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Which Apex Legends abilities can be used on the Trident vehicles?

Only certain characters can use their abilities while riding in a Trident in Apex Legends. So, here’s a full list.



Trident in Apex Legends

Even though Apex Legends is chock full of characters, only a few can use their abilities while driving around Olympus on the Trident.

With the start of Apex Legends Season 7, Respawn Entertainment made the move to introduce the battle royale’s first vehicle in the form of the Trident. 

The three-seater hovercraft spawns at certain locations around Olympus and can get you from A to B quite quickly, which is ideal if you need to make a long rotation to a circle that is starting to close in. 

As players have started to experiment with different legends using the hovercraft, it’s become apparent that not everyone can use their abilities while taking a ride and only a few legends can get a bit of a leg up. 

Apex Legends characters fighting with the Trident
The Trident can provide chances for fights on the move.

Given that you, sadly, can’t run over enemies with the Trident to rack up eliminations, abilities are your next best bet for picking up kills while whizzing around the new Apex Legends map. 

The best of which is, obviously, Rampart’s ultimate – the Sheila minigun. This can be placed at the back of the Trident and operated as a turret. However, it only shoots forward, so you do have to keep enemies in view.

Aside from that, Caustic’s gas traps can be placed all over but you will need to run near an enemy to trigger it. Lifeline’s DOC drone, Crypto’s Drone, and Gibraltar’s dome can also be used while on the Trident.

Every Apex Legends ability that can be used on the Trident vehicles

  • Rampart’s Ultimate – Can be placed at the back of the Trident
  • Caustic Traps – Can be placed anywhere on top of the Trident
  • Lifeline Drone – Can be placed anywhere on top of the Trident
  • Crypto Drone – Can be used while riding as a passenger on the trident
  • Gibraltar Dome – Can be placed on the middle section of the Trident 

As for other legends like Horizon and Octane, their Gravity Lift and Launch Pad can be used to impact the Trident but if you try and place either of them on top of the vehicle, they will simply slide off. 

One other notable omissions is Wattson’s Interceptor Pylon, which will also simply slide off if you try to place it on the Trident.

Other abilities simply can’t be used while you’re whizzing around the map, and that could change over the course of the season, but the final decision will ultimately rest with Respawn.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev reveals 4 ways to get better at the game

Apex Legends developer, Mike Cook, gave his tips on how to improve at the game.



Crypto pointing a pistol in Apex Legends

Mike Cook, Respawn Entertainment’s Senior Technical Artist, gave four helpful tips on how to improve for struggling players.

Apex Legends is an always-evolving game, with new weapons, heroes, and even maps added each season. When you add balance changes to the mix, it becomes difficult for casual players to keep up with the meta and most relevant tips.

Who’s better to give players tips than the people who developed the game in the first place? One lucky Apex player was able to get a guide directly from the source.

Redditor, u/NightWillReign, created a post on the r/Apex Legends subreddit, asking for help after 60 hours of playtime. “I don’t know how everyone is so good at shooting in just silver,” they wrote. “Every game, I either lose or get carried with the lowest damage/kills. I could stand right behind an enemy and shoot first, miss everything, and they turn around to kill me … Now I’m thinking that shooting games are just not for me, or maybe there’s a guide somewhere that could help me in this.”

Apex Legends characters fighting with the Trident

Senior Technical Artist for Respawn, Mike Cook, saw this post and gave some tips to the struggling player. He added some general tips on positioning and which weapons to choose, but the bulk of his input came in the first four points he made.

Tips from an Apex Legends developer

  1. Understanding the recoil pattern of the weapon. Firing range helps a lot with this. Once you understand the recoil you can counter it while you fire to keep the bullets going as straight as possible.
  2. Understanding your engagement distance and bullet drop off. Firing range helps with this as well. Knowing how far your enemies are and aiming higher to counteract the drop off so they land where you want.
  3. Predicting player movements. If someone is running to your left and they jump, you can guesstimate where they will land and aim there instead of aiming directly on them. This gives you a split second to predict, aim, and shoot.
  4. Crosshair placement: If you’re up close, aim right below people’s necks, recoil makes your weapon kick upwards and you can get some headshots in.

