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Where to repair damaged telescopes in Fortnite Season 6

One of the Fortnite Foreshadowing Quests in Season 6 requires you to repair some damaged telescopes, so here’s where you can find them.



Damaged telescopes locations in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, has a new collection of challenges titled “Foreshadowing Quests,”  and one of them requires you to fix damaged telescopes. Here’s where you can find them on the map.

Fortnite Season 7 is almost here, and you can try out some new challenges called the Foreshadowing Quests during Season 6’s last weeks. You can check our guide for the one that requires you to investigate a downed Black Helicopter.

Another task has you find and repair various damaged telescopes across the map. You’ll need to stock up on metal to get this done, but completing it will net you 24,000 XP. Here’s where you can find each of them.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6

Fortnite damaged telescope locations

The description for this Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest reads, “They’re coming for our telescopes? What next? Microscopes? It’s almost like someone doesn’t want us looking at the stars.”

You’ll have to find a total of five damaged telescopes to repair with 20 Metal each, so make sure you have the required materials at hand when going after them. To make things a bit easier, we’ve marked their locations on the map below.

All damaged telescope locations in Fortnite

Retail Row location

You’ll find the first telescope on top of the snowy peaks overlooking Retail Row. Just search the mountain that’s located to the southeast of the area.

Retail Row damaged telescope location

Weather Station location

For the second telescope, you’ll need to make your way to the coastal area in the bottom right of the Fortnite map. It’s lying on a cliff face overlooking the ocean next to the wooden sign.

The Weather Station damaged telescope location

Misty Meadows location

Check one of the main peaks in Misty Meadows to find another telescope. You can drop right in the center of the grey mountain area and then rotate towards its location.

Misty Meadows damaged telescope location

Steamy Stacks location

The telescope is easy to locate since you can spot the two nuclear towers of Steamy Stacks in the background. Simply head northwest to the heavily black shaded hill between this location and Dirty Docks.

Steamy Stacks damaged telescope location

Craggy Cliffs location

You can find another damaged telescope just east of Craggy Cliffs on the Fortnite map. Head to the hill that has the electrical station on top of it.

Lockie’s Lighthouse location

Head south down the coast, and you’ll find the telescope at the bottom of the hill that leads up to the red and white Lighthouse.

Sweaty Sands location

The final telescope can be found on a hill at Sweaty Sands, just next to where John Wick NPC spawns. Make your way over there, and interact with it to complete this Foreshadowing Quest.

Once that’s done, you’ll net yourself 24,000 XP will be able to complete the next set of Foreshadowing Quests. Once they go live, we’ll be sure to let you know how to complete them.

Each of these challenges gives hints about what Epic Games have planned next for Fortnite’s story. Many of these point towards the arrival of aliens in the game soon.

While we don’t know what exactly Epic Games have planned for Fortnite Season 7, we’ll know soon enough as it’s set to arrive on June 8, 2021.

Image credits: Epic Games


How to get Thanos skin in Fortnite Season 7

The mad titan Thanos has returned to Fortnite as part of a new Duos event, and here’s how you can unlock the new Fortnite Thanos skin.



Fortnite Thanos Skin

Three years after his LTM debut in Fortnite, Epic Games have brought Thanos back to the battle royale in Chapter 2, Season 7, and here’s how you can get your hands on the Fortnite Thanos skin.

The arrival of the Fortnite Season 7 update has brought a plethora of content for you to enjoy, including a brand-new Battle Pass that contains various characters like Rick Sanchez and Superman.

Epic Games are looking to do another Marvel crossover by having Thanos return to the game for the first time since Season 4. The mad titan will be part of a new in-game event, and here’s how you can unlock him.

How to unlock Thanos in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite Thanos Cup

Thanos will become available in the Fortnite Item Shop for the first time from June 26, 2021. The mad titan will come with his own Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling, complete with all six Infinity Stones. 

You can unlock the Fortnite Thanos skin and his cosmetics earlier by competing in the Thanos Cup on June 21. This will require you to complete a total of 10 matches in 3 hours to earn a point as part of a Duo.

The Fortnite Thanos skin and Back Bling will be the rewards for the top-performing teams in each region, and players that earn 8 total points will receive “Thanos Watches” spray. 

Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite

If you wish to participate in this event, you’ll need to have an Epic Account at level 30 with 2FA enabled. Thanos was initially available as part of an LTM in Season 4, but now he is here to stay when players start to get the Fortnite Thanos skin.

