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Where To Get The PlayStation 5 on Launch Day

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has officially launched today! Here is where you can get one.



The highly-anticipated Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) has finally launched. It is available in many different regions and stores, so the rush to get one has been rather hectic. Luckily, there are still a few retailers that have it in high supply.

This is turning out to be a very busy season for gamers everywhere. It has only been a few days since Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S hit retail stands, and now Sony has launched their long awaited next-gen console.

After preorders for the PlayStation 5 sold out a few months prior, the console has finally arrived today for purchase at select retailers.

As you can imagine; demand is through the roof. If you’re worried about having to wait until the holidays or next year to get your hands on one, put your mind at ease. Here are all the available places from where you can purchase a PS5.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is now available on sale.

Where to buy a PS5 on launch

If you’re thinking about rushing over to the nearest outlet and waiting in line then you’re out of luck. Sony already confirmed that you cannot purchase the console in-store on launch day. This serves as a preventative measure in light of the safety concerns, due to the global health situation.

If you didn’t preorder, then you will have to place an order online. Certain retailers are providing stocks with Drive Up or Order Pickup services. The price of the Standard Edition PlayStation 5 is $499.99 while the Digital Edition console costs $399.99.

Here are some retailers from which you may have some luck finding a PS5 on stock:

There are many more retailers stocking PlayStations. The one you will be able to visit obviously depends on your location and region. The mentioned chains are offering special bundles and deals so you might just get lucky. Due to the hectic nature of launch day, these stores will keep updating their inventory.

The PlayStation 5 is available with a Standard Edition and a Digital Edition.

Keep checking the stocks

GameStop and Target may restock around midnight. Amazon and Best Buy are currently awaiting their stocks as well so keep a close eye on those. You may just be one of the first in queue and that will greatly boost your chances of acquiring one today.

Walmart has listed 12.00, 3.00, 6.00 and 9.00 p.m as the timings that they will have PlayStation consoles available for sale.

You can revisit these sites at different points in the day to check the current available stock. Many other retailers such as the Gamesmen may potentially have the console available for sale later in the day. So, keep checking those for updates as well.

If you are unable to acquire a PS5 today then don’t let it bring you down. It’s an extremely busy time and you will most likely have another opportunity around the holiday season. Just be prepared and you’ll leave this year with a brand new PlayStation 5!

Update: Amazon EU has informed customers that the console will be available for purchase in limited stock at 12pm UK/1pm CEST on November 19. This is the actually the PlayStation 5’s launch date in the EU. Just check the site for stocks of the Standard and Digital Edition to come in around that time if you live in UK, Italy or Spain.