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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Who made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019?

With so many entries and developers, it can be hard to keep track of which development studio made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019.



Who Made Modern Warfare 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 is the sixteenth installment in the series, but the same studio isn’t behind every release.

Call of Duty is one of the most well-known franchises in all of gaming. Since the first CoD was released in 2003, the prolific FPS games have been a major success. However, they’re not always developed by the same team.

You might have noticed since 2007 that the series alternates between various titles. The two most common are Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. Players have grown to form their own bias towards each title.

These titles are not only indicators of gameplay but also the developers. All of the Modern Warfare titles are developed by the same studio, and Black Ops are developed by a different studio, which has lead to many players asking who made Modern Warfare 2019?

Who made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

Who made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019?

Modern Warfare 2019 was released on October 25 and developed by Infinity Ward. Infinity Ward has developed all of the Modern Warfare titles and most of the original Call of Duty games.

While many perceive Warzone to be a part of Modern Warfare 2019, the battle royale was developed by Infinity Ward and half of the Black Ops Cold War developers. Raven Software has taken over the development of Warzone since its release.

Since 2006, Infinity Ward and Treyarch have taken turns developing a new Call of Duty. Treyarch and Raven Software developed the most recent addition: Black Ops Cold War.

That was until 2014 when Sledgehammer Games joined the rotation of developers. Sledgehammer Games is in charge of developing the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Who made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

As a rule of thumb, Infinity Ward is in charge of developing all Modern Warfare titles. If a Modern Warfare title is to be released in the future, there’s a good chance Infinity Ward will be the team behind it.

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Image Credits: Activision / Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Unreleased Modern Warfare melee weapon gameplay footage leaked

A new Modern Warfare leak has presented the community with footage of an unreleased melee weapon that is very interesting, to say the least.



Modern Warfare Operator executing an enemy

Modern Warfare is still very popular in 2021, with many players enjoying the game’s Multiplayer. The latest leaks for the game have revealed an unreleased melee weapon with footage of its animations.

Despite being released in 2019, players are still being given content for Modern Warfare like the RAAL LMG and the addition of some new maps for Multiplayer in 2021.

This has satisfied the committed community for the 2019 Call of Duty game, and in the latest news for the game, dataminers have unearthed an unreleased melee weapon.

warzone kali sticks

Call of Duty players love it when the developers introduce interesting melee weapons such as the Sai in the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded update.

Thanks to ModenasHD, players were given a sneak peek at a never-before-seen melee weapon for Modern Warfare, including its inspect and attack animations.

The melee weapon is called the “Cinder Block,” and it’s an “unreleased and cut” melee weapon that was meant for Modern Warfare.

Although we did see a cinder block finishing move in Warzone and Modern Warfare, the full melee weapon was never released.

As this weapon was “cut,” and the Call of Duty developers have their attention on the release of Vanguard, this melee weapon is most likely never going to be released. Luckily there is plenty of great secondary options.

The “Cinder Block” is amusing, and it’s a shame that players will never be able to bonk enemies over the head with it.

The melee weapon would have seen players with both hands on this huge brick swinging it left and right to drop enemies. This is a less elegant design for a melee weapon than something like the Sai or even the Sledge Hammer, so perhaps that is the reason it was never released.

For more on Call of Duty, check out our article on Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies or everything currently known about Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare glitch is causing supply drops to get stuck in mid-air

A new glitch is causing the supply drops in Modern Warfare to get stuck in the air, preventing players from reaching them.



Supply Drop in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare players are reporting a frustrating new glitch that is causing the in-game supply drops to get stuck in mid-air, preventing players from accessing them.

When you hop into a match of Modern Warfare, you’ll go through a challenging combat experience against a variety of different types of players. If things get too tough, you can collect useful items from supply drops.

These often contain things like weapons and ammo for you to collect. However, a few players are reporting a glitch that is causing these supply drops to suddenly get stuck in mid-air.

Supply box stuck mid-air in Modern Warfare

Reddit user Cpt_Avocado showcased this frustrating glitch in a gameplay clip that they posted in the Modern Warfare subreddit. The player waited for a supply drop after securing a triple kill, only to realize something wasn’t right.

After they couldn’t find it on the ground, they decided to search the sky. Sure enough, the supply drop was right above them. It appeared to be stuck in the sky for no real reason.

This meant that the player couldn’t access the drop and unlock any new weapons or ammo to give them an edge in combat.

A few other players reported facing a similar problem. “This happens literally 100% of the time. Test it yourself. Go on private match, recruit bots. Get the killstreak and call it in. It’s been broken for 2 weeks+ now,” wrote one user.

