Cold War’s Mauer Der Toten map has officially arrived, taking the Zombie-slaying action to the streets of Berlin. Perks are vital to surviving the undead, so here’s where to find every Perk Machine.

Mauer Der Toten has finally arrived, bringing a brand-new round-based Zombies experience to Black Ops Cold War. Several Zombies weapons received a buff, new weapons, the LT53 Kazimir Grenade and CRBR-S Wonder Weapon, and the welcome return of the Mule Kick Perk.

Once you’ve turned on the power and Pack-a-Punched your weapon, you’ll want to top up on Perk-A-Colas to give your Operator a range of different upgrades and abilities. Here’s where you can find each of the Perk Machines in Cold War Zombies’ Mauer Der Toten.

Tombstone Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der Toten tombstone soda machine

Tombstone can be found directly underneath Mauer Der Toten’s spawn location. Head downstairs to the 5th Floor Apartments, and the Tombstone perk can be found in the corner.

For 1500 Essence, the Tombstone Soda perk arrived with Cold War’s Firebase Z and allows you to come back to life as a shadow and revive yourself, and even reclaim your weapons and equipment upon death if you upgrade it to Tier 3.

Quick Revive Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der Toten Quick Revive machine

You can find the Quick Revive Perk on top of the Destroyed Penthouse. This is directly opposite the spawn area – just take the zipline over, go up the ramp, and it’ll be right in front of you.

For 2500 points, you’ll be able to quickly revive your downed teammates faster and increase your healing rate.

Speed Cola Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der Toten Speed Cola machine

Speed Cola can be found on the Korber Rooftop, the building opposite Quick Revive. Take the zipline that goes through the ‘O’ on the sign, and the Speed Cola Machine will be right in front of you.

Costing 2500 Essence, Speed Cola allows you to reload much faster and swap weapons quicker if you upgrade it.

Stamin-Up Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der Toten staminiup machine

Stamin-Up is located in the Hotel Lounge, which you can enter from Korber Rooftop. From the Speed Cola machine, head left into the building, then take a right, and Stamin-Up will be at the end of the corridor.

After purchasing Stamin-Up for 2500, your movement speed will be significantly faster – allowing you to keep a safe distance from the Zombies.

Jugger-nog Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der Toten Juggernog machine

The Juggernog machine is found down on the streets in the Bar. After heading down onto the streets, take an immediate right, and you’ll see the Bar – simply head in there, and you’ll find the Juggernog Perk machine.

Juggernog also costs 2500 Essence, and you’ll have significantly increased health.

Deadshot Daquiri Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der toten Deadshot machine

Deadshot Daquiri can be found in the Service Passage when you take the manhole underground. After going down the manhole opposite the bar, the Deadshot machine will be on the wall to your left.

Deadshot gives you a ton more aim assist, locking your shots to the Zombies heads for extra critical damage.

Mule Kick Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der Toten Mule Kick machine

Mule Kick is found in the Ghost Station, which is the subway underneath the streets. You can either take the stairs or the manhole down and follow the arrows towards the power switch. On your way, the bright green Perk machine will be on the platform – you can’t miss it.

Mule Kick is new to Season 4 and allows you to carry a third primary weapon and receive more equipment and ammo if you upgrade it.

Elemental Pop Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der Toten Elemental Pop machine

You can purchase Elemental Pop from its machine right beside the power switch in the Power Room. After turning on the power, you can buy it right away if you fancy.

For 2500, Elemental Pop gives your bullets a random chance of having a Mod applied, such as Napalm Burst or Dead Wire.

Der Wunderfizz Mauer Der Toten location

Mauer Der Toten Elemental Pop machine

The Der Wunderfizz machine can be found in the Department Store beside the Pack-a-Punch machine. After taking the zipline up from the subway, head straight, and you can take another zipline up the Department store, where you’ll find the Der Wunderfizz machine.

