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Where to find Bunker Chests in Fortnite Season 6

The new Bunker Chests in Fortnite Season 6 contain some high-tier loot for you to collect. Here’s where you can find them all.



Fortnite Bunker Chests

There are brand new Bunker Chests that you can loot in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. These can be a bit difficult to find on the map, but we’re here to help you out with that.

Fortnite players have a wide variety of new additions to explore in the Season 6 update. The map has undergone changes, and there are brand new weapons to try out. There is also new loot to collect in Bunker Chests.

These are similar to the Rare Chests from previous seasons, and finding them can net you some top-tier loot. However, they’re tricky to locate since they only spawn in specific spots, and you’re not guaranteed to find them there every time.

We’ll go over their locations, as well as what you’ll find inside.

What’s inside Fortnite’s Bunker Chests?

As we mentioned above, Epic Games have filled these chests with some of the highest quality items in the game. This includes powerful weapons like the Pump Shotgun and the Rocket Launcher.

While there isn’t a full list of the contents at the moment, we do know these will contain Rare to Legendary-tier items. As Season 6 progresses, we’ll see even more additions to the loot pool.

All Bunker Chest locations in Fortnite Season 6

The most well-known chests can be found at Craggy Cliffs and Sweaty Sands. We’ve listed their locations below:

  • Craggy Cliffs: Underground in one of the stairways near the west side
  • Sweaty Sands: Behind a bed in one of the houses, located near the east side

Camp Cod Bunker Chest Location

You can find some great loot inside the Bunker Chests at Cape Cod. Make your way towards the island, and then enter the house.

Once you’re inside, turn left and smash through the floor. You’ll then have to destroy another floor beyond the the yellow rug, which will bring you to a hidden room containing the chest.

Pleasant Park Bunker Chest Locations

The park is an open area so you won’t face too much trouble finding chests here. You can find one on top of a hill that’s north-west of Pleasant Park. All you need to do is land there, and dig in the grass until you find it.

Another one is hidden inside one of the houses on the south-east side of the area. Make your way there, and break the door that leads down to the basement. Go downstairs and you’ll see the chest after you head through the door.

Weeping Woods Bunker Chest Location

This one can be found inside a cabin that is just above the words ‘Weeping Woods’ on the Fortnite map. Once you find the hut, you’ll have to break through the trapdoor outside into the secret bunker underneath.

Alternatively, you can also smash through the floors of the cabin to get there. The Bunker Chest is hidden behind a desk with some screens above it.

Shark Island Bunker Chest Location

This location is on the north west end of the Fortnite map. Simply land at the center of the area, and check the basement of the structure. You’ll find a hidden Bunker Chest to loot there.

Steamy Stacks Bunker Chest Locations

You can find two different Bunker Chests when visiting this area. The first one can be found in the basement of building number four, so simply smash your way down with a pickaxe until you find it.

The next one is on the small beach just south of Steamy Stacks. Once you get there, dig through the mound of dirt at the base of one of the cliffs to acquire the second Bunker Chest.

Pristine Point Bunker Chest Location

This area is just north-west of Steamy Stacks, and the Bunker Chest can be found inside the house that’s on a elevated position on top of a small hill. Head to the bedroom upstairs, and look behind the bed to loot it.

Colossal Crops Bunker Chest Location

One of these Bunker Chests can be found underneath a mound of dirt that’s in a field just south of Colossal Crops. We’ve marked its location on the map below:

Retail Row Bunker Chest Locations

You can find a Bunker Chest hidden underneath a mound of dirt that’s in a field just west of Retail Row. We’ve marked the location below:

Once you’ve collected it, make your way to the yellow house in Retail Row, and smash your way up into the attic. You’ll find another Bunker Chest that’s being guarded by an adorable little stuffed teddy bear.

Lazy Lake Bunker Chest Location

Head to the south of Lazy Lake, and off to the east off some large rocks. There, you’ll come across another mound of dirt. Dig through it to collect the Bunker Chest.

Shipwreck Cove Bunker Chest Location

There is a wooden house in Shipwreck Cove on the south-east side of the map. Land on top of it, and smash through the roof until you gain entrance to a bedroom on the top floor. You can then loot the Bunker Chest inside.

Slurpy Swamp Bunker Chest Location

Go to the coast that’s directly south-west of Slurpy Swamp, and you’ll come across a wooden structure. The Bunker Chest is hidden beneath the stairs, so smash them and loot it for some neat gear.

Misty Meadows Bunker Chest Location

Make your way to the house that’s directly south-west of Misty Meadows, and head inside. The Bunker Chest is hidden beneath the stairs, so smash through them with your pickaxe to reach it.

Holly Hedges Bunker Chest Location

There is a mound of dirt in the grass directly south of the Holly Hedges POI. Make your way there, and you’ll find another Bunker Chest to dig up.

That covers all the Bunker Chest locations that we currently know of in Fortnite Season 6. If Epic Games change up the locations of these, we’ll be sure to update this article.

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Image Credits: Epic Games