Lots of rumors started back in January when Robert Bowling [ex-Community Strategist for IW] said that they are looking into bringing a variety of DLC, and murmured the word “gun” and “dlc” together. Well we are 6 months into the content season and no Gun DLC at all. We now have reasons as to why you won’t be seeing gun DLC any time soon.


Mark Rubin, IW’s Executive Producer, has been very (very) active on Twitter. Recently he’s discussed why gun DLC is not a possibility, but its something he’ll keep looking into. Here are the reasons why:

  • Each map has limited amount of memory for guns. There is no more space left to add more guns.
  • RAM space is full, and very limited now
  • Too many tech issues to complete before adding it
  • RAM space for maps is different than Hard Space for maps. RAM is very full.
  • Takes too much time to integrate guns into every map
  • If they prepare the game for more guns before it launches, then there would be no problem at all. But for MW3 they didn’t prepare it.
  • They don’t want to add more playlists [players w/ new guns ; players without new guns playlist]

Our past Gun DLC CONCEPTS:


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SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin

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