This is a shop for all Perk-a-Colas, allowing you to purchase any that you want in one convenient place.

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Image Credit: Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Frustrated players feel that quickscoping is “not balanced” in Black Ops Cold War

Despite previous nerfs, players feel that quickscoping is too overpowered and unbalanced in Black Ops Cold War. Season 4



cold war operator sniping

Black Ops Cold War’s lack of sniper flinch is frustrating players as they feel that if they come into contact with even a half-decent quickscoper then they can’t win in.

It was back in May 2021 that players were asking the devs to incorporate some flinch for Sniper Rifles. Quickscopers were able to pull off quickscoping with relative ease as even if they were being shot at, there would be no flinch effect at all, making it easy to keep aiming.

A minor change was added, but it didn’t seem to have the desired effect that players were hoping for. Now, an example has been shown of quickscoping still being quite broken as we close in on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5.

swiss k31 sniper rifle in cold war

In a Reddit post titled “This is not balanced, there is 0 counterplay whatsoever to quickscoping. You can’t have quickscoping with no flinch at high speeds in a 150HP COD,” user KingOfDunsparce showed why quickscoping is a problem.

In their video, they were already aiming at the player well before they could look down their scope. They manage to get away several shots with their PPSH-41 and visibly get a few hit markers on the opposing player.

But without warning, they were subjected to a quick one-hit-kill as they were dropped on the spot by the enemy player’s Swiss K31.

Upon closer inspection, the killcam showed that the quickscoping player aimed as normal the entire time and locked on without any trouble.

The top commenter on the article said: “Sad part is, you did everything right. Used an SMG for close quarters, threw a stun, aimed in first and got on target, started strafing, shot first, aaaand none of it mattered. He won that fight purely because of the gun and nothing else.”

Now, the stun grenade was miles away from the sniper, so that had no bearing on the encounter. But the rest was just a case of the player being unable to contend with an unimpeded, one-hit-kill shot.

Given that this is something that Cold War players have asked to be fixed for multiple seasons now, it now begs the question of if the game will ever receive the fix it needs.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to make Custom Blueprints with Cold War & Warzone’s Gunsmith Customs

With Gunsmith Customs, Cold War and Warzone lets you mix and match Blueprint attachments, so here’s how to make your own custom Blueprint.



Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Custom weapon blueprint

The Gunsmith Customs system is available in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, so here’s how to create your own custom Blueprints with this fan-favorite feature.

Gunsmith Customs and custom Blueprints were added to Modern Warfare and Warzone in April 2020, much to fans’ appreciation. You can also do it in Cold War, and with Cold War’s weapons in Warzone. With this feature, you can mix and match all of the Blueprint attachments for a weapon type, creating a brand new weapon Blueprint that’s unique to you.

For example, if you want to build a custom Krig 6, you can combine the barrel from the Confrontation Blueprint with the magazine from the Samurai’s Creed and the stock from the Go Getter. You can then save it as a custom Blueprint, name it, and then you can find it amongst all of your other purchased Blueprints.

How to use Custom Blueprint Mods in Black Ops Cold War

Arriving in Cold War’s mid-Season 2 update, players can now create and save several of their own custom Blueprints. This not only allows you to quickly access your crazy Blueprint combinations but also makes it easier to access your favorite loadouts without having to build them every time.

Making and saving these custom Blueprints is quite simple, so here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Black Ops Cold War
  2. Select the ‘Weapons’ tab
  3. Choose your weapon
  4. Hover over the attachment you wish to equip
  5. Select the Gunsmith icon beside the attachment
  6. Choose the attachment style from your owned Blueprints
  7. Save and rename your custom Blueprint

Now, when creating a weapon class, you’ll be able to equip your custom Blueprint like you would any other. When you go to select your weapon, the custom Blueprint will be there alongside all of the other Blueprints you own.