Many of the commenters claimed that this glitch occurred because the developers are too busy focusing their efforts on Warzone. Others claimed that this was actually a result of the updates they introduced to Warzone.

The recent September 23 Warzone update reportedly made the game “unplayable” to Call of Duty fans. Hopefully, we’ll see this Modern Warfare glitch patched up by the developers soon enough.

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Best MW MP5 loadout for CoD: Warzone Season 5

The MW MP5 is one of the most powerful SMGs in Warzone Season 5, so here’s the best loadout and Perks you can run with it.



Best Warzone MW MP5 Loadout

Modern Warfare’s MP5 SMG has long been a popular choice in Call of Duty: Warzone, so here are the attachments and Perks to make the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout to maximize its slaying potential following the Season 5 Reloaded update.

Various secondary weapons have been top dogs in the many metas that have been used by players in the life of Call of Duty: Warzone, with one of the most consistent being the Modern Warfare MP5.

Many extremely popular weapons have been nerfed in Warzone Season 5, such as the Bullfrog, OTs 9, and the Krig 6. These nerfs have actually benefitted the MP5, with YouTuber Rallied discovering that it’s now the fastest-killing SMG in the game.

Here are the attachments and Perks to make the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout for Season 5 and dominate all of your enemies in every game mode.

Best Warzone MW MP5 loadout

Best Warzone MW MP5 loadout

Best Warzone MW MP5 loadout attachments

  • Barrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 45 Round Mags
  • Stock: FTAC Collapsible

This Warzone MP5 loadout uses the 45 Round Mags, as you’ll struggle to take on multiple targets with only 30 bullets. While slightly less powerful, you won’t be caught out with no bullets in your gun.

The Monolithic Integral Suppressor is the best choice for Modern Warfare’s MP5 as it has all the traits of the standard Monolithic Suppressor but uses both the muzzle and barrel slots. You’ll stay off the radar while firing and also receive additional bullet velocity.

As the MP5 is a ‘pocket’ weapon, you want it to be as mobile as possible. To increase its speed, you should add the 5mW Laser and FTAC Collapsible stock, increasing your ADS speed and making you quick and unpredictable in close-range fights.

The Merc Foregrip is an excellent choice for the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout for extra recoil control and even more hip-fire accuracy. And finally, to make sure you can down and finish several targets in one fight, the 45 Round Mags will be a necessary addition.

Best Perks to use with Modern Warfare MP5 in Warzone

Best perks warzone MW MP5 class
  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: Overkill then Ghost
  • Perk 3: Combat Scout

When choosing which Perks to run with the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout, you want those which will benefit you in close-range engagements.

When fighting up close, enemies will often chuck a bombardment of explosives your way to get the upper hand. With E.O.D equipped, you’ll be able to tank a plethora of Grenades and Semtex, allowing you to stay in the fight.

As the MP5 is most effective as a secondary, you’ll want to take Overkill from your first Loadout Drop. This will allow you to take two primary weapons, such as an HDR, then you can get Ghost from your following Loadout to be concealed from UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors.

Season 5’s new Combat Scout is an extremely effective choice for the third slot. Players were quick to call it “OP,” as it automatically pings enemies and briefly highlights them through walls.

Most recent MW MP5 buffs and nerfs

MP5 with 10mm Auto Rounds

For a short while, Modern Warfare’s MP5 was incredibly powerful at close range, thanks to the 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags. These underwent a game-changing secret buff that gave the MP5 an incredibly fast TTK. However, Raven nerfed these mags in the Season 5 Reloaded update.

  • Submachine Gun Charlie (MW) with 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags
    • Maximum Damage decreased from 34 to 31

“This Maximum Damage change mirrors the adjustment to the base Submachine Gun Charlie (MW) made earlier this season,” the devs explained.

How to unlock the Modern Warfare MP5

Best Warzone MW MP5 Loadout

Acquiring the Modern Warfare Warzone MP5 isn’t too difficult, and its requirements are easy enough.

All you need to do is reach Level 12, and it will be unlocked for you to use to make the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout.

Best alternatives to MW MP5

Need something to go with the MP5 or fancy something else entirely? We’d recommend the Bullfrog, MAC-10, Cold War MP5, or CX-9 to try instead. Or, you can take a look at the fastest killing weapon in Season 5 to melt the competition.

Try out the best Warzone MW MP5 in Season 5, and you’ll be running one of the fastest-killing SMGs the game has to offer.

If you’re looking for more great weapons, then you can check out some of this season’s best Warzone loadouts below:

C58 | Groza | M4A1 | Milano | AK-47 

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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