One of the most difficult parts of Apex Legends is learning which weapons you like and which you don’t. You can ask people for recommendations, but some players like certain weapons more than others. There’s always going to be a best-in-slot choice, but player preference plays a big role, here.

After giving these general aiming tips, Cook moves on to talk about positioning – arguably the most important element in a game like Apex Legends. “Positioning is key!” he wrote in all-caps. “You can have potato aim like me, and still pull off good plays based solely on your positioning.

Apex Legends isn’t the easiest Battle Royale game to pick up and play, but that’s part of the reason we love it. Mastering the game is difficult, and there’s always some way that you can improve through your experience.

Hopefully, these tips from Mike Cook helped this and other struggling players get some more kills, wins, and see a path forward to Apex Predator. If not, we have plenty of Warzone articles you may want to read.

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Best Apex Legends Season 7 controller layout settings

Movement is king in Apex Legends’ and this controller layout will give you a leg up on the enemy during Season 7.



Octane jumping in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 7 is well underway, and if you’re looking to gain an advantage over your opponents or keep up with players using mouse and keyboard, then this controller layout may give you a leg up on opponents.

While mastering your Legend, perfecting your aim, and learning spots are all supremely important in the hunt for victories, movement is king in Apex Legends. It can be the difference between winning a gunfight or heading back to the lobby disappointed.

Whether you’re using a controller or keyboard, making sure you have the right button layout is extremely important if you hope to become a movement master. For those using gamepads to play, Reddit user xChallen6er has created a layout that should give you a boost around Olympus.

This layout makes it much easier for players to jump and crouch, moving these two options to places where your hands will be naturally. Players can press the right thumbstick down to jump, something which will be easily done as your thumb rarely leaves that stick anyway.

Elsewhere, placing crouch on L1 or LB depending on whether you use PlayStation or Xbox works perfectly as you will have your left hand there anyway, ready to aim down the sights of your weapon using L2/LT respectively.

Your character’s ultimate ability will move to X/A, meaning you don’t have to move your thumb or finger as far to access.

Of course, this is a drastic change from the normal controls, so you may need to spend some time practicing before you master it.

It could be worth learning though, as improving your movement will not only help you move around Olympus with ease, but will also make you a harder target to hit when you’re in the heat of battle.

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends devs mystified by strange Gibraltar Gun Shield bug

Gibraltar players are having shot registration issues. Even the developers are wondering what’s causing the problem.



Apex Legends developers are working to understand why Gibraltar’s passive Gun Shield is causing hit registration issues.

It’s no secret that fixing bugs in any ongoing title is a game of whack-a-mole. For every issue you fix, another one or two pop up in its place. Apex Legends is no different, as the developers work through some of the issues brought to the game in the Season 7 update.

One of the recently-discovered bugs relates to Gibraltar’s passive Gun Shield ability. Reddit user gtnpr posted a video to the platform, showcasing the bug as he is unable to register a shot while ADSing with Gibraltar.

Gibraltar remains one of the strongest and most popular legends in the game, so this problem isn’t isolated to one or two cases. Another Reddit user wrote, “As someone who has close to 1000 wins with Gibby, I CANNOT use a Krab or sentinel with Gibby as someone who quick scopes and drag scopes. It is a 20-40% no-reg chance. There is even a chance to get a no-reg with a hard scope as well.”

The issue is one that perplexes even the developers. AmusedApricot, a Respawn developer, responded to the post and asked for additional details. “Just curious, but if you have a friend also in the game, do they see you shoot a bullet?” he asked. “Does the bullet still hit for them? Info on what another player sees would be super helpful! Thanks.”

The response received some sharp criticism from members of the subreddit, prompting the developer to come back with a response. “I love how everyone on the internet assumes I’m a blubbering idiot :/,” he said. “I did, can’t repro(duce) it. Believe it or not, almost all bugs like that you can’t easily reproduce, so more information is needed.”

For now, it looks like Gibraltar mains are going to have to deal with the inconsistencies in the legend’s Gun Shield while Respawn works on reproducing the bug and finding a fix. As one of the most popular role-fillers in the game, this is going to be a headache for a lot of players.

Awareness is key when it comes to these problems – especially with no fix on the immediate horizon. For now, players should probably sacrifice the Gun Shield passive for more reliable shot registration – that, or accept that not all of your bullets are going to hit their mark.

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