The Fortnite Thanos skin is a cool-looking outfit, and you can cause some serious havoc around Fortnite Island using the Infinity Gauntlet. The mad titan’s arrival from outer space fits perfectly with Season 7’s alien theme.

For more Fortnite Season 7 news, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, and be sure to check out our guide on how to level up the Season 7 Battle Pass as fast as possible.

Image credits: Epic Games

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Where to find graffiti-covered walls at Hydro 16 & Catty Corner for Fortnite Week 2 Quests

Here’s how you can complete the Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Quest to find Graffiti-covered walls at Hydro 16 and Catty Corner.



Where to find Graffiti in Fortnite

There are brand-new challenges in Week 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, and here’s how you can complete the one that requires you to find graffiti-covered walls at Hydro 16 and Catty Corner.

There is a brand-new set of weekly challenges available for you to complete so that you can earn some XP, progress through the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass and unlock the Rick Sanchez skin.

One of the Week 2 Epic Quests requires you to search for a Graffiti-covered wall at either Hydro 16 or Catty Corner. Here’s exactly where you can find each of these locations and get this done.

Where to find the Graffiti-covered walls at Hydro 16 and Catty Corner in Fortnite

Graffiti-covered wall in Fortnite

To complete this Fortnite challenge, you’ll first need to complete another Quest that has you collect spray cans from warehouses around Pleasant Park and Dirty Docks. You should be able to find those easily enough.

Once that’s done, you can find a Graffiti-covered wall at the hydro plant known as Hydro 16, as well as in Catty Corner. Once you’ve located one of these, you’ll need to walk up to it and interact with it.

To make this easier, we’ve marked both of the Graffiti locations on the map below:

Fortnite graffiti locations

Graffiti locations Fortnite

The Hydro 16 landmark is located near Slurpy Swamp, and you can find it by heading along the road east out of that area. The Graffiti will be on a wall around the front, right above the murky water.

Alternatively, you can choose to visit Catty Corner near the southeast corner of the map. Rather than finding the wall directly inside the area, you’ll need to make your way east along the road out of there.

The Graffiti will be on a wall that’s along the road next to a bunker. Interact with it, and this will net you a total of 30,000 XP.

Graffiti Covered Wall in Catty Corner

Just be sure to drop directly into either of these areas after you jump from the Battle Bus. However, other players may also have the same idea, so it’s best to be ready for a battle.

That’s all you need to do to complete this weekly challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. You can also check out our guide on how to level up the Season 7 Battle Pass as fast as possible.

Image credits: Epic Games

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New “Zero Gravity” POI leaked in Fortnite Season 7

Some new Fortnite leaks have emerged which point to the arrival of a new Zero Gravity POI in Chapter 2, Season 7.



Zero Gravity POI in Fortnite Season 7

Some leaked audio files are pointing at the arrival of a mysterious ‘Zero Gravity’ POI to Fortnite in Chapter 2, Season 7, set to be a brand-new location on the map.

Fortnite Season 7 is already proving to be an exciting new start with all the impressive content that’s being added, including UFOs, an alien invasion, new Exotic weapon locations, and a Superman skin.

There have also been some major map changes, and some leaks have revealed that another new location might be on its way. This new “Zero Gravity” point of interest will reportedly bring a unique feature to the game.

low gravity in Fortnite

This leak came from notable Fortnite data miner HYPEX, who was digging through the battle royale’s game files. As the name implies, this new POI will reportedly create a “no gravity area.”

It will appear near the center of the new Season 7 map, and audio files in the game’s code give some credibility to the rumor. The data miner discovered unique audio cues that are specific to this new location.

These include sounds for jumping around in Zero Gravity, audio for entering and exiting, and a background sound for when you’re inside the new biome.

While we’ve seen low gravity in Fortnite before, the battle royale has never had a pure Zero Gravity POI in previous seasons. This sounds extremely exciting, but it’s worth keeping in mind that these are currently just leaks.

Epic Games haven’t officially announced another POI for Season 7 yet, so take this information with a grain of salt. If the rumors are true then the new mechanic will provide a unique gameplay experience.

We’ll keep checking for updates regarding this new POI, and will be sure to let you know once there are any new developments. For more Fortnite, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, and check out how to level up the Season 7 Battle Pass quickly.

Image credits: Epic Games

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