UPDATE – April 4: Same Reddit user, u/BullShitAnswer, has posted another wider shot of a previously revealed image. 

UPDATE: Same Reddit user has posted a new image of the WWII artwork. 


Original Story: 

Following the original art work for Call of Duty: WWII appearing online last week, another image of what appears to be an uncropped-version of one of the images has been shared on Reddit by u/BullshitAnswer.


This new image shows that Activision appears to be testing out different logo and artwork placements for a Call of Duty: WWII steelbook case, presumably for Collector’s Editions of this year’s game.

This new angle of the artwork shows the text “Stronghold Steelbook” at the top. This wording links back to a leak from November 2015, which suggested that Call of Duty 2017’s codename was ‘Call of Duty Stronghold.’


Since last week’s news, IGN and EuroGamer have since confirmed with their own sources that Call of Duty: WWII will be this year’s title.

Activision has not commented yet on the leaks. No information is available as of now for when to expect the reveal for this year’s game, although Call of Duty titles are usually revealed in April-May timeframe.


SOURCE: Reddit

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