If you wish to keep the weapon’s tracer fire or Mastercraft effects, you’ll need to equip that Blueprint as the base before customizing. By doing this, you can keep the blue tracer fire, but use the attachment styles from a completely different weapon, making a gun that’s entirely personalized to your style.

How to use Custom Blueprint Mods in Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten map

This also works in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. By building and saving a custom Blueprint, you can access it in rounds of Outbreak or regular Zombies such as Season 4’s Mauer Der Toten, so you can always have the attachments and look you desire.

For example, you spawn in with the M1911 for that classic Zombies experience. Then after you purchase a Gallo SA12 from the wall, you can apply either a regular Blueprint or Custom Mod to the weapon that applies all of your pre-selected attachments.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Load into a game of Cold War Zombies
  2. Either purchase your favorite weapon from the wall or get it from a Mystery Box
  3. Pause the game
  4. Select ‘Apply Blueprint’
  5. Navigate over to ‘Custom Mods’
  6. Choose the Custom Blueprint you wish to apply

This will give you not only the attachments of your choice but also the Mastery Camos you’ve grinded for.

How to use Custom Blueprint Mods in Warzone

Warzone save Custom Blueprint

Battle royale fans were disappointed that you couldn’t create Custom Blueprints for Cold War weapons in Warzone when the game first integrated. Raven Software has now added that function, so you can now have several Custom Blueprints at the ready when building your favorite loadouts.

Here’s how to build and use Custom Blueprint Mods in Warzone:

  1. Launch Call of Duty: Warzone
  2. Go to the ‘Weapons’ tab and press ‘Edit Loadout’
  3. Build your ideal weapon loadout
  4. Click ‘Save a Custom Mod’ at the bottom of the screen
  5. Rename and save your Custom Blueprint!

And to then access that Custom Blueprint:

  1. Click ‘Edit Loadout’
  2. Hover over the weapon you wish to use
  3. Select ‘Armory’ beside the weapon
  4. Choose either a regular Blueprint or your own Custom Blueprint

With Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 arriving soon, there will be a ton more weapon Blueprints arriving in both the store and the new Battle Pass. So, you’ll get more and more weapon customization options as the seasons progress.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

When is the next Cold War & Warzone Double XP event?

We have the dates and times for the next CoD: Cold War and Warzone Season 4 Double XP event to help you rank up weapons and Battle Passes.



cod bocw warzone double xp

With so many Prestige levels, different weapon levels, and Battle Pass levels in Cold War and Warzone in Season 4, it’s only natural to want more XP. Here’s when the next CoD Double XP event is going to be.

XP has been a vital component of Call of Duty’s multiplayer for many years. It’s the quintessential upgrade mechanic that allows you to increase your in-game level and provide you access to better gear and attachments.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 has already offered a Double XP event since it started, allowing players to level up the various aspects of the game faster. It’s now time for another one where players will be able to level up all of the new content at a much faster pace.

How to get Double XP in CoD: Cold War & Warzone Season 4

cod black ops cold war warzone

It’s been announced that Call of Duty’s next Double XP and Double Battle Pass XP promotional event will be for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone and will officially start on August 6 and conclude on August 9.

This event will help players earn plenty of extra XP to level up their accounts and weapons this weekend before the official launch of Season 5 for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

What time does CoD: Cold War & Warzone Double XP start?

Here’s a full list of the Double XP event’s start time & dates in some of the key timezones:

  • EST – 1 PM
  • CST – 12 PM
  • PST – 10 AM
  • GMT – 5 PM

Double XP and Double Battle Pass XP will be available on Black Ops Cold War and Warzone playlists.

These special Double XP Events usually occur during a weekend, and this one is no different. It naturally gives players the most free time as it’s away from school hours and generally when people are off work.

This will be a great way to level up the new Season 4 weapons, the C58 Assault Rifle, and MG 82 LMG, and get them ready to use in all of your future Cold War and Warzone battles.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch / Raven Software

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