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Where to find the Coolest Player on the Island in Fortnite

Here’s how Fortnite players can complete the challenge of finding the Coolest Player on the Island in Chapter 3 Season 3.



fortnite coney crossroads

For Fortnite players who are looking to get all their challenges done in Chapter 3 Season 3, here’s how you can find the Coolest Players on the Island.

As well as the No Sweat Fortnite Summer event and Refer a Friend challenges, players are still continuing to complete their weekly quests in hopes of leveling up their battle pass and gaining new rewards.

These challenges are changing every week, often bringing quests that players have never seen before. Sometimes these quests are mysterious and require some riddle solving in order to complete.

When it comes to the Week 8 Fortnite challenge of Finding the Coolest Player on the Island, we have you covered.

In order to complete the Fortnite quest, players must look into any mirror on the map. These mirrors are usually found in buildings that have a bathroom in them.

Buildings in Tilted Towers, Coney Crossroads, and any other POI that contain a bathroom will complete this quest for you. Simply walk up to the mirror, stand in front of it, and there you have it, you have comically found the coolest player on the island.

We recommend going to the top left building in Coney Crossroads, as shown in the image above. a mirror can be found in the bathroom of the house in this location.

You only need to do this once, but unfortunately, it’s this mirror quest that has been causing aim assist and loot problems in Fortnite, as players began to notice issues after this quest went live.

Hopefully, Epic Games can resolve this problem as soon as possible, as it’s currently causing a lot of frustration among the community. For now, check out how to get the Fortnite John Cena skin.

Image Credits: Epic Games