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Will Battlefield 2042 be on Xbox Game Pass?

There is a ton of excitement for Battlefield 2042, and Xbox fans have been wondering if it will be on the Xbox Game Pass service.



Battlefield 2042 on Xbox game pass

Months after EA’s Battlefield 2042 release and Xbox fans are still wondering if it will be on Xbox Game Pass. Some developments suggest that its status could be set to change.

Battlefield 2042 has been a journey that EA perhaps did not expect to experience. What was supposed to be the return to form for the FPS franchise swiftly turned into a nightmare.

A lack of updates and the game’s unfinished state lead to players calling BF 2042 a “dead game” and requesting refunds. The game has since had many updates and looks to be heading in the right direction.

The game is still currently a normal release in stores, but could this be changing for Battlefield 2042 Xbox Game Pass users very soon?

Is Battlefield 2042 on Xbox Game Pass?

Battlefield on the Xbox game pass

Battlefield 2042 is not currently available on the Xbox Game Pass service.

Popular EA titles usually like to feature on Microsoft’s video game subscription service, so it was only natural that fans speculated about Battlefield 2042 possibly being a part of it.

Could Battlefield 2042 come to Xbox Game Pass in the future?

Battlefield 2042 poster

According to xgp, it appears as if Battlefield 2042 could finally be coming to Xbox Game Pass with Microsoft inadvertently advertising the game for the subscription service.

If users look at Battlefield 2042’s game page on the Xbox store, they will notice that the “Game Pass” symbol has now appeared next to the game’s official box art.

This is a clear, early indicator that the game is on its way to Xbox Game Pass.

EA Play, EA’s subscription service, is also part of Xbox Game Pass. Almost the entire backlog of Battlefield games is available to Game Pass owners if you’re too impatient to wait for BF 2042 to join the line-up.

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Image Credit: DICE